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April 15, 2020 3 min read

Dildos 101 – Beginners Guide To Buying Dildos Online

By Elena Ognivtseva

What are Dildos and Dongs

Dildos and dongs are sex toys designed for vaginal or anal penetration. Dildo adult sex toys are manufactured from a large selection of materials and are usually phallic-shaped.

Unlike adult vibrators, dildos and dongs do not have a motorized component so you never have to worry about your new sex toy dieing on you at that crucial moment right before you climax! Dildos can be used by both men and women, couples with the use of strapon harnesses or for solo play.

Today, dildos and dongs generally come with suction cups so you can mount them in various locations and positions for a more interesting and exciting masturbation or sexual experience. Dildos and dongs are one of the more simple to use sex toys and come in a variety of colours, sizes and materials. We are sure their is a dildo out there to suit your personalty and have you screaming with pleasure!

Dildos and Dongs are extremely similar in design that the terms are practically interchangeable. However, true sex toy connoisseurs know that dildos are the more realistic of the two – often looking like a penis complete to the base shaped like a pair of balls. This is why many sex stores selling dildos put the two in the same category.

The History Of The Dildo

Some historians believe that dildos along with sex toys in general have been around since the Ice Age, and it’s easy to see why! Dildos are perhaps the oldest and most popular sex toys around. These phallic, non-vibrating rods are endlessly versatile, able to penetrate and stimulate the vaginal and anal regions effortlessly whenever you desire. Most sex toys in the early years where the most basic of devices, and as man kind has evolved, so has the dildo. Peaches and Screams are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of adult dildos online. Our stores are always stocked with the worlds most popular designs and manufacturers. No matter what your mood, we have a dildo for you!

Dildo Materials

Dildos are available in a range of materials, each offering its own benefits:

Latex dildos are flexible and lifelike to the touch, though some people are sensitive to latex and report allergic reactions. Please check with your GP on your condition and reactions to latex products.

Jelly dildos are popular due to their supple, flexible texture and translucent appearance. Double ended dildos are popular amongst lesbians and couples who love to get down and dirty together!

Silicone dildos combine the benefits of a life like feel and an odourless, non-porous substance that is easy to clean. Silicone sex toys are one of the most popular around and for good reason!

Glass dildos can be beautiful and used hot or cold, but they may be too hard and unyielding for some users. Glass dildos are popular due to there easy to clean and maintenance free terms.

Cyberskin dildos feel the most lifelike and and many realistic dildos are made of this material. These dongs are popular amongst everyone! Some manufacturers such as Fleshlight Male Sex Toys have gone to such lengths as to replicate the anatomy of your favourite male porn star.

As with all sex toys you should use a good sex lubricant for a more enjoyable and fun experience, especially if you plan to use your dildo for anal penetration. If you plan on using your dildo sex toy with another person or multiple partners make sure you use a condom with each different partner and thoroughly clean the toy after every single use. Hygiene should be your top priority! You do not want to let one simply mistake cost you a lifetime of no sex or fun!

Peaches and Screams Huge Dildo Range

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