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Different Sex Positions & Fun Sex Positions To Turn Up The Bedroom Heat

by Jekaterina Gussarova August 04, 2022 4 min read

Different Sex Positions & Fun Sex Positions To Turn Up The Bedroom Heat

Different Sex Positions & Fun Sex Positions To Turn Up The Bedroom Heat

Your sex game is just as good as the sex positions you settle on. Sex positions make all the difference when turning your bedroom heat on.

Introducing different sex positions in a relationship allows you to explore different sensations. Also, it helps you understand your body by knowing what parts of your body are more sensitive. Moreover, exploring new erotic sex positions gives you the courage to try more risky positions to grow sexually. Sex positions also help couples build their trust and understanding. Consider switching positions to make your experience more pleasurable. There are numerous benefits of exploring other sex positions that give you the best feelings. This is what your sex position bucket list should look like to turn up the bedroom heat.

Different Sex Positions To Try

There is a wide range of sex positions you can always try to please your partner. Most sex positions require flexibility and more effort than standard sex positions. Here are some sex positions you can try when preparing for erotic sexual intercourse.


The crab sex position resembles the cowgirl position. However, it is a little trickier because the receiver has to learn to support their weight using the arms. Slowly ride the penis moving in different directions to create different sensations. Moreover, the giver can also offer their partner extra support by slightly bending their knees.


In this position, the receiver lies down with the legs straight. The penetrated partner can also slightly bend their knees to support the giver. Here, the penetrating partner straddles the pussy from above to enter the vagina. Moreover, the receiver should spread the legs for comfort and easy insertion before putting them together. The penetrating partner will enjoy the tight stimulation while the receiver's legs are closed.

Absolute 69

The kinky absolute 69 sex position is one of the best positions to try with your partner. Unlike other sex positions, the absolute 69 is appropriate for all orientations and genders. In absolute 69, one partner lies down with the legs raised. The other partner then sleeps on top, facing a different direction. It is the best sex position for offering erotic oral sex. Try it with your partner and feel the sensational and pleasurable sexual moments.


Which sex position is most satisfying? Victory is one of the simplest and most enjoyable sex positions. It requires less effort but enough flexibility. In this position, the penetrated partner lies down with the legs wide open in a V-shape. The giver then offers sensational thrusts while kneeling, directing the penis to the vagina. This position is perfect for both anal and vaginal penetration.

Simple Scissors

The simple scissors sex position is the simplest choice you can always try with your partner. This amazing position is best for lesbians. It offers easy access to both partners' vaginas for erotic stimulation. Moreover, both partners can easily stimulate the vagina and clitoris. It is also a great position for lesbians who love double dildos. The intensified friction makes it more pleasurable and amazing. However, use plenty of water-based sex lube before penetration to increase the sensations. Also, you can reapply until you attain your climax.

Side To Side

Feeling lazy or extremely tired? Then you have the best sex position for you. You can try the side-to-side sex position for some amazingly pleasurable moments with your spouse. This version is interesting as it requires slight energy to deliver the best. However, it is a great choice when you have less desire for sex. Moreover, it is the best sex for a partner who wants to use less effort during sex. However, remember to use a long-lasting sex lubricant to avoid reapplication during the session.


The arch is one of the most complicated sex positions to perform. This makes it challenging for beginners. However, it is an amazing position for lovers who crave deep penetration. This sex position allows the giver to access the vagina or anus for extreme pounding easily. Moreover, it gives your partner extra sensations by stimulating the clitoris with your hands while delivering deeper thrusts. The lady lies on a bondage pillow with her head down and butts up. The legs of the receiver are slightly lifted to give the perfect position for easy insertion.


Fusion looks similar to the crab. However, here, one partner is sitting up and leaning against the wall or headboard for enough support. The bottom partner offers support with their hands. The top partner then offers pleasurable thrusts moving up & down and sideways for an amazing experience. Unlike the side-to-side position, fusion does require a lot of flexibility to hit each partner's spot perfectly.


The cross position is one of the most under-appreciated, super-pleasurable, and relatively easy sex positions. All you need is to lie down in a missionary style then curve the knees to give your partner the right vaginal view. However, the knees should be over your penetrating partner. This position allows easy access to your torso and vagina. It is one of the super direct and unique angles for perfect penetration. However, it is less intimate compared to a face-to-face sex position.

Riding Into The Sunset

What position do women like in sex? This position is one of the perfect choices that favor the girls. It allows the lady to be in control. It is also the perfect position for deep penetration since the lady gives you all the access to the pussy.

Bottom Line

There is a wide range of sex positions you can always try to make your sex life pleasurable and amazing. Above are some of the commonly known sex positions. However, you can always explore other positions like lean into me, side cuddle, the duo, the rabbit, sizzling missionary, and boycott. These are sex positions that will spice up things in your sex life.

Jekaterina Gussarova
Jekaterina Gussarova

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