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July 26, 2022 5 min read


Squirting is the ejection of fluid from Skene's Gland. Read this article to know more about squirting, The difference between female ejaculation, sexual incontinence, and squirting, and how to squirt or make your partner squirt.

When you climaxed, you probably saw some liquid when you felt the ultimate pleasure during sex, known as a climax, and for a moment, you were worried that you were suffering from incontinence. What you experienced is not incontinence even though some liquid is urine. It was squirting. Some people refer to squirting as female ejaculation. Researchers have been unable to understand the components of squirt and where it comes from. There's a debate on whether it is urine or no urine. Read this article to know more about squirting;

What Is Squirting?

Chandra (2021) explained that when some women reach orgasm, an odorless fluid is ejected from tiny glands around the urethra. The tiny glands are known as the skene’s glands. Some people argue that it could be urine since it comes out right beside the urethra, whose function is to pass urine outside the body. People who believe squirt is just urine state that if you have sex when you urge to urinate, the urine will come out as squirt.

Others argue that squirt is not urine. The only way to test if squirting is urine is to take a quick trip to the bathroom before sex and empty the bladder. If you squirt during sex while your bladder is empty, you will ascertain that squirt is not urine. Other terms may crop up, making the discussion on squirting even more complicated. Is female ejaculation the same as squirting? Is sexual incontinence the same as squirting?

The Difference Between Female Ejaculation, Sexual Incontinence, And Squirting

All three involve some fluid coming out during sex. Female ejaculation is the releasing of some fluids from the skene's glands. The fluid has some urine in it. Das Neves et al. (2008) explained that sexual incontinence, also known as coital incontinence, is when a person cannot control their bladder during sex, so they urinate while having sex. The main difference between female ejaculation and squirting is that squirt is of more volume and gushes out. Mollaioli et al. (2021) explained that female ejaculation does not gush out. It is, therefore, possible to ejaculate and squirt simultaneously. The interesting conclusion by some people is that squirting, female ejaculation, and sexual incontinence all involve the involuntary ejection of urine during sex.

How To Squirt Or Make Your Partner Squirt

It is believed that any woman will squirt if she gets the ‘right pleasure’ during sex, and the emphasis on the ‘right spot’ is usually placed on the G-spot. Some people believe that not all women squirt. But if you are curious if you can squirt or not, you must explore your body and find out. Below are some steps that you can follow to get your squirt;

Set The Venue, And The Mood

Since the squirt involves a lot of ejected fluid, expect your beddings to get messy if the venue is a bed. If you do not want to wet your bed, you should place some towels on the bed. Or a polythene lining.

Empty Your Bladder

We do not want to wonder if you ejected urine or had some genuine squirt, so the only sure way to find out if we are dealing with a squirt is by emptying the bladder right before sex. Romijnders et al. (2016) explained that hydration is important during sex because that's what you need for natural lubrication, and without lubrication, the sex may be painful. Going on a water fast for this venture for some hours will not hurt. Since we may involve some sex toys, we will get some lubrication. Oil-based lubrication is the best if you want to glide and slide without restrictions into places you have not ventured before. You may hurt yourself if you dare take a trip with your sex toys or fingers into the vagina without lubrication.

Take Time

Finding the right spot to touch is a patience game. No woman went straight into touching a spot and got an orgasm. For a woman to get properly aroused, she must take her time. She has to be psychologically ready; sex always starts in the brain. Before she starts the journey to getting aroused, she is supposed to fill her mind with sexual thoughts.

Find The Erogenous Spots.

She could take a shortcut and go straight to the clitoris. She could use her fingers to play with the clitoris. The clitoris takes its own time to respond to the stimulation. When the clitoris is aroused, you will notice that the vagina will also respond in kind, and there will be lubrication. When there's sufficient lubrication, that's the cue to venturing into the vagina and getting the g-spot.

Place pressure on the g-spot

While using a sex toy or your middle finger or ring finger to rub your g-spot. If you do not know how to find the G-spot, you need to focus on finding it first before thinking of making yourself squirt. The G-spot is in the vagina, and you should stretch as far as the wall behind the navel as you insert your fingers.

Get A Sex Toy

The G-spot may seem too far for you to reach with your fingers. You will need a long toy to help you reach the one place you cannot reach. As soon as you get the g-spot with your toy, you can reach it with your finger the next time. We need the toy for familiarization.

Do not think about urinating.

You already emptied your bladder, so no matter the pressure you feel to urinate, that cannot be urine. When you are about to reach an orgasm and squirt, it usually feels like an urge to urinate. Be patient and continue doing whatever you want to get that sensation, and you will soon squirt all over.


Squirting, like an orgasm, is elusive, and you need not be hard on yourself if you do not squirt. It would help if you bore the same attitude as someone who does not achieve an orgasm Cass, V. (2002). Most women have never experienced it, and others will never experience it because it does not happen to every woman. Self-exploration is important to a woman who wants to understand her body better and unlock her sexual potential. Every woman must know the important trick to emptying the bladder to ensure that she is not experiencing squirting and not sexual incontinence. It is best when she sets on the sexual exploration by herself because it is invasive, and she cannot cause harm to herself.


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