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August 03, 2022 3 min read


Sex is still taboo, with most people feeling shy about discussing it. Sexual fantasies and fetishes are perhaps the most "forbidden" topic. People have different fixations, and the sex toy market has come up with kinky designs for individuals to satisfy their sexual desires. This article highlights one of the most bizarre fetishes, the dog dildo. Read on to find out how to choose the best dildo and the difference between a dog dildo and the regular dildo.

Types of Dog Dildos

Dog dildos come in different materials, sizes (length and girth), color, and stimulation zones. Below are some of the most common types of dog dildos.

Realistic Dog Dildos 

Realistic dog dildos have a life-like shape and design for intense pleasure. Realistic dildos are made from soft genital-friendly silicone material, making them a great toy for solo or partnered play. These dildos have a big head and realistic texture. The dildos are also simple to use.

Inflatable Dog Dildos

Inflatable dildos are crafted from high-quality materials, including rubber thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone. These materials are malleable and can stretch and bend to any shape, making them ideal for the extra features that only an inflatable dildo can provide. These dildos are made from high-quality, medical-grade materials. They are ideal for beginners as they can adjust the size by inflating or deflating the dog dildo.

Ribbed Dog Dildos

Ribbed dog dildos are popular due to the enhanced sensation they provide. A textured dildo stimulates the nerve endings at the interior lining of the anal or vaginal canal. The ribs increase the toy's girth while stimulating the sweet spots by adding more friction. However, avoid dog dildos with sharp edges for safety.

Suction Cup Dog Dildos

When a sex toy has a suction cup attached, you can attach the dog dildo to a surface or the floor for hands-free play. Couple play is also more enjoyable with these toys because they allow your partner to stimulate other sweet spots as you enjoy the penetrations of the dildo.

Vibrating Dog Dildos

Vibrating dog dildos are equipped with a motor that produces rapid vibrations, stimulating the area to which it is placed. You can use a remote-control gadget to adjust the intensity and speed of the vibrations.

Waterproof Dog Dildos

With a waterproof dog dildo, you can have sex and masturbate in the shower or the pool. They are crafted from components that make them entirely water-resistant. However, pay attention to the delicate features to ensure that you can immerse an electrical gadget in water. Battery-operated waterproof sex toys should be perfectly sealed.

Classic Dog Dildos

Classic dog dildos have knots with a regular shape. They come in various sizes and are crafted from various materials. Others can be thick and lengthy or short and slender. Some have veins to make them look more natural. Others are made from natural colors like black and brown in various shades. There are also several vibrant colors like pink, blue, red, and pink.

How To Choose the Right Dildo

Before purchase, consider what you and your partner aspire to achieve from a dog dildo. Consider the following aspects: 


Some toys, especially the larger ones, are more expensive than smaller ones. Some also have enticing customization features. Most add-ons are significantly more expensive. 


Consider your desired size that you can comfortably handle. If you wish to test your boundaries, go for larger dildos with the knot, but read the instructions carefully and determine what will be most pleasurable for you.


 Some toys are made of silicone, which is supple, smooth, and safe. Others are latex-based or TPR. These are lower-cost materials, and some folks may not like how they feel or look. Go for body-safe, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean materials.

The Bottom Line

Dog dildos are popular among men and women because they deliver powerful anal and vaginal sensations. They are a good option for role-playing or solo use, particularly to enact an animal fantasy. The design of dog dildos provides stimulation that a normal sex toy cannot deliver. Before purchasing a dog dildo, consider the material, design, and size. Also, choose a dog dildo that offers comfort. Some dog dildos are enormous and unsafe for use by beginners. The market has many dog dildos to choose from, and if you feel stuck, refer to the toys above.

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