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August 04, 2022 5 min read

Chastity Belts And Devices Explained

Are you thinking of venturing into the world of erotic BDSM and intense bondage spanking and unsure of where to start? Worry not. Spanking can be incorporated into foreplay with bare hands, or you could invest in spanking tools to heighten sensational pleasures. That said, here is a complete guide to fetish fantasy spanking for beginners.

Bondage as a branch in the BDSM community comes with practice; some are painful, while others are pleasurable. It is all up to you to choose what you want to explore. Apart from spanking, there are other bondage practices like flogging, whipping, piercing, and more. For beginners, bondage might be quite challenging and risky.

Have you ever thought of exploring a safe, comfortable, and fun bondage experience? There are several factors to consider before getting started to ensure you enjoy the great experience. Moreover, like any other sexual activity, spanking should be practiced between partners and snot strangers. Bondage spanking is commonly known to be an advanced BDSM game. But here is all you need to know about how to usechastity belts and cages for kinky sex for beginners.

What Is Spanking

Spanking is the act of spanking your partner just of its sound. It is often done for arousal and erotic sexual pleasures. The pleasures that come from the act of spanking vary. Also, it depends on both playmates' moods. Moreover, spanking can be painful, rough, gentle, or romantic. Generally, it depends on what your desires are as a couple or individual.

Furthermore, the impact of the spank varies with the material, texture, and size of the spanking bondage tool. Like other bondage plays, spanking also involved the top (giver) and the bottom (receiver). It is commonly applied on the butts, thighs, and other fatty body parts. You can perform a spanking session during sex or foreplay.

How to Get Started on Your Erotic Spanking Journey

Want to feel the sensational pleasures of erotic spanking using a chastity belt BDSM with your partner? Well, here is a complete guide on how you can kink off your spanking journey.

Discuss Boundaries

What do you think your partner will feel about the idea of introducing bondage spanking in the bedroom? Of course, fear and the urge to know what spanking means. It is essential to alert your partner on every move you want to take regarding sex life. Let your partner know why and how you think of spanking and why you are interested in it for mutual understanding. Also, it will enhance trust and respect build-up. Discussing the boundaries also prevents you from going overboard during the session.

Use Spanking in Foreplay

Foreplay is one of the most erotic essential sexual activities that prepare you mentally, physically, and emotionally for sex. What do you think of adding bondage spankers during foreplay? Sensational spanking before penetrative sex gives you new sensations. Moreover, delivering a soft and sensual spanking to your submissive partner just before intimacy can stimulate them. However, for a beginner, a soft and wide spanker will work perfectly. Slim and hard spankers deliver painful stings that might leave your skin bruised.

Speak Up During Play

Do you speak while being spanked or spanking? If you feel uncomfortable with how your partner spanks, speak up. Communication is essential since it will prevent you from unnecessary injuries and scars. It is generally healthy to tell your partner to stop when things aren't okay or when hurt. Also, you can always applaud them when they are doing it right. Generally, communication is key and should be done right all the time, even not during a spanking.

Use Safe Words or Signals

Spanking might not be as pleasurable and welcoming when you are advancing, and safe words might be of importance. Consider communicating and discussing safe words to use during a spanking session. This will prevent your partner from going overboard. To feel comfortable in the play and stop at the same time hearing the word makes it pleasurable. You can always go for the traffic lights during a spanking. Red to mean stop, yellow slow, and green go on. Moreover, you can also learn how to use gestures, which helps you if you are gagged during the spanking session.

Be Mindful of where You’re Spanking

Are you new to erotic impact play? Well, spanking should only be restricted to your upper thighs and buttocks. Anybody part beyond these two is risky. Furthermore, avoid body parts such as the neck, elbows, knees, around the kidney, and chest. Also, when spanking your butt, consider focusing on the lower since you can injure the tailbone when you go upper. Generally, focus on areas with fleshy tissue.

Consider Investing in Spanking Tools

Do you feel comfortable with the spanking practice? If yes, you can consider bringing in other toys to give your extreme spanking pleasures. You can try out erotic bondage floggers or kinky BDSM padders. For an intense BDSM spanking session with your partner, consider trying the power of crops. However, go for the bondage tools designed specifically for beginners. Extra padding and flogging will give you bonus pleasures. Moreover, for hotter and extremely pleasurable spanking sensations, consider the fetish fantasy leather gloves.

Use Spanking as Part of Roleplay

Are you thinking of exploring different sensations during roleplay? Then consider introducing bondage spanking tools in your sex life. It is the idea of making the role of teacher and student or doctor and patient stimulating and pleasuring your partner. This will surely heighten the sensitivity of your fantasy.

You can imagine the teacher giving the student some erotic spanks while bending. In this case, you can use different spanking tools depending on your partner’s level of experience. You can only go for wild or extreme spanking practices when you both have enough experience.

Do Some Research

What do you know about spanking and the spanking tools? Having the right information before introducing spankers in your sex life is essential. It helps you understand perfectly well what you are getting into and how to deal with it. Moreover, research also allows you to give your partner the right information on spanking and different types of spanking tools. You can get this from BDSM books like Spanking for Lovers or The Pleasure Chest.

Final Thoughts

Chastity belt definition and meaning, these are belts worn around the waist to prevent orgasm in BDSM plays. Chastity belts and spanking are pleasurable bondage practices made for males and females, beginners and advanced players. Therefore, what you embrace matters a lot, especially when you are a beginner. For an enjoyable and safe spanking experience, consider going through the information herein. This post will help you embark on a pleasurable spanking journey

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