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by Jekaterina Gussarova July 26, 2022 5 min read



Do you think only gay men are supposed to use anal sex toys? Does it mean a man is gay when using an anal sex toy? Here is everything you need to know about anal sex toys and who can use them.

This is an era of sex exploration. People can increasingly move past damaging social ideas and fears to embrace their sexual abilities fully. There are countless abilities to be enjoyed in anal pleasure. Inside and outside the ass is a hotspot of sexual sensation that will have you moaning and experiencing orgasm as you've never before. The world has changed, and people are exploring many sexual behaviors. Men have become love expectant of each other while women are the victims. Men use anal sex toys for more pleasure, but that doesn't mean they are gay. However, some may be gay, while others may be curious about anal sex. Some women also use anal sex toys for more pleasure since the sphincter muscle is tighter than the vagina, leading to more sensations.

Do Straight Men Use Anal Toys?

Owen et al. (2017) examined the prevalence of straight men who have explored anal play. These men were of college-going age. The study above discovered that twenty-four percent had engaged in anal play, a bold move, as the social acceptance of anal sexual eroticism seems to have increased in the past few years. It also proves that the fear of straight men being gay has decreased.

Fahs & Swank (2013) reported that women who used clitoral sex toys during the 20th century were often viewed as a lesbian. The study above also revealed the report made many avoid using such toys to fear of societal ideals. While there isn't adequate evidence to compare straight and gay men using male sex toys, the information gives hope for a change in societal ideals.

Does Using An Anal Sex Toy For Men Mean They Are Gay?

Being gay is part of who you are. It is reflected in who you are sexually attracted to. It has nothing to do with whether you like having your anus penetrated. Although people of all sexualities have been having fun for centuries, harmful, misinformed ideas have spread culture and made many straight men fearful about enjoying some of the most thrilling sexual chills available. They revolve around the notion that being gay is something bad. Being gay isn't bad, and enjoying having your ass pleasured doesn't make you gay.

Discuss and Communicate

All great sex starts with great communication. This is true for any sexy, fun time, but there are a few things to consider regarding anal play for straight men. Many people have unlearning to do around assumptions and stigma regarding men and anal sex. That process can be personal and a relationship movement.

Major Misconceptions

Below are some common misconceptions that stop straight people from returning. All the following misconceptions are false:

  • Enjoying ass play means you are gay or bisexual
  • Straight men are not interested in anal play.
  • Your ass will stretch out, and you will have difficulty defecating
  • There is always poop involved
  • It always hurts
  • Anal sex can cause fecal incontinence
  • It will cause you physical damage
  • It is dirty
  • It would be best if you use a desensitizing lube
  • It's normal to bleed after anal sex

The first thing to do is start talking things over if you are a straight guy or his partner and if you are interested in exploring anal pleasure zones. Don't jump straight into exploring. That might work in some relationships but talking things over is the best way.

What Do Men Need To Know About Using Sex Toys?

Sex toys are the best way to become a better lover. Döring et al. (2022) suggested that you could learn to explore your body parts with more patience and skill, understanding how to go about things with sex toys. This parlays perfectly into appreciating your partner's body and learning how to relax your lover while turning her on.

Sex toys help you break societal barriers in a safe, private setting and help you understand yourself and your body. Many acts compromise their concept of masculinity and what it means to be a man, particularly straight men. Men are told who they are expected to be instead of who they want to be, and that's the greatest cause of insecurity and lack of clear identity. It cripples empathy for experience is the best way to understand, and understanding is the source of empathy. Lack of empathy due to the narrow range of acceptable behavior for straight men is the source of a lot of violence. It is easy to victimize others when you don't understand them and fear them.

Kontula & Miettinen (2016) discovered that sex toys could also help men learn to delay orgasm, remain hard after orgasm, and have multiple orgasms. Once you get over this and experience it, you won't have to worry about ejaculating too fast, losing your erection, or not getting an erection.

What will Sex Toys Be Like in the Future?

Trends are towards remote interactivity like controlling a device via Bluetooth, close range, more realistic flesh-like textures, and interactive and artificial intelligence elements, including virtual reality and talking. Women's toys are far ahead of men's toys, and there is a bit of catching up. For example, while men seem to want more life-like interactivity from their robotic sex dolls, it's rare to hear a woman say she wishes her vibrator could speak to her.


Whether you enjoy using an anal sex toy with a partner or by yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind if you are exploring your butt for the first time. Much of this isn't naturally intuitive, and you may injure yourself if you don't do things right. Ensure you clean the area, and if you plan on going deeper, grab an enema from your local pharmacy. Consider using lubrication, starting slowly, exploring yourself before bringing someone in, and communicating with your partner. Communication is a major key to having a successful anal play with your partner. Take advantage of all the pleasures the human body can offer. Not all men who use anal sex toys are gay. Anal sex toys only help men learn their partner's sexual desires and explore other zones with more pleasures. Men using anal sex toys communicate with their partners to learn their limits, whether to go harder or slow down, since it can be painful.


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Jekaterina Gussarova
Jekaterina Gussarova

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