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January 18, 2018 6 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to Discreet Vibrators

When it comes to choosing a sex toy, there are those who pay special attention to how discreet the toy is. It is very embarrassing for you if every time you turn on your vibrator everyone has a clue what you are up to. Vibrators are great for delivering intense orgasms and sometimes you are on the road so much and require a travel companion. Airports have thorough searching policies and having your dildo found out is very embarrassing. To avoid any unnecessary embarrassment, it is great to invest in a discreet vibrator.

Discreet Vibrator Shape

When choosing a toy that you plan on carrying around every so often, it is advised that you find one that deviates from the common phallic shape. This allows you to carry it in your purse without it being so obvious that it is a dildo.

Discreet Vibrator Motor

The vibrator motor is another thing that requires consideration. Having a vibrator with a unique shape means nothing if the motor is loud. A discreet vibrator features a really quiet motor that keeps the session quiet and has everyone oblivious to what you are up to.

Rocks Off 6-Inch 10-Speed Funky Purple Vibrator

Rocks Off 6-Inch 10-Speed Funky Purple Vibrator

Brilliantly crafted with a smooth rounded head, this wonder toy comes in a sexy purple color, and features a rippled shaft for the ultimate in vaginal and anal enjoyment. The Rocks Off 6-Inch 10-Speed Funky Purple Vibrator is an amazing toy that works wonders on all your erogenous zones, giving you a deeply satisfying user-experience. Presented in a silky-sleek design, and perfectly sized to provide a deep full feeling, it has a ring around the base designed to prevent travel, while the ergonomic handle offers a grip-friendly hold for easy retrieval. This amazing toy is not called the “Funky” vibrator for nothing, it’s cleverly designed for both internal and external stimulation, and just the perfect toy to get wet, wild and funky with. It comes with the enhanced Rocks Off’s 10 speed RO-120 bullet; which features whisper-quiet and powerful vibrations, explore 10 awesome modes of unique pulsating, escalating and steady vibrations, all incredibly engineered to bring you to ecstasy in no time. The built-in pen-click button at the base enables you to control the toys speeds and patterns; one click of the bullet activates the first mode, and subsequent clicks changes to the next modes in that order, which means that you can tailor the vibrations according to your specific tastes and preferences. This funky vibe is waterproof; and is produced from premium body-safe silicone that is both odorless and temperature-sensitive, it very quickly warms up to your body during use, offering a deeply satisfying natural sensation, you may warm it in hot water or cool it in the freezer to vary the sensation, the firm and nonporous body can be easily cleaned with soapy water or a toy cleaner, you can also sterilize this toy by boiling it in hot water. This vibe is only compatible with a water-based lubricant. It has a total length of 6 inches, 5 inches insertable, 5 inches circumference, and boasts a diameter of 1.75 inches. This toy is powered with 2 AAA batteries. Get funky alone or with your partner for a glorious night of extravagant erotic fun.

Specifications of Rocks Off 6-Inch 10-Speed Funky Purple Vibrator

Length : 6 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable : 1 to 5 inches
Diameter : 1.75 inches
Width : 5 inches
Colour : Purple
Flexibility : Firm
Controller : Built In
For Who : Both
Brand : Rocks Off Ltd
Power : (Included)
Size : 6 Inches

Mia 2 Vibrator


Shaped like a lipstick, this toy blends into your makeup bag and your purse seamlessly. This timeless beauty also ensures that even if it falls out no one would be any wiser. The vibrator is designed for intense clitoral stimulation, ensuring that you get your orgasms frequently and with unparalleled intensity. The silicone based toy is soft to the touch and features 8 unique vibration settings, ensuring that you enjoy testing out each to find your absolute favorite. The inbuilt motor is absolutely quiet, allowing you total privacy even if you indulge in a room full of people. This USB rechargeable toy is great for use at home and even when you are on the road.

• Bijoux Twenty One Clitoral Stimulator

Bijoux Twenty One Clitoral Stimulator

This vibrator features seven different vibrations and three speeds, enough to have your clitoris engulfed in some powerful sensations. The luxury vibrator has a very quiet motor that muffles the vibrations ensuring that you get your orgasms with the ultimate privacy. To top it all off, the vibrator is shaped like a diamond. The shape of the vibrator ensures that it blend in with other items in the purse as it can easily be confused with a perfume bottle. The vibrator is USB rechargeable, ensuring that you do not travel with a bulky charger or replacement batteries.

• 10 Function Little Black Panty Thong Vibrator

10 Function Little Black Panty Thong Vibrator

For those that love lingerie, this vibrator combines your lingerie with intensive clitoral stimulation. The wireless controller allows you to change up the speeds and functions as you please. The thong provides intense vibrations to your clitoris and the inbuilt motor is quiet and cannot be heard over everyday noise. The hands free stimulations allow you to wear the panty for long without removing. The vibrator is USB rechargeable, making it the perfect travel companion.

• Screaming O Glow FingO Nubby Finger Vibe

Screaming O Glow FingO Nubby Finger Vibe

Finger vibrators are small and tiny toys that supply intense vibrations to the clitoris. Designed to be slipped onto the finger like a ring, the vibe will fit into your purse and makeup bag with ease and will pass any airport searches. Take this toy out for a spin whenever you need and get to enjoy great intense vibrations that will have you enjoying every moment.

• Sensuelle Touch Pink Rechargeable Vibrator

Sensuelle Touch Pink Rechargeable Vibrator

This bullet vibrator is discreet and has a simple shape that allows it to blend in with your handbag contents. With its custom charging base, the vibe is easy to recharge and the best part is that you do not need to carry around batteries if the toy loses power. This clitoral vibrator features a quiet motor that allows you to indulge in your play time without anyone being any wiser. Enjoy the sleek and beautiful toy that will have your body engulfed in orgasmic bliss every time you take it for a spin.

5-Inch Luxe Compact Scarlet Ivory Mini Vibrator

5-Inch Luxe Compact Scarlet Ivory Mini Vibrator

Portable orgasms have to be on every woman’s fantasy list. The power of the 5-Inch Luxe Compact Scarlet Ivory Mini Vibrator is in its size. Bigger may be better in some cases, but this time around this is not the case. The mini vibrator is designed to give your solo sessions some well-deserved powerful vibrations that will have you shaking from the powerful sensations that rock through your body. The vibrator has a beautiful exterior, ensuring that only the most beautiful vibrator gets to make an appearance on your bedside table. The in-built controller has 5 different vibration speeds, letting you increase or reduce the power of the vibrations as you see fit to handle you at the moment. The mini vibrator is powerful and quiet, allowing you to get off even if you are in a public place and need some quick fix. However, make sure you have something to keep you quiet as the sensations may have you giving yourself away as you moan and scream your way into an orgasm. Take the vibrator for a shower run or a dip into your bath to spice things up as you take some water therapy. Enjoy the benefits of 5 inches of insertion length wherever you may be and watch as solo play becomes a great way to ease your mind in whatever environment you may be in. The vibrator comes with a USB charger, allowing you to charge it on the go, making sure your down time is kept to a minimum.

Specification of the 5-Inch Luxe Compact Scarlet Ivory Mini Vibrator

Length : 4.25 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable : 1 to 5 inches
Diameter : 1 Inch
Width : 3.25 Inches
Colour : White
Flexibility : Firm
Controller : Built In
For Who : Both
Features : 5 Speeds
Brand : NS Novelties
Power : Rechargeable USB
Size : 4.25 Inches

Discreet vibrators come in all forms, with the greatest features being the quiet motor and the discreet shape. The toys make for great traveling companions but also deliver the vibrations that will have you carrying them around all the time.

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