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August 01, 2022 4 min read


When you fancy some sensational sex with your man, it makes him want more of you as he gives alternating hard and soft strokes, intending to get a strong orgasm. The dancer sex position can work best for you.

There are many ways to make a person fall in love with you and choose you repeatedly if given a chance. Before getting your partner in bed for a steamy moment, ensure the environment is conducive. Light some candles( scented candles are the best), dim the light, and have some cool soft music playing in the background. You can start by making out, kissing, and caressing while making eye contact. Maintaining eye contact can stimulate sexual arousal. When you are fully stimulated and can not hold yourselves back, go in and make love. Since you are in the mood, you can try out new sex positions, such as the dancer. This article outlines the basics of the dancer's sex position.

 Dancer Sex Position

The dancer's sex position is intimate. This is because you are too close to each other, allowing you to have tight embraces of everyone's desires in a relationship, be it when making out or making love. You should have a lot of strength on the legs to pull off this sex position. Dancer sex position does not require too much flexibility; therefore, it can be good for anyone who is willing to try new sex positions.

 You need to start while you are both standing upright, facing each other. You will lift your leg where your man will have to support it by holding it from his side. You can wrap the leg around his waist if you are flexible enough. This is an optional thing to do. He will be in a position to hold up your waist with the other arm holding up your leg. He will be able to penetrate your genitals and thrust you.

Moreover, you can look right into his eyes as you make out and hold him closer to you to feel his body on you. Put the hands around his waist so that you can help him in making the thrusts. Try to keep your balance to get pleasure by using this position for a long period.

 Your man will have his arms engaged, whereby he will use one to pull you closer to him and the other to support your lifted leg. They will also be making the thrusts back and forth; when making them, he should not be standing horizontally as he might knock you off your feet. Therefore, he would make it easier when he slightly bends his knees to have vertical stroking. Since he will have one of his hands free, he can give some erotic spanks. According to Weiss (2011), spanking is a form of BDSM play.

 Factors to Consider While Making Love In Dancer Sex Position

 You should not be standing on your toes. Support yourself with your foot stamped on the floor. You can also let your man spread his legs for stability and slightly bend his knees instead of lifting you. This will make you tired faster, preventing you from getting the desired pleasure from the sex position you are exploring.

 You are free to switch your legs when you feel tired to hold it up. You do not need to punish yourself by insisting on standing on one leg. You should be comfortable for you to feel the pleasure. Hernandez (2021) stated that comfortability makes sex enjoyable.

 It is okay to pause. You will not hold up for long when you are not used to the position. Therefore, asking your partner to stop for a bit is okay. Schein (2021) highlighted that open communication is important in any relationship.

 Similar Positions

 Stand and Carry Sex Position

 In this sex position, you will face each other with your legs wrapped around your partner. Your hands should rest on the shoulder for more support. The man should be strong enough to support your entire body weight. He will need a lot of stamina to pull it off because he will be the one doing the thrusts.

Ballerina Sex Position          

 Just like the dancer's position, you will be facing each other. This sex position needs you to be flexible. The ballerina sex position might be hard for a beginner since it needs flexibility. You are supposed to keep your knee straight as your leg points at the ceiling. The lifted leg will rest on the shoulder of your partner. When you are flexible enough to hold on to this position, you will be able to get an amazing sex moment that will be memorable for both of you.

 The Blooming Orchid Sex Position

  In the orchid sex position, you will face each other while on your knees. However, you will have to lift one of your legs as your man will support it with his other hand going around your upper body. You will be holding around the neck while making the position intimate. Moreover, you are in a position to give tender kisses to your man as you sensationally get the thrust.


 The standing sex positions are most unusual, but they can be more fun and sensational sex than ever. If you like having anal stimulation, most of these sex positions where you are facing each other can be hard. Therefore, it is limited to vaginal penetration. Similarly, you can have oral sex while standing. Oral sex is the best play you can have with your man since it creates the mood for penetrating sex. When you prepare your partner for sex, you will have an exciting moment. You can also give your man amazing head that he will never forget. This can lead him to an awesome orgasm. Be adventurous in your sex life and learn new things that will help you in the relationship.


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