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August 02, 2022 3 min read


Sexual myths have impacts. Women wonder if they can become pregnant from anal sex. chances are zero that ladies can be pregnant from anal intercourse.This blog features anal sex, safety, scientific facts, FAQS  and other myths surrounding sex.

Sex misconceptions are the top causatives of a boring intimate life. Society instills taboos that harm marital life as cultural norms shape their sexual encounters. Anal sex has been considered taboo for ages. Some people are into anal sex to avoid pregnancy. It's important to inform anal sex lovers about pregnancy.

 How Pregnancy Happens

Understand the relation between anal sex and pregnancy. Pregnancy occurs when sperm contacts a female ovary during penetrative vaginal sex. The ovary is in the uterus and demands sperm deposition for fertilization; this explains why unprotected vaginal sex results in pregnancy. 

A man's sperm can live for 6 days in the uterus while a woman's egg survives for 24 hours. There must be an ovary for fertilization to occur. The fertile window differs depending on the menstruation but lasts for 3 to 5 days. Having unprotected sex in varying positions in the fertile window results in pregnancy. 

Women master their cycle to prevent pregnancy

Can Anal Sex Make You Pregnant?

Anal sex does not lead to pregnancy, unlike vaginal. The rectum or anal cavity has no link to the female reproductive sex. The female anatomy shows no interconnection of the anus and the uterus or the fallopian tube. A sperm remain in the anal cavity when a man ejaculates there.

Semen cannot reach the vagina from the rectum. Pregnancy risks due to anal sex are low. Anal sex can cause pregnancy when the rectum is perforated. Anal perforation is a risky condition that demands medical help. 

Uncontrolled anal sex increases your pregnancy risks. It is triggered by cum or pre-ejaculate strains on the vaginal entry or uterus. An ectopic pregnancy occurs if the sperm fertilizes the ovary in the fallopian tube. Getting pregnant from anal sex can not occur. Have anal fun with your partner for pleasure.

Can Anal Sex Cause STI Transmission?

It increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The anus lacks natural lubrication increasing friction during penetration or insertion of sex toys leading to tears causing infection. Apply sex lube and use a condom to prevent  STI transmission.

Debunking Other Myths On Sex and FAQS

Is Anal Douching Safe?

Douching is cleaning the anal cavity using water or other fluids during anal sex preparation. It aids in lowering risks and makes anal penetration fun. Douche your vagina or anus before and after sex.

Can Vaginal Douching Prevent Pregnancy?

Some women believe that cleaning the vaginal canal lowers pregnancy risks. Douching does not remove semen strains in the vagina, risking getting pregnant. Cleaning with harsh fluid irritates and heightens STIs infection. Wear a condom for safe sex.

Can The Pull-Out Method Prevent Pregnancy?

Women who know their menstrual cycle opt for the pull-out method to prevent pregnancy. It does not guarantee lowering pregnancy. Men fail to tell when they are about to orgasm, leading to unwanted pregnancy. The withdrawal method is not recommended as there is a high chance that fluids containing sperm can penetrate the female organs. 

Can Foreplay Lead to Pregnancy?

Foreplay is a way of increasing sexual arousal. It involves kissing, touching, sucking, licking and caressing the sensitive parts. Foreplay can be anal or vaginal. There are no pregnancy risks. 

The Bottom Line

There are lots of myths concerning anal sex. Anal sex does not lead to pregnancy unless the sperms contact the vaginal canal and fertilization occurs. Anal sex is pleasurable and pregnancy risk-free.

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