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April 16, 2020 2 min read

Cinderella’s slipper wasn’t all that was made of glass

By Elena Ognivtseva

The story of Cinderella had her wearing an elegant slipper made of glass. The image was attractive and romantic, perhaps because of the slipper’s potential fragility, which made it delicate; or its resemblance to crystal; or perhaps just because the writer of the story had a foot fetish. Regardless, glass throughout history has been much more than functional. Combined with lead and made into elegant crystal stemware, it is the height of elegance and is given as a romantic gift at weddings.

Glass has an ambiance and a mythology all its own, and yes, there are such things as glass dildos. Why? Ah, if you have to ask, you haven’t tried one yet. Your first question will be whether or not it is safe. You certainly don’t want a piece of glass breaking into tiny pieces! To answer that question, yes, it is very safe. The glass used for dildos isn’t the same type of breakable glass used for windows, or kitchenware – rather, it’s borosilicate, which is an extremely durable and shatter-resistant material. You may have some of this material in your kitchen – it’s also known as Pyrex. Who knew, back in 1915 when the Corning glass Works invented this marvellous material that it would find its way out of the kitchen and into the bedroom? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, and they’re a lot more common than most people realize. Another benefit of course, is that glass dildos are extremely easy to clean.

If you enjoy visually attractive designs for your dildos, then glass will produce some of the most amazingly artistic sex toys on the market. In the world of art, glass is a wonderful medium for colour and design, and the same is true in the world of sex toys. One awesome feature of Glass dildos is that they can often be warmed up or cooled down for unbelievable erotic sensations! What vibrator can do that? Another big advantage is the smoothness. They’re very smooth and slick, which when combined with the rigid nature of the glass dildo, makes for an exciting and pleasurable encounter. The smooth factor that is inherent to a glass dildo also means that you won’t always need lubricant. Keep it handy just in case, but if your own natural juices are flowing, you won’t need it.

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