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April 08, 2020 9 min read

Body Shaping Underwear

By Ekaterina Mironova

Shop our great range of body shaping underwear designed to tighten and tone the areas you don’t like and boost the bits you do. Create your perfect figure with our great range of body shaping underwear. If you want to tighten that tummy or lift your bum we have the perfect body shaping underwear for you that will give you the desired look you need and create that hourglass figure made famous by such celebrities as Kim Kardashian.

More On Body Shaping Underwear

Shape wear

For our great range of shape wear look no further than our body shaping underwear. We have control tights that shape your legs and midriff as well as giving your bum a lift as well as bodysuits that cover a multitude of sins as they cover your midriff and cover your back if that is a problem area for you too.

Figure shaping underwear

Products for you if you want to control your stomach are bodysuits and waist nippers, if you want to control your bum area then for that you need some shaping briefs. For control at the tops of legs then you would need some shaping briefs that are long legged that cover the thigh area. Our body shaping underwear will target most of those bits that you hate and we can make sure nobody knows you are even wearing shapewear.

If you would like nay more information on body shaping underwear that will be perfect for your figure or your target area and all of these body shaping underwear products are sending you in to a spin then do not worry we are here to help you!

Control Pants

Control pants are a quick and easy way to drop a dress size in an instant! The best part is, you don’t have to do anything, but wear a pair of briefs! Here at Peaches and Screams we have a fantastic selection of control pants ranging from light control-strong control! This fantastic technology, gives you an extra lift where you need it most making you feel as good on the outside as you will on the inside!

More On Control Pants

Our range of control pants firm your stomach and thighs whilst lifting your bottom too. They really are a miracle product. You can get control pants with a longer or shorter leg depending on where you want the control. Our favourite is the Wolford Control Panty This luxurious and elegant control panty is one of the best, pushing up the bottom, and smoothing the stomach and thighs with the knitted-in-tummy-shaping panel. The soft waist band ensures maximum comfort, and the transparent powdery like fabric ensures this garment is virtually invisible. At a brilliant price, this shapewear is in very high demand, so order yours today!


Here at Peaches and Screams we have a fantastic selection of girdles allowing you to develop and extenuate that hourglass silhouette in an instant!

Whether you want to synch in that waist, perk up your bottom or smooth your stomach we have a great range of girdles to set you on your way to that dream figure!

Get that ultimate figure with a fabulous girdle! You will wonder what you ever did without one..

Our Favourite Girdle

Our favourite girdle is the Charnos Waist Nipper which cinches you in at the waist and shapes the bits you don’t like whilst looking great on its own also. This particular girdle has a retro feel to it which is great for wearing alone or under your clothes.

Our second favourite girdle is the all in one body smoother. Now this girdle is designed for a purpose which is mainly to smooth the stomach and hips and tops of legs but it also has an under bust cut which boosts you in that area and would look great with a really pretty bra or to be worn under your dress however you want to style it.

Our favourite girdles have a mixture of shaping elements and some design as well so they can be worn by themselves or under your clothes we think that buying shapewear shouldn’t be purely functional and you should like how you look in your shapewear too! We have carefully selected the best shapewear to make you look great and we have a great mix of girdles with heavier shaping elements as well as girdles that look great with less shapewear.

Magic Knickers

Drop a dress size in an instant with these fantastic magic knickers! They are perfect for extenuating and synching in your figure just like MAGIC! Whether it’s to smooth out your outline or simply flatten your problem areas, with our wide selection of magic knickers you are sure to find something that is perfect for you!

You will notice a slimmer more toned body in an instant simply by wearing a pair of knickers!

More On Magic Knickers

Magic knickers have been worn by thousands of women for the extra bit of confidence they need for that special occasion. Wearing a tight dress for a black tie event and don’t have time to diet seeing as it’s only a week away. Don’t panic! Magic knickers have help thousands of women drop a dress size by simply slipping on a pair of there amazing knickers.

Pencil skirts are great for an office look and formal occasions. They make your legs look longer and slimmer. However, many styles are very tight around the tummy area which can be unflattering for us women. Magic knickers suck you tummy in leaving you with a smooth and flat tummy. It’s like a tummy tuck in seconds. So now you can wear your pencil skirt confidently with the support and help of Magic Knickers. Available in an array of colours, you can choose a colour to match the colour of the garment you will wear it with. They will be invisible under most garments so nobody has to know they will think you have just being working out a lot. Even better!

If you like this product you should check out our other shape wear products.


Become an ultra-feminine goddess with our fantastic selection of Waspies! The perfect solution to getting that fabulous body with no work! Whether you want to synch in that waist or exenterate your curves there is something for everyone! Get ready to make your body figure fabulous!

More On Waspies

Waspie unlike other shapewear it gives you a perfect body with not squeezing you so much so that, lumps and bulges appear over the shapewear (which kind of defeats the object of shape wear right?). Waspies give you whole torso area the support you need for a flattened and smoothed silhouette that you dream of.

Peaches and Screams we understand our customers; we understand that not every woman has the time to go the gym 5 times a week or diet when feeding a family. So let your waspies do all the work for you. Some of our waspies have been known to make some women drop a dress size, perfect for a dress for a formal occasion such as a black tie event or a ball. Wear your trusted Wapie for the extra control and confidence you deserve. We have a wide range of Waspies in an array of colours so you can chose your colour to match your outer garments light or dark.

Top tip: Take your Waspie shopping with you. This will give you more confidence to go for closer fitting garments that can make you look and feel fabulous.

Shapewear Bodysuit

Shop our great range of shapewear bodysuits today. We have carefully selected a great range of shapewear body suits for you to choose from. We have great bodysuits that are strapless or with straps with detail or plain and of course some for the bedroom and some for shapewear under a dress or your clothes. We have shapewear bodysuits from such great brands as Charnos and Panache. If you would like to shop for shapewear bodysuits just have a look below and see the ones we have carefully selected for you.

More On Shapewear Bodysuits

We have a great carefully selected range of shapewear bodysuits. Perfect if you are targeting the stomach area to conceal but want to look sexy too. We have chosen great sexy shapewear bodysuits that would look great with or without clothes. It is important when choosing your shapewear bodysuit that you take into account what your shapewear bodysuits are for whether they are for a special occasion under a dress or whether they are to be mainly worn on their own.

If you would like any more information of shapewear bodysuits then we are always available to help. Perhaps you are hoping to conceal your stomach but aren’t sure whether you want all in one shapewear or whether you would prefer something where your stomach is just covered. We are here to help you make those decisions when choosing your shapewear bodysuits so just get in touch with us if you would like any assistance.

Shapewear Slips

Shop our carefully selected range of shapewear slips. We have shapewear slips for if you like something loose over the stomach or if you prefer something tighter perhaps with suspenders attached. If you are after a shapewear slip where the bra looks great and the stomach is covered for a sexy but more covered up look then we have just the thing for you. Our carefully selected range is very popular as it is the perfect bedroom staple for someone who doesn’t want to show there stomach but wants to look sexy! Shop our shapewear slips today!

More On Shapewear Slips

Shapewear slips

We have the best shapewear slips which we have carefully selected for you. Shapewear slips target the stomach and either slim the effect of the stomach or hang loosely over the stomach accentuating the bust area and of course your legs also. Our shapewear slips are our favourites we have chosen from a number of shapewear slips and we have chosen them for their shaping abilities as well as for the quality materials.

Plus size shapewear slips

Our shapewear slips are perfect for the plus sized woman with a bigger bust as our slips go up to a 38F and so if you have a bigger bust you can definitely wear one of our shapewear slips and so you can look sexy too in our shapewear slips and perhaps hold ups or just alone, or with stockings attached to the suspenders.

If you would like any more information on our shapewear slips then we can always offer you advice about what type of shapewear slips would suit you best.

Shapewear Thong

Peaches and Screams know there thongs and we have a great range of ladies thongs that can give you a great shape as well.

Perfect under any item of clothing to ensure you cannot see the seam on your knickers a thong is the best idea. So shop thongs today!

More On Shapewear Thongs

A lot of people think that thongs have to be uncomfortable and that they are much more uncomfortable than knickers. We are here to prove you wrong! Not only does the shapewear thongs make sure that you do not have any visible seam on your outer wear they are also really good at tucking in your tummy and sucking in your bottom. Even better news you can get relatively cheap thongs whereas knickers and french knickers tend to be more expensive! Ladies thongs are so popular and if you want something comfy then it is all about what material you choose and what brand you go for. If in doubt with thongs always go for the size above what you are to ensure you don’t have any of that dreaded chaffing.

If you like our shapewear thong then you should check out our other shapewear products from bodies to control pants you’re a sure to find something to suit you and your gorgeous body.

Have you ordered from Peaches and Screams before? Did you know that if you order Pyjamas or sets before 2pm, they’ll be dispatched today too? Great news if you need your shapewear thong in a hurry! This convenient delivery is applied to all of the orders that you make with us, not just on orders for our shapewear thong.

Strapless Shapewear

Strapless shapewear offer the best support and control for you and your gorgeous body. At Peaches and Screams we know our customer only want the best quality products that really work. So we only stock well know and trusted brands that we have built a close relationship with which our customers can benefit from.

On this page you will find our wide range of strapless shapewear that we have handpicked by our buyers so we grantee you the best products out.

More On Strapless Shapewear

Our strapless body shapers have been worn by hundreds of real women who are looking for the extra bit of confidence they need for that special occasion. Wearing a tight dress for a black tie event and don’t have time to diet seeing as it’s only a week away. Don’t panic! Our body shapers have help endless amounts of women drop a dress size by simply slipping on one of our amazing strapless shapers.

Our favourite strapless shapewear products are the Panache Porcelain Moulded Multi – Way Body. This will give you the perfect hourglass figure and silhouette in this amazing multiway body. The moulded cups give you a great shaped bust, and give them an almighty uplift. With detachable straps, you can wear it in every way possible! Being so versatile, it definitely means you match the bra to your dress, not the dress to your bra. Available in black, white and flesh tone you can choose a colour to match your outer garment so the body is invisible under your garment.

Have you ordered from Peaches and Screams before? Did you know that if you order Pyjamas or sets before 2pm, they’ll be dispatched today too? Great news if you need your strapless shapewear in a hurry! This convenient delivery is applied to all of the orders that you make with us, not just on orders for our strapless shapewear.