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January 18, 2018 3 min read

A Guide To Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic wand vibrators were initially created to serve as personal massagers. The exaggerated head is mounted on a flexible shaft and the vibrations are designed to soothe sore muscles. However, the magic wand vibrator has many other functions in the bedroom. Mainly employed during foreplay, the vibrator can be traced over the erogenous zones and the powerful vibrations serve to stimulate the various nerve endings effectively causing the body to be intensely aroused. When it comes to choosing a magic wand vibrator, there are various features to look out for.

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic Wand Vibrators Size

The magic wand vibrator generally comes in two sizes, the normal wand and the mini wand. The normal wand is a large toy and capable of delivering very powerful vibrations. However, the wand is not very discreet and is ideal for home storage and use. The mini wand vibrator is a delight to those who prefer their toys to be very discreet. The smaller head is ideal for reaching the places the larger wand head can’t reach. This toy is ideal for travelling as it fits comfortably in a travel case and the size is ideal.

Magic Wand Vibrators Material

The magic wand vibrators feature a variety of materials, with plastic, silicone and metal based magic wands being the most common. The luxury silicone based magic wands are costly but these toys are made with the highest quality parts and materials, meaning that they last longer compared to their cheaper counterparts. These toys have a velvety soft feel and some are waterproof.

Magic Wand Vibrators Speeds

The magic wand vibrators come with different functionalities depending on the manufacturer. While some toys feature a constant preset speed others have variable speeds. The range of vibrational speeds go up to 12 for some toys. If you are a fan of experimenting with the wand just to see how much intensity you can take, the variable speed magic wand vibrator is for you.

Listed below are some magic wand vibrators that are well spoken about;

Doxy Extra Powerful Die Cast Massage Wand Vibrator

This titanium based vibrator is a great powerful toy that will provide long term service, making it ideal for those who plan to indulge for a long time to come. The service period of this toy makes it an economical purchase that will never be regretted. The toy has eight different vibrational patterns and one multispeed pulsation pattern. The vibrator has LED lights and the die cast handle remains firmly in place. The vibrations are confined in the head of the toy, ensuring that even on the lowest setting the clitoris gets the powerful vibrations that lead to a powerfully orgasmic finale.

Tracey Cox Supersex  10 Function Silicone Wand Vibrator

This silicone based toy features a firm shaft that holds the head in place. This small yet powerful toy is designed to deliver direct clitoral stimulation and its size makes it perfect for a comfortable and extended period of hold during play time. With its 7 different vibration patterns and 3 speeds, the toy is guaranteed to give your clitoris the intense massage that ultimately leads to a powerfully orgasmic finale. The small size makes the wand perfect for travel as it fits comfortably in the purse.

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