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Beginner's Guide To Paddling

October 19, 2017 3 min read

Beginner's Guide To Paddling

Beginner's Guide To Paddling

Now that you can make your way through all the spanking techniques with your eyes closed, it may be time for you to get a hold of something much bigger. Paddles are way heavier and require more care compared to spanking using your palms. To get you started, go over these safety tips that should be adhered to in addition to the other spanking safety precautions.


  • Always use the flat surface of the paddle for spanking and never the edge of the paddle. The edge has a much lower surface area and could cause very severe damages to the body.
  • When spanking, always stick to the buttocks and upper thighs, totally making sure to avoid the face, neck, kidneys, tail bone, spine and back. These areas are very sensitive and a miscalculated hit may cause serious damage.
  • Never use a paddle made from porous material on more than one partner. Sharing should be confined to paddles that are non-porous, and even then always ensure you sanitize the paddles after every use.
  • Always check for circulation as the play goes on, making sure to stop immediately if you notice any signs of distress.
  • Before the game starts, inspect your paddle for any damages to avoid any splinters going unnoticed and causing painful cuts and bruises.
  • Never strike the joints as you may cause dislocations or irreparable nerve damage.

Paddle Material

While wooden paddles may be more likely to pop in your mind when you think about choosing your toy, there are other materials worth considering especially as a beginner.

  • Wood

This is the most commonly known paddle, and it packs a punch. It tends to be bulky hence great care should be taken so as not to land the paddle too hard on your less than experienced partner.

  • Leather

This is a great paddle as it mostly lands with a sting, a sensation very much desirable for those just starting out. Always make sure that it is not a wooden paddle encased in leather as this would be heavy and painful for your mate.

  • Plastic

Due to its lower density, the plastic paddle lands with a sting that will make for a great starter paddle. However, the sensation is wholly dependent on the flick of your wrist so make sure you do not underestimate your own power.

  • Silicone

This is a paddle that very sensual due to its soft and smooth surface. The paddle delivers a sting that will have your bottom screaming out in delight and sensual pain.

Types of Paddles

As with all things pertaining to paddles, there are multiple choices when it comes to the paddle collection. However, the ones that are sufficient to serve as training wheels for the amateur practitioners are listed below;

  • Knopplers

Originally made of pliable materials, there are also wooden versions also available in the market. Knopplers are short leather tools and rectangular in shape. They are great for beginners as they have a large flat surface area that delivers a pain that is of tolerable intensity.

  • Short Board

Unlike the common paddles, the short board is strapped to the hand with its flat surface lying between the palm and the submissive’s bottom. The short board is easy to handle as it is basically like spanking with the palm except for the wider surface area of the paddle that distributes the pain across a wider surface area. The short board lands a tolerable sting that is perfect for beginners who haven’t really made up their mind about paddling.

  • Furry

Designed for those who have a craving for the soft touch, this paddle is designed to deliver soft sensual blows that may be used as a prelude to the main paddling event. If you desire the look of paddling but don’t have the guts to stomach the pain, this is the right toy for you.

Paddling may seem a bit scary at first but when practiced in moderation, it makes for a very satisfying painful yet pleasurable experience. If you feel the need to graduate from spanking, take a test run with the paddle and get to know what the fuss is all about. Make sure to start small and take it slow so as to fully enjoy the perks.

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