The doctor is in the house and he’s here to make sure all of your sexual needs are thoroughly taken care of! Get the Asylum bondage medical tool kit and always be prepared to further enhance your partner’s sexual sensitivity, for is it not a doctor’s job to ensure that their patient is healthy? And sexual health is just as important if not more! Take turns role playing as the naughty doctor and give each other check ups with the Wartenberg Wheel, specially designed to bring out sensations on any part of their skin that it’s used on. Or simply flip the script on the doctor and make him your torture patient! Use the wheel and kit as torture devices slowly caressing and enticing your “doctor” partner to the point were it feels like a scalpel is rolling on their skin, alternatively move it faster on their body giving them a tickly sensation or be more masterful and switch between the two until you force them into submission, too turned on to be professional any longer! This bondage medical tool kit is designed for the perfect foreplay. Sex shouldn’t be rushed and this tool kit is there to make sure that it’s a slow sensual experience filled with intense sensory input. Make sure to tell the doctor partner, the parts that need the most attention so they can work on them for longer periods so as to further stimulate and arouse, you, their patient! A great set of tools that’s for males and females so partners can really turn up the heat taking turns on each other making all sexual sessions long lasting and memorable! Be creative and be amazed at the wonders you can perform as the new doctor in the house.

Specifications of Asylum BDSM Bondage Medical Tool Kit for Couples with Wartenberg Wheel and Taylor Hammer

Length : See Description
Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Silver
Flexibility : Rigid
For Who : Both
Brand : Top Co