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August 01, 2022 5 min read


The back seat driver sex position is one of the positions couples can perform in many areas, such as in the bathroom, sitting room, inside a car, or in the bedroom. It is unlike other positions where sex can only be performed on the bed in the bedroom. The man has to seat on a chair, on a stool, or on a raised surface where he is comfortable to perform the back seat driver sex position easily. He should spread his legs and allow the woman to seat on him facing the same direction. She can then spread her legs outside the man's legs or keep them between the man's legs. Alternatives, both partners can spread their legs slightly for easier penetration. The backseat driver sex position is best for anal sex and allows close contact between partners.

What The Lady Does in The Back Seat Driver Sex Position

Blaise & Taylor (2012) explained that in this sex position, the lady might have to sit on the man who is already seated on a chair. The setup allows the man to enter her easily while he is relaxed. Her legs should be spread out to give enough space for the penis to enter the vulva. The legs should also reach the floor for support and help her pump on the man. It means her legs should be firmly touching the floor, in this case, to allow her to pump well with each stroke. In this sex position, the lady has more work than the man.

 What The Man Does in The Back Seat Driver Sex Position

The man has to seat on a chair or on a raised surface where he is comfortable to perform the back seat driver sex position. He also has less work to make it pleasurable than the lady. When the lady gets tired of pumping on his penis, the man can help her by holding her shoulders or waist. With this, the man helps her pumping by pulling her downwards or pushing her upwards with each stroke, following the rhythm. The place where he is seated should be cushioned to avoid hurting his buttocks.

Advantages Of Using the Back Seat Driver Sex Position

It Is Good for Anal Sex

Eluru et al. (2010) stated that the back seat driver sex position favors partners who love anal sex. Due to the position in which the lady and the man are, the anus of the lady is much exposed. It makes it easy for the man to access it for deep penetration of his penis. It is, therefore, an enjoyable lovemaking sex position for those who love anal sex.

Couples Can Enjoy It in Different Areas

Wilkins (2008) explained that the back seat driver's sex position is not fixed like other sex positions that require couples to have sex on the bed or in the room. Lovers can enjoy the back seat driver position in the sitting room, washrooms, kitchen, or even in their car. The only crucial thing needed is a chair, a stool, a bed, or other raised cushioned surface for the man to seat on. If performed on the bed, the man has to seat on the edge of the bed at a certain angle where he is comfortable since the lady seats on him.

It Favors Old Partners

In the back seat driver sex position, not much flexibility is required. The man only sits still and relaxed. The only flexibility needed is on the lady since she must continuously pump on the man's penis to prevent a stroke. This sex position, therefore, is good for the old partners since their bones are not much flexible.

Couples Can Use It in Public Without Causing Alarm

As they suggest, it can be performed in a car in the back seat. The man can sit on the car's back seat, and the lady sits on him then; the play continues as usual. It means that it is not limited to being performed in a house like most the sex positions. However, they should keep the doors and windows of the car locked.

Disadvantages Of Using the Back Seat Driver Sex Position

It Does Not Allow Long and Deep Strokes

Many people love long strokes and prefer them as a way of sexual satisfaction. It is true since long strokes stimulate fast orgasms. The back seat driver's sex position does not favor long strokes due to the position the lady and the guy are in. It becomes a disadvantage of this lovemaking sex position for the people who love deeper penetrations.

It Is a Poor Sex Position for Impregnating a Lady

Mumah et al. (2020) explained that the position in which the lady and the man are in does not allow proper impregnation to the ladies who are willing to get pregnant. It is because the sperms are not transferred deeper into the lady's cervix. It may hinder fertilization; hence, the lady may not get pregnant. Therefore, ladies who want to get pregnant should avoid this sex position.

It Is Not Suitable for Ladies with Legs Complications

The lady in the back seat driver's sex position should not have led to complications. That is because the lady needs to support herself and pump the man using her legs. She must also stand firmly on the floor as the man penetrates her upwards. Therefore, the position is only ideal for ladies with strong legs.


The lady in the back seat driver sex position has much more work to do than the man. That is because she must continuously pump downwards and upwards to provide a stroke needed during sex. Also, the position is not limited to areas where couples can use it. It can be performed in the bedroom, washrooms, sitting room, an open place, or on the car's back seat. All is needed is for a man to have a raised and cushioned place to sit and hold the lady. Therefore, if you want a new way to spice up your sex life, incorporating this position into your sex bucket can do the magic.


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