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August 05, 2022 4 min read


People have different crazy sex practices related to the act and being in the mood all over the world. We’re referring to the aphrodisiacs that, unlike taking healthy foods which help boost libido, are specified to jolt people's drive for sex quickly.

Besides being based on the old wives' tales, the point that brings them together is that they are disgusting kinds of stuff that make someone horny when eaten.

Theories That Explain the Types of Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs fall into five general categories, all based on five unproven theories;

Are You “hot”?

 Foods that give warmth and moisture, such as curry or chilli, were meant to arouse and give heated passion, whereas cold foodstuffs like lettuce were meant to chill with passion. 

If It Resembles a Sexual Organ….. 

Specific foods that look like sex organs (male or female) were believed to heighten sexual desire. The infamous oyster's main examples include root vegetables such as carrots and fruits. 

It Must Be Erotic If It Seems Exotic

Foodstuffs that were rare to find and expensive were assumed to be sexually exciting. When these types of foods, for example, cocoa and potatoes, became popular, they became sexual stimulants.

The Remarkable Reproduction Theory

The reproductive organs and eggs were believed to heighten sexual desires.

Stimulate the Senses and Desires

Foodstuff also believed to stimulate our senses (taste, touch, smell, and sight) were also believed to stimulate passion in a more pleasurable way. 

Types of Aphrodisiacs To Increase Your Orgasm

Birds Nest

Birds include their sweat, blood, tears,  and saliva in the process of nest making. According to Asians, sweat, blood, and tears are symbolic, while saliva holds the nests together. Making a good soup from it can quickly help with an affectionate mood.

This delicacy is quite expensive because of the danger and difficulty experienced while removing the nests from the sheer rock walls that are about hundreds of feet to the underground caves. However, with all the dangers and daring involved, we end up feeling sorry for the birds that remain homeless just because there are couples that want to freak on.


It is a waxy substance normally in the digestive tract of sperm whales. Ambergis help in making partners horny and ready for sex. However, it was used in perfume products in the past, but the ancient Arabian say that doctors prescribed it to get some bedroom fun.


It is commonly known in the west by Simpson’sepisode, it makes a person's lips and cheeks tingle after being eaten and heightens arousal. 

However, this is not the simple tingling of Fugu that gets people turned on. We need to understand something about Fugu and the sexual pleasure connection. The effects of adrenaline accompanied with death experience due to Fugu is very poisonous, requiring specialized-licensed chefs only to prepare it. They remove the toxic part of the fish and leave what we think are foodstuffs that taste much better.

Baboon Urine

If you live in Zimbabwe and are not in the mood for sex, you might be locally advised to get yourself a tall, frosty beer mixed with some baboon pee to make you horny. Intimacy is the last thing that comes through our minds after having a few gulps of monkey whiz. Mouthwash comes at the top. 

Rhino Horn

It's time people get to know that most aphrodisiac kinds of stuff are a bunch of hokum. Rhinoceros are usually poached for unfounded aphrodisiacal properties, and in the same way, elephants are murdered for their tusks. 

However, hunting rhinos is illegal because they are endangered species. 


Commonly known for its awful smell, durian is typically a tropical fruit found in Southeast Asia. It is specifically a strange aphrodisiac since some believe it acquires useful properties when passed through the elephants’ digestive system. Some assume it’s more powerful if it doesn’t go through that journey. Its aphrodisiac property was proven by an Indian scientist searching on mice that had eaten the fruit. The results were increased libido and high production of sperms. The fruit has a pleasant flavor with some nutritional value important to our health.


It is a boiled duck egg with a duckling embryo. It's the Asian Version of 'dirty water fog." According to New York, balut works similarly to viagra for men since its high in protein and energy boosters.

Casu Marzu

This specific cheese is not meant for the faint-hearted. The name itself means rotten cheese. It is a Sardinian product banned in different places because it has maggots that jump off when one is eating it. They can lead to problems if they pass through your intestine while still alive. 

Memories of Past Foods

You can count on foods from your past sexual act and maybe something you ate before or during a certain pleasurable sexual act. Take another step to make new history with your partner. The bedroom door is open for you to develop your range of aphrodisiacs freely.

The phallic foodstuffs that were useful during the 18thcentury give a better understanding of the greatest connection between the body and mind. Since they help increase the sexual urge of those who consider their aphrodisiacs, they are also believed to have sexual effects. Therefore, let the smell of some past foods take you to the old proactive sexy times you shared.

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