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August 05, 2022 4 min read

Beginners Guide To Caning

BDSM play involves many kinky games that feed different individual desires and imaginations. Bondage play is a sexual game that entails the infliction of pain for pleasure purposes. BDSM caning is an extreme play that inflicts more pain on the submissive's body.

Many people get turned on by the idea of getting their ass hit or hitting their partner's butt cheeks during sex. Dominant partners tend to look for more ways of inflicting pain on their submissive's body. The dominant needs to exercise his authority fully. The submissive becomes used to the pain; hence it does not make them feel helpless.

Caning in BDSM play is a natural art to spice your spanking pleasures. It favors punishment and humiliation roles. Sadism and masochism lovers use canes to create a sexual environment that matches their kinky pain and humiliating desires.

Beginners should always start slow with simple devices to avoid bruises. Below is a guide to caning for BDSM beginners that will help you have mind-blowing experiences. Introduce canes in your BDSM sexual experiences to experience the excitement and pleasure that come from pain.

Types of BDSM Canes

There are various types of canes. This makes it hard for beginners to invest in the right caning device for their sexual pleasures. When buying a cane, the type of cane you choose is determined by the number of partners you intend to use it on and the level of pain. Canes fall under two categories which include:

Natural Fiber

Canes made from natural fiber are ideal for those who love the old-school corporal punishment authenticity and are enthusiastic about using natural products. They are sourced from trees, making them easy to find. Natural fiber canes are cheap since they don't need processing. However, natural fiber canes are highly porous and are not ideal for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, they easily trap body fluids, causing irritation to the submissive's skin during sensory play leading to unpleasant experiences. When the canes are shared, there can be the transmission of infections. Rattan, reed, and bamboo are the common types of natural fiber used in making canes.

Beginners should start slow as the sensations and pain from canes are more intense than in spanking. These canes easily dry out. Therefore, they need maintenance to ensure they do not break, become brittle, or dry out. Soak them in salty water or steam after use to help retain the moisturized state.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fibers canes are made from processed, artificial materials such as fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber, derlin, and lucite. They have a frightening look that makes them ideal for hardcore bondage play. Canes made of synthetic fiber are easy to use and maintain. They have non-porous surfaces making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Invest in a cane with premium quality for safe BDSM caningpleasure and cleaning purposes. Use warm soapy water and a toy cleaner after every use. Synthetic fiber canes are ideal for beginners since they are easy to use. They offer soft or hard caning options depending on the power applied by your lover.

Individuals with multiple sex partners can use these canes in their caning sessions since they are non-porous, hence do not spread infections easily. Wipe the canes with alcohol or antibacterial toy cleaners for extra safety.


Caning in BDSM play may lead to swelling or skin cuts. After every bondage play, ensure you check on your partner. Place an icepack on the affected spots to ease the pain and swelling. You can also apply aloe vera gels to the affected areas to enhance the healing process.


Caning is an art that causes tissue damage or swelling. BDSM caning should be done safely to reduce the chances of injuring your lover during bondage play. Keep in mind the following safety tips when engaging in any caning play.

Avoid hitting sensitive body parts like the neck, tailbone, and kidney. These parts are very delicate and caning them can cause serious damages that will lead to health problems.

Placing a pillow on the spot you intend to hit reduces the risk of unintended damage to your submissive's body. The pillow absorbs all the pressure preventing skin damage.

Before indulging in BDSM caning, ensure the cane is in good condition. Avoid using damaged canes as they can cause skin break and expose your partner to unintended pain or infections.

Hit your partner in a parallel form. Crossed hits increase pain and can lead to severe skin damage.

Avoid using porous canes on multiple partners to reduce the spread of infections from one partner to another.

The Bottom Line

Caning is an extreme bondage art that needs to be done carefully. BDSM caning produces intense sensations and heightens stimulations in hardcore BDSM scenes. Beginners should start slowly for better first-time experiences and to reduce the chances of hurting their partners.

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