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August 05, 2022 4 min read

Beginners Guide To Flogging

Bondage flogging involves whipping of the ass or back to inflict pain for pleasure purposes. Many items can be used for whipping or hitting the butt cheeks. The toys vary in intensity and the sensation on the body. Some deliver soft sensations, while others are used in hardcore BDSM play. Floggers are among the common toys used in ass or back whipping.

Flogging is the act of indulging floggers in your sexual experiences. It is popular in BDSM play as it provides the necessary sensations to the submissive and dominant. Floggers are designed to produce erotic sensations that will take your pleasure levels to a higher notch. They were originally used in soft or hardcore BDSM scenes. However, floggers can be used by any kinky couple to spice their intimate life.

How Floggers Work

Floggers are designed to whip the submissive partner during impact play. Floggers have a rigid handle with several tails strategically attached to them. They vary in material. Most floggers are made of soft leather to enhance erotic play.

During sex, the dominant or master holds the rigid handle and uses the tails to flog and whip her submissive. The type of sensation that floggers deliver depends on the power applied by the dominant. 50 Shades of Gray movie depicted a scene where the actors used floggers for their romantic pleasure. This led to an increase in the popularity of floggers.

Partners can switch positions and take turns to enjoy the lovely sensations of bondage flogging. Some people use floggers on breasts, genitals, chest, back, and legs. This increases full-body stimulation. Flogging brings about an erotic sensation that has a sharp sting feeling that allows you to drive your partner to extreme sexual pleasure. Floggers are fit for sex and foreplay since they heighten body sensations making your lover beg for your attention.

Beginners should always start slow and easy as they build their way up to advanced flogger toys. Turn your fantasies into realities by investing in the right flogger. Below is a guide and a few steps that will help you master the art of flogging.

Types of Floggers

There are different types of floggers, thus giving you the chance to pick a flog of your choice. They vary in texture. Beginners should invest in soft floggers for great first-time experiences. The common flogging toys include:

Rubber Floggers

These are soft flogging toys made from a rubber material. These floggers are ideal for beginners and experienced users. For beginners, use the rubber fronds to gently whip your submissive's ass. The rubber fronds are softer than the original rubber material which leaves a soft satisfying impact on the body. The sensations will likely leave your partner in a horny frenzy.

Paracord Floggers

Paracord floggers are made from soft string materials, which are thick and produce soft erotic sensations as they get into contact with your partner's body. They are usually handmade, making them hard to find. These floggers are ideal for beginners and they have no effect on the skin. Furthermore, paracord floggers are user-friendly.

Fur Floggers

These are super-soft floggers, ideal for beginners. Fur floggers are divided into two types. Some fur floggers are covered with fur, from the handle to the tails, while others are made of a combination of fur and leather materials. These floggers are mainly made from rabbit fur that is very soft, providing a nice feeling on the body. However, these toys cannot be used in impact play as they do not deliver intense sensations. They produce a warm effect on the skin that is likely to turn your partner on.

Soft Leather Floggers

Soft leather floggers are popular due to their high-quality and durability features. Soft leather floggers are ideal for beginners as they deliver soft erotic sensations. They can be used by experienced couples to mix hardcore and soft sensation. Soft leather floggers are mostly made of leather from kangaroo or antelopes.

Suede Leather Floggers

Suede floggers are highly effective in soft bondage play. The floggers deliver a wonderful sensation on the body and are ideal for beginners and preparation for steamy sex sessions. Introduce these toys in your foreplay and warm-up in style with the delicious smooth impacts. When swung powerfully, these floggers produce decent mild-intense sensations. However, they cannot be used in impact play.

Hard Leather Floggers

These floggers are designed mainly for use by experienced couples. Beginners should avoid these floggers as they deliver intense erotic sensations that come with a stinging pain that may be too constricting. They are also used in hardcore BDSM play to deliver intense impact on the submissive. These floggers are stiff, ideal for sadism and masochism pleasure.

The Bottom Line

Before engaging in bondage flogging, ensure that your partner agrees to the idea. Flogging is a simple art that involves the use of sex floggers to whip your partner's ass. There are various kinds of floggers, each with its own impact on the skin. Pick a flogger that matches your level of experience and kinky desires for pleasurable flogging time. Incorporating floggers into your bedroom is a great way of spicing your sex life. They deliver erotic sensations that increase the chances of getting explosive orgasms.

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