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August 02, 2022 3 min read


Can all women experience ejaculation? Specialists believe girls can squirt. Herein is what to know about squirting and if every girl can.

Some people believe that women can squirt, but some believe squirting is a myth. Others are not sure if squirting is real. It is essential not to conclude that all women squirt. It might be impossible for other girls to achieve a squirt. The idea of squirting makes those who cannot do it lesser. Failure to squirt during sex does not mean you are not healthy. It is normal not to squirt like not all women experience G-spot orgasms.

What About Squirting

Squirting is the release of semi-white and thick fluid from Skene glands. The Skene glands are found in erectile tissues inside the vulva vestibule, around the urethra. It is the area where pee comes from. Squirting happens when the G-spot is stimulated. Therefore, squirting might be impossible for women who do not have sensitive G-spots. Squirting is different from orgasm. Some women squirt and orgasm.

What Affects Whether Women Can Squirt

Here are items that show what affects squirting in women.

The Sensitivity of the G-spot

Women squirt during G-spot orgasm. Therefore, squirting might be challenging when you have G-spot orgasms. Some squirt without cumming. Use angled or curved dildos or vibrators to stimulate your G-spot and increase the chances of squirting.

The Size of Your Skene’s Glands

The fluid released during squirting comes from the Skene glands. It plays an essential role in the amount of squirt a woman releases during masturbation or sexual intercourse. However, women with smaller or without the Skene glands may not squirt. A woman can’t squirt without the Skene gland.

How Hydrated You Are

Drinking water is crucial to your health. Consider taking water since it is crucial when it comes to squirting. Women squirt when they are hydrated. Hydration is essential for the health of the skin and other parts.

Your Willingness to Squirt 

There are chances of squirting if you are willing. Your imagination determines your results. Do not try it because your guy pressures you. Choose to do it by yourself. 

How Relaxed Are You?

There is no possibility of squirting if you rush during sex. Relax your mind and body to achieve sensual stimulations. Consider trying it alone.

How Much Fluid Your Body Produces

Most women are introduced to squirting through porn that isn't real. Beginners should understand that squirting videos are sometimes fake, and it should not worry them. Also, you will be greatly disappointed when you expect to squirt the same ways it is done in porn. The production of fluid from women's bodies in squirts depends on the amount of water you drink.

How Trained Your PC Muscles Are

Squirting depends on how your PC muscles are trained. The PC muscles are situated around the anus and vagina. They are also essential in stopping urine flow. They keep your genitals tighter. Train these muscles to help stop incontinence, especially when coughing, sneezing or laughing. These exercises are great for sex and strong orgasm, enhancing squirting. 

Is Squirting  Real 

Squirting is real. However, no research can prove this statement and how squirting works.

There are two types of female ejaculation they include;

Squirting Fluid 

Squirting fluid is odorless and colorless fluid from the Skene glands. It is produced in large quantities. Scientists believe that squirt fluid originates from the bladder. Generally, it is urine that mixes with the Skene glands’ secretion. 

Ejaculate Fluid 

Ejaculate fluid resembles semen. It is thick and milky white. It is thought to be the Skene gland's secretion. Ejaculate fluid is produced when the female reaches climax or orgasm.

What Does Female Squirting Feel Like?

The feeling of squirting varies in women. They feel like urinating before a squirt comes out. Some feel stimulated while others have a wet feeling, making it a pleasurable experience. Squirtin is stronger than orgasm. However, some women squirt and orgasm at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Squirting in women makes their sex life pleasurable. However, failure to squirt during sex or masturbation does not mean you have a reproductive problem. Squirting increases pleasures; failure to squirt should not make you feel lesser.

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