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August 04, 2022 4 min read

Don’t Forget His Balls - 9 Testicle Massage Tips & Techniques

Anyone who has come in contact with the testicles knows how the balls are very sensitive. As such, learn the best testicle massage tips and techniques and give your partner intense sensual pleasure.

The balls contain many nerve endings that create an extreme sensation when stimulated. With the correct touch, the sensation released may be more pleasurable. Balls are genital parts usually considered a feel-good zone, so it is not a surprise that it may feel good to massage them with various techniques. Unfortunately, most people avoid touching the testicles since they are mentally ingrained that clutching the balls is painful. Testicles are extremely sensitive, hence, one needs to be careful when handling to feel the sensation.

Importance of Testicle Play

It is very pleasurable to play with testicles. However, there might be health benefits when the balls are stimulated. Testicles produce sperms, and when stimulated, sperm production is boosted. Additionally, playing with the balls improves the blood circulation to the region. Furthermore, testicle massage can help someone identify any abnormalities in their partner's genitals since they have become familiar with it; hence, it is easy to notice irregularities such as swelling and lumps that might indicate something wrong.

How to Explore Your Partners Testicles


Various ideas can enhance testicle play, where you can use your mouth, toys, or hands. This is why the play depends on what the person with the testicles enjoys. In sex life, some people seek pain, and some like torturing the balls and the cock to get the sensation and the pleasure. Therefore, communication is vital at this point, meaning if the intention is to grab, touch, or lick, it is communicated clearly. Talk to your partner earlier and let them know that you intend to play with their testicles. Some people don't feel any pleasure when their testicles are touched without their consent. Instead, they find it ticklish and annoying. If you want your partner to find balls play more pleasurable, have proper communication before the play since their consent is essential.

Take Off the Rings

To handle the balls, proper hand care is essential. Before the play begins, make sure you take off the rings. It would help if you also dealt with the hanging nails. You can either trim, cut or shape the nails at the sharp edges to avoid cutting the delicate skin.

Try Out Different Techniques

Playing with your partner's balls may be an act of sex, and it may be great when combined with other sexual activities like manual, penetrative, and oral sex. It will be fun provided there was clear communication concerning the play. Use the following ways to give different sensations.

Gentle pull.

Carefully squeeze the balls.

Use downward angle for stroking.

Roll them like dice in the hands.

Tap the rhythm using your fingers,

With all these, you can easily find the pleasure that your partner enjoys since it’s the only key. When it’s too light, it will be pleasurable or ticklish, and when it's too hard, it might be painful. Ask your partner how and what they enjoy so that you can handle them well.

Use Lube

Lubrication is crucial since it helps in smoothening everything and preventing friction. Also,when lube is applied to the balls, the sensation increases since the contact of the skin will feel less sticky. Besides, lube makes the transition of the play from testicles to hand jobs very easy. 

Get Mouthy

When giving your partner oral sex, incorporating ball play is very easy. The fair game is usually light sucking and licking. You can also include tongue flicking depending on the likes of your partner.

If you have decided to suck, start slowly and lightly. Place the whole testicle or half of it in your mouth and make it as wet as possible. Remember to do this slowly. This will allow you to understand and build momentum for your partner. Be keen on his reaction both verbally and non-verbally to know how harder you are supposed to suck. Lick the balls separately, and don’t forget the seam between the balls. Some people enjoy only the tip of the tongue. Don’t use your teeth.

For anal and vaginal play, you can add testicles to make the sensation dual. The position used depends on the mobility, comfort, and flexibility while twisting or contorting the body. Below are some of the best positions for penetrative sex.

Reversed cowgirl.

Reversed lap dance.

Doggy style.

Reverse cowgirl and lap dance positions make it easy to access between your partner's legs. You can also access your partner’s balls through your legs as you use the downward doggy style.

Add Sex Toys

Various sex toys are made explicitly for stimulating the balls. If both of you know that your partner enjoys testicle stimulation, you can invest in sex toys or vibrators. Apart from the sex toys designed to stimulate the testicles specifically, other toys you can use include crescendo, tor, tenuto, and buddy ring.

The Bottom Line

Testicle stimulation is more pleasurable when they are handled well. To make the sensation more intense, you can try using sex toys that stimulate the testicles, including vibrators and ball stretchers. You can also use different sex positions and styles like a seated wheelbarrow, doggy style, cow person, and lap dance style to access the ball quickly. Avoid rough play as you might cause serious injuries to the testicles. Make sure the balls remain in their usual position. If it twists from inside, seek medical attention before it swells or pinches.

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