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August 04, 2022 2 min read


Ben Wa balls have existed, but women have not tried them. It might be because they aren't sure about them or afraid to try. They have different functions; they strengthen the pelvic floor, prevent urine leakage and enhance orgasm. They are easy to use and inexpensive. This article defines Ben Wa Balls and the benefits of incorporating them into your life.

What Are Ben Wa Balls?

They are also known as Chinese Balls. They are balls with a second ball inside and a string hooked to the outside. These balls are put into the vaginal canal, and the thread is left hanging. The inner balls collide with the outer ball's walls while moving, generating a slight vibration picked by the vaginal walls, causing a reflexive contraction reaction and the clamping mechanism designed to keep it from falling. They are known for strengthening the pelvic muscles and preventing and treating problems, including urine incontinence, postpartum recovery and vaginal lubrication and sensitivity. Other names for the Ben Wa Balls are jiggle balls, geisha balls, pleasure balls, love balls, Venus balls and orgasm balls.

There are different Ben Wa Balls;

  •  Stainless steel balls. They are tough, costly and do not wear.
  •  Glass balls. They are difficult to grasp if you don't have the skills. You can progress to glass or stainless steel if you have experience. 
  • Vibrating Ben Wa balls provide more sexual pleasure and function like vibrators. Get a wireless control to adjust the vibration's intensityOpt for the weighed ball if you perform Kegels.

Why You Need To Use Ben Wa Balls

Muscles in the pelvic floor weaken during childbirth, causing pain. Incontinence is the inability to have an orgasm. These issues can be reduced or removed by strengthening the muscles. Working out using weights is successful because the weights do most of the work. They improve the efficiency of Kegel exercises, resulting in faster and better outcomes.

Ben Wa balls with stings are simple to insert and retrieve. Begin your Kegels once they are in place. Start slow and repetitively until you are comfortable. Begin with five or ten repetitively, and gradually increase the number until you reach a comfortable routine. You'll notice a difference in your ability to "hold it in" for longer periods and have intense orgasms.

 Ben Wa balls boost sexual gratification for both partners. Improve your vaginal health and strengthen your pelvic s with Kegel exercises. Frequent Kegel exercises increase natural lubrication, speed up and simplify postpartum recovery and make you receptive in the vaginal area. They benefit women at any phase of their lives. Kegel exercises performed with Ben Wa balls help your vagina grow in strength and reduce tension after childbirth, soothe vaginal pain and lower the risk of cystitis during and after menopause.

The Bottom Line

They're risk-free, comfy and simple to operate. Conduct online research if you are unsure about the balls. Once you start, your uncertainty fades due to their capacity to help you with medical conditions and boost your sexual enjoyment. Ben Wa balls are delightful and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The advantages of these balls suggest they have existed and why you'll enjoy them.

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