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October 19, 2017 3 min read

A Guide To Sex Hoods

Sensory manipulation is a great way to have your bondage play elevated to the next level. By ensuring that your partner is unable to access some of their faculties, they rely on the remaining senses to make sense of the stimuli being applied in their environment. Bondage is usually associated with ropes and instruments of restraint, but little is known about the power that sex hoods wield when it comes to sensory manipulation and play.
To delve into this form of play requires adherence to a few safety practices and constant communication to ensure that the game stays within the set boundaries. To start you off, you need the right tools.

Sex Hood Materials

Sex hoods vary in material composition and overall design. To choose the hood that will fully cover your needs, you need to understand your play level as well as some of the features offered by each hood.


When it comes to material composition, the latex sex hood comes up as the most popular choice for most people. The versatility of the sex hood allows you to choose from a wide array of designs and locking mechanisms. Latex hoods have the wet look appeal that make the whole scenario seem even sexier as you watch your partners eyes shine through the eye holes. The zipper lock on the mouth allows you to give your partner an opportunity to speak up if you feel like they deserve it.


These hoods are stiff and rigid, although some have a soft feel to ensure that there is no chaffing around the neck. The hoods with the string locking mechanism allow for a loose fit although some feel like the leather hood may be too much for beginners as the feel is not as comfortable as the latex hood


This is the common material when it comes to form fitting sex hoods, making it very effective at limiting sight, smell and hearing of the wearer. This should only be used with experience BDSM practitioners as newbies may find the material way too constricting to fully enjoy the experience.

Types of Sex Hoods

Sex hoods come as full cover, partial cover or even detachable. To understand which one would be appropriate, take a look at each of them in turn;
  • Full Cover

These hoods completely cover the mouth, eyes, nose and ears, leaving only the sense of touch to function. This gives the dominant the opportunity to fully get the sensory stimulation play off the ground, changing from temperature play to pain and pleasure stimulation. The full cover hood is however recommended for those who are comfortable in enclosed areas as the limitations brought about by the hood are not for the faint at heart.
  • Partial Cover

These hoods are a bit more comfortable as they may have cut-outs to expose the mouth, nose, ears or mouth, and sometimes a combination of the above. Partial hoods are great for beginners as the restrictions are not too strict, helping the submissive get used to the feeling of having their face covered during play.
  • Detachable Masks

For those who want a taste of both worlds, take a hold of the detachable hood and use it for your mild plays by detaching the hood and switch to some hard core play by getting the whole hood to cover your partner. The detachable hood is great for beginners who plan to move to even more kinky sessions.


Always ensure that your partner can still breathe under the hood no matter how tight the hood is.

Make sure that you discuss a safe word if their mouth is free, but if not, there should be a sign or signal to indicate distress. Stop immediately the safe word is uttered or seen.
Always ensure that your partner is not allergic to latex before using any latex hood for your play.

Never use full cover hoods on anyone with breathing problems like asthma. If using partial hoods, ensure that their airways are clear.
Always sanitize and thoroughly clean the hoods after use especially if you have multiple partners. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

With the basics in mind, always ensure that you and your partner are on the same page before indulging in this play.

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