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January 19, 2018 3 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are great solo session toys as they allow the play time to get mixed up with bath time and shower time. The combination of these relaxing activities makes sure that you are in the best of moods once shower time is over. Waterproof vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, colors, material composition and functionalities. To start off, you have to find the vibe that will sufficiently meet your needs.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof Vibrators Material

The vibrators are usually made from silicone or TPR, materials that make the toy comfortable to use. The material adjusts to the body temperature fairly quickly, making them very comfortable even for beginners. The material composition of the vibrator is important as it determines the lubricant, cleaning process and other factors that may make the toy too complicated to maintain or take care of.

Waterproof Vibrators Functionality

The controllers vary from product to product and this means that the experience varies depending on the product manufacturer. Some controllers are capable of producing multispeed functions while others only have a single speed setting. If you plan on experiencing various tempos, a multispeed vibrator is more likely to meet your needs compared to a single speed vibrator.

The type of vibration is also a considerable factor. While some vibrators have the normal vibration pattern, others have a choice of vibration patterns, each capable of producing very distinctively different sensations. The choice of a remote control vibrator should also take into consideration the controller functionalities to ensure that every session is worth it.

Waterproof Vibrators Lubrication

As with all sex toys, lubrication is of vital importance as it allows you to insert the vibrator with ease. Always ensure that you use a compatible lubricant to ensure that the toy gets to sufficiently serve its purpose for a long time. While water based lubricant is compatible with a whole range of toys, it would be the wrong choice in the water as it would be greatly inefficient. Always ensure that you find a lubricant that will be perfect for use in the water while also maintaining the material integrity of the vibrator.

Using the Remote Control Vibrator

Once you have ensured that your toy meets all of your desired specifications, it is time to indulge. Always ensure that the toy has been thoroughly cleaned and/or sanitized before starting out. Always use a generous amount of lube before starting out. Apply the lube on the toy and then to your intimates. This will allow you to have a hassle free glide that will have your friction levels greatly reduced to enjoy a great time. For small vibrators, it is very possible to indulge in a bathroom that is located in a full house with no one being the wiser. Unless your roommates are extremely open minded, always ensure that you keep your play time quiet to avoid embarrassment.

The vibrator is a fairly quiet toy, so it can barely be heard over the normal humdrum of the outside noises. You can use the toy to indulge in some public play that will have your panties soaking wet and your partner waiting for the opportune moment when you get home. The remote control vibrator is a toy created for those who have an adventurous spirit and have no problems mixing business with pleasure.

Waterproof vibrators span an extensive array of options, from vibrating eggs to large vibrators. As you choose your toy, always consider the discreetness of the toy to ensure that you get to have a great travel companion that will not be entirely evident to those with prying eyes.

Waterproof vibrators also come in handy during couple’s play, enhancing the intensity of the orgasms. While they make shower infinitely better, they also give both parties a reason to indulge in shower time or bath time together.

Waterproof Vibrators App Compatibility

Some manufacturers have applications that are compatible with various controllers. Always check whether the remote control vibrator has a compatible app and use the opportunity to discover the full potential of your toy. Some apps allow you to design your own unique vibration patterns while some can connect to the toy from considerable distances allowing for some mind blowing long distance couples play.

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