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by Katie Peachesa December 12, 2017 5 min read

A Guide To Double Ended Dildos

By Ksenia Sobchak

Double penetration is a fetish that is shared by so many people. However, there are very few partners who accept sharing so a compromise has to be reached. The double ended dildo is a toy designed to achieve two penetrations at the same time. Usually it is made from a slightly flexible material to a very flexible material. This allows for solo double penetration sessions if the need arises. However, there are so many reasons to try this toy;

A Guide To Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos Offer Superior Sensations

The double ended dildo is a long and thick dildo that has the penile heads molded on both ends. The flexibility allows you to bend it enough to access both your anal cavity and your vaginal cavity. This double penetration means that every stroke massages both the vaginal and anal walls which are lines with numerous sensitive nerve endings. For every stroke you get to experience simultaneous powerful sensations unlike any other.

When used with a partner, the double ended dildo gives the both of you sensations unlike any other. One position is when both of you are on all fours facing away from each other. For strokes, you move toward each other and then pull away. This allows for both of you to experience simultaneous sensations and the sounds of both of your moans will have you even hornier especially since you cannot see each other.

A Guide To Double Ended Dildos

The crab position is another way to get the double ended dildo going for both of you. This position allows you to watch your partner and the sensations going through them will have you feeling even more intense sensations. The double ended dildo ensures that you both get what you are looking for without anyone giving without receiving.

Double Ended Dildos Bring Variety

The double ended dildo has a few options to choose from once you decide to get one. The realistic double ended dildos are flesh colored dildos designed to help you feel like you are indulging in the real thing. For those with a big black cock fetish, the black double ended dildo is the toy for your double penetration needs. These dildos may vary in length and size but they ensure that they meet your aesthetic needs when it comes to dildos.

A Guide To Double Ended Dildos

The surface texture also varies from dildo to dildo. The dildos with bulging veins are common more often than not as they tend to give the dildo the formidable look that is characteristic of big cocks. The smooth surface dildos appear less often and are for those who have not yet mastered the art of handling the superior sensations that a textured surface brings.

Strapless Dildo

The strapless dildo is a double ended dildo designed in a very unique way. One end features a short and stunted dildo designed to sit comfortable in the vaginal cavity. The other end is longer. Once the dildo is firmly in place, you get to thrust into your partner with the longer end. This is a double ended dildo solely designed to please both partners, ensuring that no one gets left out of the pleasure train.

The toy has a non porous surface, ensuring that you can switch positions whenever the need arises. This makes for a great toy if you need some adventure in your play. If you are capable of handling more, the strapless dildo has a vibration option. The vibrating strapless dildo features a vibrating bullet located where the two dildos meet. The vibrations are transferred to both your bodies, making every thrust compounded with the vibrations feel intensely powerful and orgasmic.

Positions To Try With Your Double Ended Dildo

If you are planning on solo riding with your double ended dildo, you have to be able to position yourself in such a way that both ends get to be inserted. The two common positions include;

  • Lying on your back with a pillow or two propping your hips up. Insert on end of the dildo into your anal cavity and then bend the other end upwards and use it as a handle for your thrusts.
  • For double penetration, bend the dildo upwards into a U shape and then rest it against a surface. Squat gently over the toy inserting one end and then the other. From here you can bounce on it.

Recommended Double Ended Dildos for Lesbian Couples

14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration

14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration

The 14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration is a Dream Toys design, and is the latest addition to the Peaches and Screams collection of small dildos and probers.

The 14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration is a double ended dildo, and the two ends are different sizes. Both ends are shaped like realistic penises. The ends begin with a lifelike head, and the shaft has lots of incredibly detailed veins for extra stimulation. It’s made from a hypoallergenic PVC material, which feels incredibly real. It’s also waterproof, so it can be taken into the bathroom. It can be used alone for single or double penetration, or it can be used with your partner to penetrate both of you at the same time. It can be used anally and vaginally, which makes it suitable for both men and women.

The 14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration is fourteen inches in total length, and has an insertable length of twelve inches. If it’s being used for double penetration, or to penetrate two people at the same time, then the insertable length is different. This dildo does flare out halfway down the shaft, which would allow even penetration of five and a half inches on both ends. The ends are different sizes, and the bigger end is an inch and a half wide, with a four and a half inch circumference. The smaller end is an inch wide, and has a circumference of three and a quarter inches.

When you’re using the 14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration make sure that you’re relaxed, and use some personal lube to make insertion easier and more pleasurable. Once you’re finished using the dildo, clean it thoroughly with hot, soapy water and a cleaner. Peaches and Screams carry a selection of personal lubes and cleaners that are safe for use with sex toys.

Shop for the 14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration now!

Specifications of 14-Inch Real Feel Double-Ended Penis Dildo for Double Penetration

Length : 14 Inches
Washing : Hot soapy water and toy cleaner
Insertable : 9 to 12 inches
Diameter : 1.5 Inches
Width : 4.5 Inches
Colour : Flesh
Flexibility : Very
For Who : Female
Features : Easy To Clean
Brand : Dream Toys
Size : 14 Inches

Katie Peachesa
Katie Peachesa

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