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by Katie Peachesa April 13, 2020 13 min read

A Bedtime Story for Adults - A Stranger

By Tatyana Dyachenko

For the past two months, I've come into this bar every Thursday night. I always come alone, have a couple drinks, engage in casual conversation with those around me then head for home. I always sit at the bar and have come to know the bartender quite well. It's generally pretty quiet but every now and then the place becomes a college hang out. I enjoy people watching, coming up with a life story for each person by the way they are dressed, what they drink, and the company they keep. For amusement purposes only! I'm not looking to get picked up, just enjoying adult conversation socially.

I noticed him in here on my first visit. He always keeps company with a beautiful dark haired younger lady. I've become entranced by his stunning eyes. The intensity they portray always sends chills through me when he meets my glance. We bumped into each another once. I lay in bed that evening wondering, perhaps even wishing, he did it intentionally. The perfect timing as I left the restroom, the brush of his hand across the front of my skirt as he pressed his body close to mine. The seductive stare and then the lick of his lips just before the "excuse me" in a very sexy voice. I even had to pleasure myself as I thought of his eyes, his lips, his touch, and mmmm his body.

I try to keep my thoughts away from him since he appears to be spoken for. The casual brushing of their bodies leads me to believe it is not a platonic relationship, although I don't think they are married either. I really don't understand how she can keep her hands off of him. To be perfectly honest, I've spent way too much of my time thinking of him as it is.

Tonight though, he is alone. When I notice him sitting in his usual spot, he is staring right through me. The intensity once again makes my heart flutter. Eyes that are dark yet they sparkle with clarity. His eyes look at me ferociously and almost frightens, yet intrigues. I look away, having no other choice as my breath is drawn from me. I try to think of something else but my body is reacting strangely and I am captivated by him. The bar is getting more crowded than usual and people are bumping into me as they round the bar. I try turning my focus on a group of college guys that appear to be barely of drinking age. They are becoming rowdy and very loud and of no interest to me. My blood is beginning to boil with desire.

I get up and go to the bathroom to splash a little cool water on me or perhaps wishing for another encounter. When I come out, I notice that he has left. My heart feels just a little sad and partly relieved. I really don't need this type of distraction in my life right now and getting him off my mind hasn't been an easy task. I even wonder what the two of them are doing when they leave the bar, and my mind always wanders to the sexual nature. I close my eyes and picture him pulling her close and kissing her with those perfect lips of his as his hands light up her body with each stroke. He takes her neck into his mouth as she moans and throws her head back. As his hands skillfully tantalize her body he turns so she is facing me. When she opens her eyes, she is looking at me and her face becomes mine. Then I realize I've been fantasizing once again and my panties are usually soaked to confirm my realization.

I walk back up to my chair and someone is leaning over ordering a drink. People are starting to get pushy, so I stand back and wait. I feel someone press up against me and push me forward. I stop just before running into the person ahead of me, trapped between the two. Just as I am about to turn to say something, hands begin running across my ass and warm breath in my ear. "Mmmm, you look delicious tonight. I bet you taste delicious too," he whispers.

My heart thuds in my chest and my breath quickens, I know it's him. His hands slide to my waist and he pulls me back onto him hard, letting me feel the bulge in his jeans rub across my ass. Thoughts race through my mind and my arousal peaks. I feel the moistness flood my panties as his hardness presses against me.

His hand comes up and cups my breast firmly, igniting sparks inside my body. I battle with myself between resistance and surrender. As his thumb crosses my nipple several times, I moan softly, surrendering. I'm not sure if I have won or lost. He pinches my nipple, sending bolts of electricity through my body.

The guy in front of me grabs his drinks and turns around. I'm sure my face is flush and I feel a bit embarrassed. "Is this your seat lady?"

I nod. "Sorry about that." He says with a smile as he looks towards my breasts.

I realize right then the hands are gone. I turn to see a group of gals waiting to get to the bar. I shake my head trying to clear it. Now uncertain the event just took place. I second guess myself and wonder if I was only fantasizing once again. I look down and realize two of my buttons are unbuttoned, giving a clear view of my bra and one breast is exposed. I hadn't felt him undo those but I'm certain I felt his hands on me. I wouldn't have done that myself would I? I button them in a hurry, finish my drink and head out.

Once outside, I lean against the wall sucking in the fresh air, trying to clear my head. I rest against the building for a few minutes then make my way to my car. Once inside, I lean my head back and replay the events. His hands on me, his bulge pressing against me, his warm breath. It had to be him. But then again, with all the people in the bar tonight, who could be certain? Reality finally begins to set in as I realize someone had his hands on me, a stranger, and I enjoyed it. Would I have let just anyone grope me? I don't think so. I've wanted his hands on me from the moment he stole my sanity, the moment our eyes met.

I close my eyes and his face flashes into my mind. The events unfold in front of my eyes as though I were an onlooker. I think about the drive home as I feel my juices begin to flow and my body aches to be touched. I know I can't wait so I open my eyes and look around quickly to be sure there is no one there, then lift my skirt and slide my fingers into my panties. I rub my clit briefly then slide two fingers deep into my wet hole. I finger myself with urgency and rub my thumb around my clit, circling it. I arch up to myself and unbutton my blouse. I squeeze my breast and pinch my nipple as my fingers go faster.

I moan as my orgasm grows near. I shove my fingers deep inside and slap my palm against my clit. I curse at my underwear as they are too confining. My fingers go in and out quickly as I rub and pinch my nipple harder. I can imagine how good his body feels rubbing against mine. I thrust up to my hand and cry out softly as the orgasm peaks.

"Oh yes." I whisper as I feel my insides squeezing my fingers. The orgasm offers only mild relief from my desires. I lick my lips and open my eyes. My hand stops, my heart thuds like a locomotive as I see him standing at my window, smiling.

My only thought"" well I have none, my mind has gone blank. Just frozen in time, not sure what to do or say, not even sure if his is really there. As if for confirmation, he taps on the window and I just sit there. I vaguely catch movement and shift my eyes from his and look down. He has his penis, stiff as a board, in his hand and is stroking it. My mouth drops open. My fingers begin to cramp so I have to pull them out. Unconsciously I take them straight to my mouth and begin to lick them. His hand stops and I look up at his face. His mouth is wide open as he watches me. I realize what I am doing and quickly pull my fingers from my mouth reacting like I am caught doing something wrong.

He taps at the window again. I roll it down just a little ways and he says in that oh so sexy voice, "Unlock the door and climb in the back."

I don't think anything is registering at this point because I just sit there staring in disbelief and mildly afraid. He opens my door and hits the unlock button for the back and grabs my hand. My mind starts to work and all sorts of scenarios are running through it a hundred miles a minute. Some are good and some" not so pleasant. Yet, I allow him to lead me out and pull me to the back door. I stand there, not looking at him anymore, childlike. He reaches under my skirt and takes off my panties. I watch as he puts them in his pocket and offer no objections.

He pulls my skirt to the ground and I step out of it. He then pulls me close, running his hands across my bare ass. The electricity is shooting through my body, electrifying every nerve ending. He presses against me and lifts my chin to look into his eyes. I close my eyes immediately as he takes my mouth with his, afraid of what I might see. His tongue darts between my lips searching for mine. His embrace becomes firmer as our kiss becomes more intense. I open my eyes cautiously to see him looking at me with that intense gaze. Frightening flickers of hunger appear in his eyes and I tremble. I hold his gaze in rebellion and he fists his hand in my hair pulling back slightly. His eyes dare me to deny him and again" I tremble. He reaches behind me and opens the door then gently pushes me in. He quickly undresses with his eyes fixed on me, I watch as the hunger grows wilder, feeding my hunger as well. He growls. I shiver.

Before another thought enters my mind, I am on my back and his head is buried between my legs. He pushes them wide apart and licks the length of my pussy. When his tongue thrusts inside me, I gasp at the warmth, the pleasure, the intensity. I push my hips up to his mouth, offering. He looks up at me as he again licks the length of my wetness.

"MMMM," I moan. He spreads my lips apart with his fingers and slides his tongue down each side. The feeling is incredible. "OH YES," escapes my throat, much louder than I anticipated.

I watch as he devours me, his eyes wild with fire. He shoves two fingers inside me and begins to fuck me hard with them. His mouth clamps on to my clit and I am helpless. The orgasm rises so fast, the heat wave sears the inside of my body and I shout out to him. The more I moan and shout, the faster his fingers go. I can't stop what is happening, not knowing if I want to, but helpless anyway. His fingers reach deeper as he plunges them into me.

My hips buck up to his mouth trying to keep pace. "OH MY GOD." I yell, my body going to depths of pleasure I've never been. His tongue circles the nub of my clit forcing an intense orgasm. My body tenses as the orgasm rocks my world! My body convulses, I grab his head and hold it to me, trapping him there. I shout out again and again. He relentlessly continues his assault and another orgasm rushes through me. I gasp, trying to get air to my lungs. I push his head back trying to offer myself some relief. He doesn't budge one bit, only fingers me faster as he watches my face. "Please," I plead softly. My body is close to exhaustion.

Victory flashes across his face and he quickly lets go and withdraws his fingers from me. He kisses up my stomach as he growls low in his throat. He rips the buttons from my blouse, unfastens my bra from the front and takes each of my breasts into his mouth and nibbles on each nipple, causing a hint of pain. Goosebumps form across my entire body as he comes closer to my lips. I catch a glimpse of his eyes and they appear darker although I see his need clearly and it frightens me.

He doesn't take my mouth to his as expected. Instead, he plunges into me, forcing himself deeper - I think "oh my god, he's going to rip me in two." His eyes are fixed on mine as he thrusts hard and deep. Fear rises and my heart thuds, my body tenses to prepare for the assault, not sure if I have another choice. He stops and looks at me. My heart beats faster not sure what to expect. His eyes show a hint of tenderness and he leans down to kiss me. I cower slightly and this maddens him. He drops his head to my neck and he growls at me again as my body shakes beneath his. I feel him tense and he holds still for a moment, gaining control. He slowly withdraws from me and slowly slides back in. As he circles his hips his body rubs against my clit. Waves of pleasure begin to flood me rapidly. My breath quickens and my body starts to respond positively.

He puts his hand under my ass and caresses my cheek pulling me up to him. His mouth finds mine once again and he quickly searches for my tongue. His mouth has such a sweet taste, my juices with his saliva. A taste I will crave later in the night. He growls again, I can feel him trying to control himself, hoping for my sake that he wins this battle. I'm afraid of what might happen if he loses.

I reach behind him and pull him close, running my hand across his ass and lightly digging my fingernails into his skin. My hips rise to meet his and my legs spread wider, allowing him to go deeper. The more my body responds to his, the harder it is for him to keep control. "You feel so damn good!" he moans to me. I take my mouth to his neck and feast on his scent, his taste. He growls loudly as I do. My breath quickens and I blow hot air against him, nails digging deeper. His pace quickens but his gentleness remains. He nuzzles his face into my neck and bites down, softly. The chills run up my body and I sink my teeth into his skin.

"FUCK!" he yells. He pulls his mouth from me and positions himself so he can look into my eyes. I see the tamed beast off to the side, trying mightily to get out of its cage. The fight that is going on must be draining him quickly. He thrusts into me, reaching new depths. He leans in and kisses me softly as I try to bite at his lips. I thrust up to meet him and wrap my legs around him, pulling him deeper yet.

"Mmmm, you feel amazing." I whisper to him.

I run my nails up and down his back as our bodies move in rhythm. His hips thrust into me, rubbing against my entire pussy. I arch my breasts up to him, wanting to feel all of his body on mine. He senses my need and lowers just a bit to satisfy me. "Oh yes, yes, oh my god." I whisper, moans growing louder as my body surrenders to his touch, his tenderness. "Yes, take me, now." I say to him, looking into his eyes.

His eyes flicker with excitement at my words. He growls and pulls out then thrusts into me hard. I gasp! He watches my face as he continues to plunge into me. I can see he is still restraining himself, giving me only a taste of the beast. My body tingles all over; I thrust up to him, scream out in pleasure and let the orgasm surface. I squeeze him tightly inside me over and over, feeling every rigid detail of his manhood. He thrusts hard, fire shoots through me as my orgasm peaks again, or still. "Yes, more." I say to him. My head flops back and forth as I ask for something I've never had. Not sure how much I want but pretty sure I must have it all.

His head rises, he bites his lip, his eyes sear, he thrusts hard and shoots his hot sperm into me. It feels like it's on fire as it enters my body. His eyes never leave mine as he continues to fill me, thrusting deep, hard. My body continues to tremble with sheer pleasure as I feel him deep inside me. I hold his gaze, watching him tame the beast from within.

He leans down and kisses my neck, sucking a section into his mouth. He kisses my lips tenderly, rubs his body on mine and holds me. I feel his heart beat with mine, his body forms to mine. I hold him close, not wanting to let go. We lay, relaxed, catching our breath, and then we hear people in the distant. Ah, we both realize we're still in a parking lot. He hurriedly jumps out and puts his clothes on as fast as he can, then he casually walks away.

I sit here, wondering. Did he just make love to me? I am quite certain he did. I know that wasn't just a fantasy. I wonder what it would be like if he were to show me the beast. Would I be able to meet his needs as well? Would I still be frightened? I saw his needs, clearly. They are a bit frightening, but my God, I would love to have all of him and give him all of me. I open the door to reach out and grab my skirt and notice his wallet on the ground. I grab them both and close the door quickly before anyone sees me.

I hold the wallet against my bare chest. Curiosity getting the better of me, I quickly open the wallet and his eyes are staring at me from his driver's license. I look up and see him walking back. I reach in my purse and grab something and slide it into his wallet. I slide my skirt on, close my blouse the best I can and step out onto the pavement. I close the door and wait. He walks up to me, looking at the ground, searching. I hold it out. "Looking for this?" Are these the first intelligible words I've spoken? A tiny smile forms at the corners of his mouth. He walks up and grabs the front of my shirt, pulling me to him.

His eyes fixed on mine, the beast still fighting for release. "Next time I WILL fuck you." He whispers to me, kisses my lips hard, growls, and backs up a little.

"Any time"" Alex." His eyes light up at the sound of his name. He reaches behind me and grabs my hair, pulls my head back and looks through my eyes. My heart thuds, not of the earlier fear, but of pure excitement. Well, maybe a tiny bit of fear. "I slipped my card inside your wallet." I say with some conviction. I see the beast shoot out of its cage.

"It's going to be a long night lover." He growls at me.

Katie Peachesa
Katie Peachesa

Katie Peachesa is a sex and lingerie blogger based out of the urban chic Wapping in the heart of East London, United Kingdom. In her spare time, Katie enjoys photography, yoga and fitness, a bit of boxing, traveling, keeping up with the latest fashion trends and mudlarking and exploring pastoral settings. You are likely to find Katie in an artisan cafe in Brick Lane on a Saturday afternoon furiously typing her next article on her laptop whilst she is sipping on her flat white and drawing inspiration from the hustle and bustle in the heart of creative London. Katie runs the "Fashion Life Mag" and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Allure, Grazia, Tatler, Evening Standard and other popular media outlets.

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