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August 03, 2022 4 min read

A Case For Ladies: Why Being A Big Spoon Is Awesome

Have you ever asked yourself how being in the big spoon position feels? Spooning is a cuddling position where partners lie in bed while facing the same direction. The one at the back presses their chest and torso against the front partner's back. This style resembles the stacking of spoons together in the utensil drawer, thus its name. Being in the bigger spoon position has multiple benefits. This article will discuss what spooning is and its secret benefits. 

How Does Spooning Work?

Spooning is a sexual act where partners cuddle while facing the same direction. One partner's back presses onto the other's front. The position of legs or arms does not matter as long as you are comfortable. Legs can be intertwined or stacked, although some people prefer warping them around their partner. The person on the outside is the 'bigger spoon' while the one on the inside is the 'little spoon.' Body size, shape, gender, and height don't matter when spooning. At night, couples can switch positions.

Why Do People Love Spooning?

The spooning position provides a sense of belonging, protection, and warmth. Research shows that cuddling helps release oxytocin, the happy hormone, which helps in relieving stress and pain. The hormone also boosts the immune system. Additionally, spooning creates positive vibes between couples.

Difference Between Cuddling and Spooning

Cuddling and spooning are associated with physical touch. It should be noted that a couple may cuddle but fail to spoon. Spooning is a type of cuddle and may be platonic. However, it can be used as a foreplay activity during, before, or after sex.

Myths About Spooning

You Cannot Be the Bigger Spoon If You're Tall

There are no specific rules that dictate the size of those spooning. Whatever role you play, the bigger or the smaller spoon, depends on your relationship and closeness.

Spooning Leads To Sex

Some people believe that spooning is not platonic. Friends can cuddle without getting intimate. While spooning, partners can decide their fate on whether they will have sex or not.

How To Try Spooning

Spooning may be a breakthrough to sexual intercourse or general intimacy. It is good to set boundaries if you are spooning with someone who isn't your romantic partner. When the sexual urge is not mutual, it will lead to awkwardness and embarrassment. This same issue may also arise between romantic couples while snuggling or after sex before sleeping.

Cuddling helps partners to connect mentally. However, it becomes uncomfortable if it goes on for a long time. One partner might be in for more physical intimacy while the other person's sexual urge rises, thus leading to an argument. Communication is crucial before cuddling or during the process as it ensures that both parties revolve around the same schedule.

Follow the following steps if you would like to spoon someone without awkward moments.

Establish Spoon Size

You need to agree on who will take the role of the bigger and smaller spoon. You can decide that by doing a little test. A partner who hugs the other when cuddling is the bigger spoon. However, the roles can be interchanged if there is a need.

Do Classic Spooning

The small spoon puts their legs over the bigger spoon's stomach. This is a spooning that's accepted by society.

Do the Spoon And Ol'ball

In this style, the smaller spoon lies on their side while the bigger spoon puts their legs on their back.

Benefits Of Being The Big Spoon

Provides a Sweet Sensation

Being the big spoon and hooking your legs over your partner's back brings a warm feeling and a sense of belonging.

It Is a Pleasurable Sensation

Fulfilling your partner's desires and fantasies feels sexy. If they love being watched, spooning might be the perfect intimate position to engage in. Position yourself to look at your partner's shoulder and arms directly. You can whisper all sorts of sweet and naughty words in their ears. Additionally, you can kiss their neck, ears, or shoulders.

It Provides a Sense Of Manual Admiration

If you are tired of watching your partner pleasure themselves, you can jump into the play. You can use your hands, silk ties, or soft cuffs to restrain your partner comfortably while giving them your attention. Tie their wrist over the headboard, and embrace their bodies when they wiggle.

Spooning is a Toy Behind Great Men

If your partner loves anal sex, this is your perfect chance to become the bigger spoon. That way, you will engage in slow and sensual prostate stimulation. You may use your fingers even if your body size is smaller than your partner's.

The Bottom Line

Being a bigger spoon is always fun. There are several benefits for you to explore as a big spoon. However, that does not mean being a smaller spoon has no benefits. Every action that the bigger spoon takes is advantageous to the smaller spoon. Spooning can either lead to sex or be used as a form of cuddling. Therefore, having sex after spooning or not depends on your sexual instincts, self-control, and the nature of your relationship.

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