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August 04, 2022 3 min read

Eco Friendly Sex Toys – 5 Tips On How To Have Greener Sex

When thinking of eco-friendly and going green, the most obvious thought is tree preservation and planting, keeping the environment clean without poisonous emissions, and our surroundings being pollution-free. You can go green in everything, including sex. To do this, you need to avoid sex toys made mostly from plastic, silicone, phthalates from oil, cadmium, or compounds whose extraction, manufacture, use, or interaction with the environment, leave it less sustainable. You will notice a steady increase in the production and availability of sex toys. But, is toy good for sex?

Some of these toys are cheap, promising magical sex experience and play while hiding the fact that some are made using lead or cadmium. Other toys come with the best looks and designs but have dangerous additives or are weak and likely to cause injuries. Eco-friendly sex toys do not have these concerns. Therefore, if you consider going green, you will require sex toys that don't have chemical additives and are standardized for use.

What Else Should You Consider?


Plenty of caution needs to be exercised, especially on ceramics, wood, or stone toys. These materials may be porous, such that when particles such as dust and water enter the small crevices on their surfaces, they may pose a challenge to clean or sterilize.

The situation may worsen quickly when used without proper cleaning of sex toy since you may expose yourself to infections emanating from mold, fungus, or mildew. Also, these crevices may hide body fluids from your initial play, not to mention feces, when used in anal play. Β 


Most sex toys are usually coated to achieve the intended design. Before buying such sex toys, you need to know the material used to make the outer coat and the period that material is expected to last. Also, confirm that the information you have collected is certified and true.

Method Of Disposal

Some sex toys, such as vibrators, come with a battery and a circuit. Since you don't know with certainty the type and amount of materials used, you have to assume that they are part are those junk electronics that contain radioactive components that may harm the environment. Therefore, dispose of in the right manner.

Components/ Materials

Most manufacturers settle on silicone to make their sex toys. This could be because silicone is slightly unreactive with acid and, therefore, less likely to react with your body. It may also be because it is long-lasting, recyclable, non-toxic, and doesn't affect ocean or soil life.

As much as silicone may not be the best option to go green, it is the best compared with the available alternatives such as glass, wood, and plastic.


The options are either rechargeable or disposable batteries. All batteries have carbon and lithium, among other elements. Since going green essentially means reducing the carbon footprint, purchasing disposable batteries will not be ideal. Therefore, when going green, choose rechargeable batteries over disposable ones.

Lubrication Options

When choosing the lubricant to use, the best option is organic lubricants. However, since the market doesn't produce most of these, you can consider water-based lubes over oil. When using lubricants in water bodies or swimming pools, consider using those approved for the function.

The Bottom Line

Essentially, eco-friendly or green sex toys are those props, lubricants, toys, or condoms that have a minimal impact on the environment when used or during manufacturing. If you are privy to the current environmental concerns and the evident effects human activities have on the environment, you should go green. If not, at least show some care for your health and that of your partner.

It would make a lot of sense if we enjoyed sex as naturally as it was meant. Nonetheless, since toys enhance bedroom plays and make the entire experience worth exploring more, there is a need to develop these products with the planet's safety and sustainability in mind. You can stay sexually satisfied and leave the planet unhinged to increase heat and carbon footprint. Therefore, to conserve the environment, always go for sex products made from natural ingredients, that are bio-degradable, non-porous, body-safe, and re-usable.

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