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April 10, 2020 2 min read

China Makes Headlines with Embarrassing Sex Stories

By Ekaterina Mironova

China has seen no end of headlines relating to sex in recent times. Besides high-profile politicians being embroiled in ‘honey traps’, where they were lured into having sex and blackmailed with video evidence, there have also been stories of a more bizarre nature. In a country where internet censorship is extreme and punishments for any ‘deviant’ behaviour are harsh, there are still just as many sex-related stories making headlines in China as there are anywhere else in the world.

One story from the last week is of a more tragic slant. A couple in the central city of Wuhan reportedly fell to their deaths when the window they were having sex against broke. According to eyewitnesses, the couple embraced as they fell. Tragedy aside, this is a strong reminder for apartment dwellers to not be too reckless in their love-making!

The BBC also ran a funnier story in which a technician for a Chinese advertising company accidentally broadcast a pornographic film he was watching, as his computer was connected to a giant public screen. Many bloggers not only made fun of the technician’s gaff but also took the opportunity to cock a snook at the politicians who have at least been spared public broadcasts of their own sexual private pleasure-seeking.

It is surprising that China’s strict laws concerning what may be shown on public TV should be contravened in such a graphic manner. The film the technician was watching has the rather odd title of ‘The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks’. The technician’s humiliation should be a lesson to every porn enthusiast who uses the same equipment for work and leisure. In 2012, there was the incident where an Irish priest accidentally showed a slideshow of gay porn to an assembly of surprised people who thought they were sitting down to a talk on children’s confessions!

While the priest in last year’s scandal passed the buck, claiming that the portable drive on which the pornographic pictures were stored was shared by members of the clergy, this story sounds like a mediocre attempt at deflecting the ire of witnesses and church members. Whatever the truth of the story, perhaps it is more sensible to keep one computer for professional advertising or public presentations, and another for erotic slide shows of a more private nature.