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August 05, 2022 4 min read

Beginners guide to anal douching /enemas

Cleaning your asshole is a wonderful thought. It may just change how your partner feels about you and take the relationship to a greater height.

Unfortunately, anal douching and enemasare a rare topic of discussion in the community as people aren't allowed opportunities for learning the same. Many school lessons would teach how to care for our bottoms, but no mention of douching. The perfect world may not recognize or allow us to douche, but the actual one does. Be sure nobody would like to leave a crime print on their partner. Even studies haven't had much about anal douching and sex. Still, there are a few things important to note, especially if you love the backdoor. Let's read on to learn more.

What’s anal douching?

If you’ve ever gotten involved with anal toying, then the poop idea must have lingered in your mind, once, twice, if not several times. Some chose thorough anal bathing or shower, whereas for others anal douching is a must. Therefore, we can describe douching as the use of water to flush out the rectum. It’s because your poop exits through the rectum, which is among the major targets in anal plays, hence the need for douching.

Probably, you might be wondering about its safety. The best thing, well, is how frequently you do it and the kind of equipment engaged. There was a recent concern that anal douching could increase the risk of transmitting sexual infections and HIV, mainly due to the used ingredients. A study reported that most men having sex with other men using homemade substances and noncommercial solutions damaged the rectal tissue. As a result, they became more susceptible to risks such as infections.

Equipment used

Research on the best requirements for anal douching and enemasis ongoing to discover the main douche amounts and ideal ingredients for cleaning the anus. What's known is the electrolyte balance that should be regulated for success. In other words, you need the best ingredients that strike a balance. For example, water is great, and saline enema has also shown good results. Let's now look at the tools involved.

  • Enema bulbs- Also called a douche bulb. It is a rubber bulb composing a nozzle at the end for insertion in the anal canal. It's used by filling with a safe solution or water for use. Notably, their nozzles are hard plastic made, hence potentially uncomfortable. You can go for those with a flexible tip because they're bum-friendly. They're also reusable tools.
  • Shower enema- This contains a hose connection for attaching to the shower. Despite being convenient, they’re less recommended due to the unpredictable water pressure and temperature. That means you can easily put your rectum and internal organs at risk of burning. Perhaps you can be sure by not inserting its nozzle in the butt. Simply placing it at the entrance can also give a clean wash.
  • Fleet enema- Choose this as among the safest tools for anal douching. It’s available in drug stores or fleet enemas online. You’ll get them in various versions, but pick one with regular saline. It’s simple and comes with a pre-lubricated nozzle for reducing injuries risk. You only need to follow the provided instructions on usage to come up with the perfect volume.
  • Enema bags- You can use these bags for tootsies warming during a cold night, the same way hot water bottles are used. They are available in the enema kit with a nozzle and tube. Using involves filling the bag with the solution and squeezing for releasing the contents into the rectum. Some kits have a hook for hanging the bag for gravity to help in the job. Unluckily, it may be unsafe for beginners because the bag carries more solutions than recommended. You may also struggle to monitor the water amount leaving the bag at a time. These bags are available in online and drug stores. It's best to carefully read the instructions, especially before ordering online. Notably, some enema bags come with prefilled liquids that may be unsafe because they may compose products, such as coffee.

How to douche

Douching can be critical, but it depends on how you do it. The following tips can be relevant for how to douche for better anal sex, and proper administration to prevent pain and damage.


  • Make sure your nozzle is clean to prevent risking bacterial spread, which might lead to infections.
  • Use warm water that’s almost lukewarm to avoid tempering the mucosal lining. Suppose you’re relying on the enema solution provided, please follow every instruction as it is on the package.
  • For easier insertion, lubricate the douche tip before every round of putting it inside.


The procedure varies due to the different kinds of douches or enemas.

  • Go to the shower or near a toilet to ensure your douche's contents, plus the rectum has a place for deposition.
  • Rest one leg on the tab side, toilet, or shower bench for convenience and easier access.
  • Use your fingers to get the asshole primed for the enema’s nozzle. Ensure the fingers are clean and lubed for better insertion.
  • Hold the nozzle against your butt hole, inhale deeply, and softly insert it as you exhale.
  • Then, squeeze the bulb, bag, or bottle to squirt the solution. In case it’s a shower enema, customize it by setting it low to avoid releasing larger water amounts at once.
  • After that, hold the inserted liquid for some seconds before releasing it.
  • Repeat the process until the water you’re letting out is clear.

Cleaning and aftercare

Showering is a great way to clean up. While some people do it immediately after the process, others prefer waiting for an hour or two to ensure the rectum is empty- It's up to you.

The bottom line

Poop is a natural happening. A safe anal play doesn’t have to involve a douche or an enema. However, if using one brings more comfort and relaxation to help focus on your enjoyment, why not go for it? Only make sure you're using the beginners' guide to anal douche and enema, correct tools, and following the instructions as recommended.

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