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August 05, 2022 4 min read

Beginners guide to latex care

As a beginner in latex, you need essential techniques plus satisfying guidance on its use. More information is about the care, washing, and dressing tips as we shall discuss.

A real latex outfit requires confidence to pop out of the dressing room and head to clubs, bars, and the street without a shame. It can also be fetish wear, however, only a few people realize how difficult it is to keep them long and shiny. Its natural fiber is degradable and can decay, without forgetting, it can wear and tear. This article contains a guide on how to care for your latex. Please read on.

Safety in latex wear

  • Keep latex clothes away from metallic surfaces to avoid staining with rust.
  • Protect latex outfits from heat sources, including fires, candles, and radiators. It’s because of its low melting point, hence likely to damage when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Your body should be free from jewelry when putting on latex fittings. This is because jewelry can tear or leave marks on the latex material.
  • Ensure you’ve got short nails when wearing a latex cloth to prevent accentual tearing.
  • Completely dry the outfit before storing. If you keep it wet, high chances are it'd rot. The same applies to the storage areas, away from humidity.
  • Directly exposing the latex to sunlight or fluorescent can lead to discoloration, thus we should avoid it.
  • After rinsing and want to remove excess water, shaking is recommended. Avoid tumbling or wringing the outfit, don’t even use an iron box.
  • Polishing the latex should be using the products designed for that job. Please avoid the usual home polish. You can pick a microfiber cloth and avoid too much rubbing that could damage the material.
  • Should store light and heavy-colored garments separately to prevent the lighter from getting discolored or stained.

Latex shining

Maybe you wish to make your outfit shiny but are not sure where to begin? That's fine for we can help. Latex outfits mostly look dull upon buying, you simply require the correct equipment to make it shine as expected. To start, wipe any powder from the material. Then, spray or apply its polish using a microfiber cloth. You can substitute the polish with a silicone-based lubricant. Never use a household polish for whatever reason. Please stick to the garment’s formulated polish since it’s created to protect and nourish that latex against wearing out in the future. As you apply the polish, be certain to spread it evenly to all parts. Before introducing buffing, ensure the cloth soaks properly.

Latex wearing

  • After purchasing your latex and now looking at it, wondering how one can slide in. Truly, looks can be deceiving; it may look complicated, but no. Use the steps below to wear your latex.
  • Lube application- Before doing anything, start lubing up your body and the internal parts of the cloth. You can use a silicone-based lube or a special dressing aid meant for that purpose. Perhaps you can also employ powder use, more so if this outfit passes through your head. Now, if it seems like a chore, then you can practice earlier or involve your partner’s help.
  • Wriggle to slide in At this point, you may be excited, however, don't forget that perfection can't be rushed. Be extra careful when wriggling into the cloth. It can be more fun when your partner participates. Remember, all the hands should take part and not just the fingertips. It's also best to use the push and shift method whereby the hands push the latex outwards as you let it in your body.
  • Pay attention to the elements- What’s the weather on that day? Does it risk putting on your fetish latex? We know that latex appears hot and sexy, but can be affected by hot temperatures. Supposing it gets too hot, you know what will happen to your body; it might make you warmer and may be uncomfortable and vice versa when it's cold. Also, the material isn't breathable, meaning you'll possibly sweat, but that alone can't hinder you from shining in your latex.

Removing the latex

Do you remember the lube or powder procedure? It should ease slipping out of this attire. Don’t forget to involve the entire hands, no fingertips.


Similar to other items in your essential kit, beginners' guide to latex careis necessary, especially after use, to get rid of sweat, odor, and dirt.  Regular washing is meaningful to remove sweat that possibly degrades the latex. To wash, avoid the dryer or machine washer. The following techniques can be helpful:

  • Get lukewarm water and mix with mild soap or baby shampoo.
  • Wipe carefully using a soft cloth piece, both inside and outside.
  • Rinse the residue or suds using clean lukewarm water.
  • You can then soak it in a dilutable polish to await drying.

Latex drying

Both washing and drying your outfit are equally essential. An incompletely dry latex may begin to break down after some time, and repair or replacement isn't cheap. Therefore dry by applying the below step:

  • Get the outfit and shake well to rid of any extra water. As earlier said, never wring the cloth to prevent shape loss or tears.
  • Next, hang it at room temperature. Use a plastic hanger and not metallic to avoid possible staining by rust.
  • After drying completely, carefully turn it inside out to allow more drying.
  • Then, any parts sticking together should be separated immediately, followed by dusting using talcum powder to avoid future sticking when stored.


The best storage option is using a broad plastic hanger and securing it in a garment bag for additional safety. It's mostly important when having varied colored clothes as light and transparent ones easily get stained by the bolder color.

The bottom line

Latex wear hugs your body as though it’s an added skin layer. But, it can provide extraordinary confidence out there or in the bedroom. It only requires some tender treatment for it to serve faithfully in the long term. That's why this article has provided a guide on how to wear, shine, wash, dry, and store your latex for gratifying looks.

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