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August 05, 2022 4 min read

Being Pegged For The First Time

Have you watched pegging porn videos and thought of giving it a try?  Step your feet in the pegging world but as a peg-ee. Dan Savage's pegging violates the traditional bedroom gender roles to pleasure both parties involved.  Since 2001 when the term was coined by Savage, thousands of couples, if not hundreds have gone against the traditional norm that allowed men to dominate in the bedroom.

In pegging, there is the pegger and the peg-ee, one who takes the penetrations. Pegging should be orgasmic to the pegger and the one taking penetrations.  What most peg-es look for in this act is prostate and anal canal stimulation that brings mind-boggling stimulations. Peggers also enjoy intense clitoral stimulations while thrusting the peg-ee.

 Understanding Pegging

At one point in your relationship, your male lover might have given you a dildo with instructions to penetrate him right in the butt.  Also, you may have agreed to switch roles in the bedroom, the vagina-owner taking charge of penetrations and the penis owner getting on all the fours to receive penetrations. In simple words, pegging refers to men submitting to their female lovers in the bedroom for anal penetrations using dildos and strap-on dildos.  One without the prostate can also become the peg-ee and enjoy the stimulation of nerve endings in the booty, pegging is normal now.

 What Can You Do to Be Pegged in a Better Way?

Preparations are Important if you want your first pegging experience to be stimulating. After watching Broad City and Deadpool, you will be left with questions on how the characters achieved mind-boggling pegging.  Here is what you can do to be pegged in a stimulating way for the first time.

Talk About It with Your Lover

What does it mean if a girl pegged you? Your lover should be the first person to know your pegging idea. Table your idea and gauge your lover's interest using the response you will get. Through communication, let your lover know what it entails to be a pegger and explain your duty as the peg-ee. Moreover, let your lover know the benefits of pegging to both parties involved.  If the idea does not sink into them at the moment, re-introduce it later and see if they can borrow it.  If your lover accepts at the moment, you bring out the topic, do not waste the chance when you hit the bedroom.

 Shop For the Pegging Essentials

What does it mean when someone is being pegged? To be pegged, you will need a strap-on dildo and plenty of safe lubricants.  As a creative couple, you can also include bondage blindfolds, adjustable wrist, and ankle cuffs, or leather spanking paddles to take your first pegging experience to another level.  Since it is your first time doing it, the receiver may be defiant, and that is where soft wrist and ankle cuffs should come into the picture. To keep your moves unpredictable when smashing your lover anally, throw in BDSM blindfolds in the mix to restrict the sight sense.

Both of you will love the clamps the thighs, and the ass will be making when thrusting. But you can bring in spanking leather paddles for stingy sensations that will make him moan and ejaculate because of the unforgiving pleasure. The shopping list should also not miss the lube because the anus does not self-lubricate. The choice of the lube will largely depend on the dildo material you will choose. For instance, if you go with silicone dildos, your lube choice should be far from silicone-based lube to avoid compromising your safety and the toy's lifespan.

What About Beginning Your Pegging Journey with Vibrations?

As the peg-ee, you can take your first experience to another level with vibrating sex toys. If you agree to this, your sex toy collection should not miss vibrating strap-On dildos.  With their small length and girth, strap-on dildos with vibrations open up the tight anal sphincter muscles and excite your anal canal with gentle vibrations that bring you to a powerful climax.  Choose models with wireless remotes to give your lover an easy time when controlling vibration speed and patterns.

 Apply Plenty Lube Stimulate the P Spot and Anal Canal in Better Way

As already discussed, the ass does not self-lubricate like the vagina. For that reason, applying plenty of lube will ensure you enjoy smooth penetrations and feel every inch of the dildo when the pegger thrust. Moreover, lube reapplication should often be because much of it will be absorbed by the anus.

Do Not Skip Foreplay

Pegging can be more fun and exciting if the peg-ee is maximumly aroused. For that reason, you should begin with foreplay to relax your anal muscles and get the right mood to take the dildo. Foreplays will keep you focused in the game, making your fist pegging experience as the peg-ee awesome.

Your Lover Should Take It Slow

Your lover should understand this is your first time to be pegged and take baby steps throughout the sessions. The play should begin with one finger, two then five to stretch the sphincter muscles.  If you are comfortable with five fingers in your ass, your lover can now launch dildo penetrations.  Inserting a few inches and holding on for some seconds before dipping more inches would work for you. This should be accompanied by spanking using the leather spanking paddle to awaken your eroticism and bring you to powerful final glory. Leather spanking paddles add sting sensations that will leave you confused between pain and pleasure, resulting in moans and ejaculations that make pegging exciting.  After the play, do not forget to compliment the giver for awesome skills as you wash the sex toys involved with warm soapy water and wipe others down.

The Bottom Line

Despite violating the traditional bedroom gender roles, when pegging in bedis one of the pleasurable sexual acts that can add flavor to your bedroom.  If you want to be pegged for the first time, this blog has all you need to get started in the pegging world.  Read and put every bit of the information you obtain here into practice to get a stimulating first experience as a peg-ee.

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