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August 01, 2022 3 min read


Dating married men is common in modern society. The affair is kept secret to avoid the wife from knowing. Tips to keep your affair blossoming are discussed in this blog; keeping it a secret from those close to you, communicating discretely, expecting confrontations from the wife and cutting habits that make her wife track you. 

Women fall in love with someone’s husband intentionally or unplanned. These reasons are; attractive lifestyles as men gift items and money. Some enjoy the company and intellectual vibes from older men with experience, especially in bed. Others are thrilled by less commitment to the partnership. Grow a healthy affair with the tips below.

Keep The Affair as Secret as Possible

Women enjoy happy moments with friends, chatting about their relationships. This is an exception when dating a married man. No secret lies between more than one woman; telling your friend about your affair starts your downfall. Your friend shares the story, and the circle goes on. Keep the relationship a secret to be safe. 

Be prepared to sneak around with your man rather than attend events as a couple. This lowers the risk of getting caught by her wife, your family or work colleagues. Secrecy is essential for an effective affair.

Cut Off Habits That Can Make Her Wife Track You.

Ladies notice changes in a man when they are cheating. A change in cologne, dress code and adjustment in time spent at work are red flags. 

To avoid causing tension in his marriage and keep the suspicious wife at bay, ensure you do the following;

 Let him shower after having sex with you. This removes your scent and lipstick causing suspicion. Let him apply his cologne; buy one that matches his. A slight change in his dressings habits triggers suspicion in her wife. 

Return things to how they were when leaving his car; switch to his favorite radio station. Changing what he listens to makes his wife discover fishy habits. 

Avoid bringing up each other's names in casual talks, especially when your friend or wife knows you. Avoid romance at work if dating a married man in your working environment.  

Communicate Discretely

Communication is essential in a relationship. Secrecy is key when talking over the phone or via text.  Avoid causing suspicions. Communicate secretly  using the tips below; 

Tell your man to have a new phone that his wife has no knowledge about and ensure he keeps it a secret. This allows him to be safe when using his regular phone, as her wife can scroll without discovering anything. You can also talk freely over the secret phone and send sexy texts. 

Adopt the use of secret apps. Let him install apps for discrete measures. Hide the apps from the home screen. The apps include; spy pix, value stocks, black book, fox private message, sly dial and signal. 

Expect Confrontations from His Wife

Be ready for confrontations from his wife. Not all secret relationships stay hidden; your man can disclose the affair for different reasons. Expect to hear lies from the guy about his wife. Men throw the blame on their cheating partner to protect their marriage.

Don't go to her place or allow her to visit you if she finds out. Meet with your friends and keep the conversation formal. Don't get emotional and criticize her failure or body as the reasons for cheating. Hear her story recommendations and let her know your decision before leaving. 

Men cheat for reasons. Most have extramarital affairs to spice their sexual experiences. Neglect the lies men tell about how rocky their relationship or preparing for divorce to keep another affair secret. He may be cheating on you to avoid commitment leading to marriage. Consider what you desire before falling for him.


Dating a married is fun, especially when he has the qualities and satisfies your needs. However, take precautions to make it work. These tips guide you on having extramarital affairs. Prepare for negative responses from the wife. Have fun while you can and end the affair when things escalate.

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