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December 15, 2017 3 min read

A Guide to Luxury Vibrators

Vibrators come in all shapes, size and functionalities and it is virtually impossible to have all of them in one place. However, there are those that are top of the line. These designer vibrators are created to perfection and with the best of everything to ensure that you get the feeling of a lifetime every time you grab a hold of this wonderful toy. If you have some major change to invest in your orgasms, the luxury toy is definitely for you.

There are some who may be wondering why the toys are so expensive when there are so many cheaper options around. The following are some of the reasons these toys cost so much;

A Guide to Luxury Vibrators

Material Composition Of Luxury Vibrators

Luxury vibrators are made from highest quality materials. For the silicone based vibrators, the toys are made from the highest quality silicone and have a soft and velvety finish. The colors look so divine and the feel of the vibrator is absolutely wonderful. The silicone is completely body safe, ensuring that you are safe throughout your play. The metal based vibrators are so sleek and sophisticated, have a great shine and barely need any polishing to maintain the shine. Luxury vibrators look and feel uniquely great as the material is absolutely divine and the finishing makes the toys irresistible and visually appealing.

Controller Functionalities Of Luxury Vibrators

This is where the differences are really noted. The luxury vibrators are made from the best materials and parts and the motor is among the list of components that are absolutely amazing. The motor produces quiet and powerful vibrations that will have your body engulfed in some powerful sensations. For the most part, the vibe will have very unique vibration patterns that can be changed as your mood dictates by pressing a button. In addition to the vibrating patterns, some vibes include pulsations that when combined with the intense vibrations work together to give you the most powerful orgasms you have ever experienced.

A Guide to Luxury Vibrators

The luxury vibrators differ even when it comes to the shaft functionalities. Some have a rotating shaft while others boast of an intense thrusting shaft that feels divine and wonderfully great. Because they cost a fortune, no cost has been spared in the development of the controller functionality and the vibrations will always be in sync with the pulsations and thrusts and rotation and this will have your g-spot or clit stimulated to your wits end.

The innovative creation of the luxury vibrator is so diverse that you could never determine the best of them as they are equally uniquely amazing. Some vibrators have been designed to sync the vibrations to the music you are playing. This gives you the opportunity to put in a selection and enjoy the beats in a whole different way. Others have app compatibility and the app allows you to create your own personalized vibration patterns. These features are great as you get a lifetime of experimenting and coming up with new ways of creating your own orgasmic relief.

Recharging Your Luxury Vibrator

Luxury vibrators take away the need for those pesky batteries that need replacement ever so often. The vibrators come with rechargeable systems set up and a plug to charge the toy. The vibes come in either the mains recharging option or some are USB rechargeable. This makes the toy travel friendly as you do not need to carry out extra packs of batteries just to be on the safe side. The power supply units are also top of the line which means there are some vibes that employ the fast charging system and you do not have to keep the vibe plugged in for too long.

A Guide to Luxury Vibrators

Enjoy your play time as the power supply lasts longer than those of budget vibrators, ensuring that you get to play for longer without the toy going off. Some vibes have a way to alert you when the power is low giving you a heads up that you need to recharge and you will not be caught off guard by the toy going off again.

Waterproof Luxury Vibrators

Waterproof luxury vibes are completely submergible, allowing you to enjoy your bath time and shower time by adding a dash of orgasmic intensity unlike any other.

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