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October 25, 2017 3 min read

Beginner's Guide to Anal Douching And Enemas

By Ekaterina Mironova

Intensive cleaning is something that most people crave. Getting your body clean from the inside is something that is rarely practiced due to the inherent risks associated with the practice. When it comes to cleaning out the anal cavity, there are products designed to give you the best experience without invading your insides too much. Enemas are a great way to clean out the backside, but always be sure to keep the safety precautions in mind as you indulge.

Beginner's Guide to Anal Douching And Enemas - Anal Sex Guide for Beginners

  • Never use soaps, salts or additives. These products can cause irritation to the anal lining, so ensure that you keep away from them. Additives are best used by those with more experience as they tend to understand what works best for them.
  • If you have serious health problems or heart related conditions, avoid this practice.
  • The fluid in the rectum is to be expelled naturally, so avoid forcing the liquid out as you may cause untold damage to your rectum.
  • Always make sure you relieve your bowels before starting out your session.
  • If you experience any form of pain or discomfort, stop immediately. It is always better to be safe than sorry and pushing too far may aggravate the damage even further.
  • Always ensure that the water temperature is at body temperature (37o - 40o C). 
  • Rinse your douche/enema before starting out.
  • After use, clean out your douche/enema thoroughly with antibacterial cleaner.

Cleaning Procedure

Clean the Douche/Enema

The toy is going to access an intimate and sensitive part of your body, so always ensure that you give it a good cleaning preferably with antibacterial toy cleaner. This limits any chance of bacterial infection.

Water Temperature Test

Check the water and ensure that it is warm, not hot or cold. Once you have established it is at body temperature, fill up the douche/enema with the water.


To ease the entry of the enema/douche, use plenty of water based lubricant. Apply the lubricant generously to the nozzle of the enema/douche and the anus and then slowly ease a finger into your anal cavity to ensure that the muscles are relaxed.

Beginner's Guide to Anal Douching And Enemas - Anal Sex Guide for Beginners


Assume the position and slowly insert the nozzle of the douche/enema until just past the sphincter. Once comfortable, squeeze as much water as you are comfortable with into the anal cavity.


Once you have had enough water squeezed into the anus, remove the nozzle slowly and gently.

Fluid Movement

It is imperative that you get the fluid moving. To start this off, walk around a bit and massage your stomach in a clockwise direction. This will get the fluid flowing.


Hold in the water until you get the urge to expel it. At this point, sit on the toilet and let it all come out.

Once you have completed this process, repeat over and over again until the water runs clear.

Optimum Positions

Anal douching requires that you get in a position that will get the nozzle comfortably in the anal cavity without much hassle and fuss. The three most optimum positions for this procedure include;


This position is obtained by lying on the left side. Once in this position, bend the right leg over the left leg. This position gives the hand an easy access to the anus.


Lie on your front and then pull your knees into your chest. This places the butt in the air, opening up the anus for easy access.


For this position, just lie on your back and bend your knees into your chest.

Anal douching is a great way to clean out your insides, but this practice requires the ultimate safety. The anal cavity lining is very sensitive and prone to injuries due to cuts and bruising caused by the enemas/douches. Indulging in this practiced should be kept to a minimum as overdoing it is likely to cause the mucous lining of the anus to be washed away. Without the mucous lining you would be prone to infections, making the douching session not worth the trouble.

To be on the safe side, limit douching to once or twice a week. Always ensure that you use kits designed for this function to avoid any unnecessary accidents or incidents.