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by Katie Peachesa April 10, 2020 4 min read

Electro Stimulation Part 1 - Guide to Electrical Sex Stimulation

By Ksenia Sobchak

You might think you know all there is to know about sex toys, but have you ever heard of electro sex toys before? These specialist sexual stimulators are often thought to fall under the BDSM umbrella, but they are more often used similarly to vibrators and vibrating cock rings to increase erotic sensations, improve pleasure and even induce hands-free orgasms.

In this guide to erotic electrostimulation I'm going to introduce you to electricity as a viable alternative to vibrating sex toys and explain how they got their kinky label.

What is Erotic Electrostimulation?

Erotic electrostimulation, or estim, is the practice of using electricity for sexual purposes, but it traditionally had its foundations in medical science. The violet wand, an electrical stimulator that emits ozone gas, was one of the most famous methods of treating everything from hair loss to breathing difficulties in the 1800s. Kinksters now modify and rewire these antique electrostimulators to use as part of sensory play, spanking and pleasure/pain experimentation.

By the 1900s electrostimulation bore a closer resemblance to modern TENs units, but were bigger and bulkier than modern incarnations. Take a look at this ad from an early Sears catalogue which shows a rather kinky looking pair of electro pants with a built-in electro cock ring. This early electro stimulator was sold as an enhancement to male virility and was a pioneer in giving men hands-free orgasms using electricity as a stimulus (although that side effect wasn't advertised)

Modern day electro stimulators tend to have a hand-held power unit with connecting cables for electrodes. This design offers greater flexibility as to which electrodes you can use and allows you to easily store your toys away in your bedside drawer just like a vibrator or male masturbator. You can't really say the same for the electro sex pants.

What Does Erotic Electrostimulation Feel Like? Is it Painful?

Electro sex toys use a mild electrical current to stimulate nerve endings beneath the surface of your skin, creating sensitizing tingles that make your muscles contract. When those contractions are located in your pelvic floor they can feel similar to the sensations you experience during an orgasm.

For this reason, fans of prostate and G-spot stimulation have championed electro sex toys for inducing hands-free orgasms, suggesting they're a much better alternative to the rotating shaft found in many rabbit vibrators.

If you've ever used an electrical waist toning belt, you'll have a bit of an idea about how estim feels. Users of these belts often use a much higher intensity setting than necessary, causing stimulation to feel uncomfortable or even painful. The trick is to choose an intensity level that is just strong enough to cause contractions, saving stronger stimulation for use during sensory exploration and S&M; play. Because electro toys have adjustable power settings, there's no need for sensations to feel painful unless you want them to. Just increase power levels one step at a time and give your body time to adjust in between. If you go too far, simply turn the power down.

How stimulation feels will depend on the type of device you're using, how high the power level is and how small the contacts are on the electrode. The smaller the contact, the more concentrated the electrical current is and therefore the stronger stimulation will feel.

Because information about erotic electrostimulation hasn't been very well publicised, we've taken most of our lead on the subject from pornography... and most of it sits firmly in the BDSM camp. Add to that the menacing appearance of some electrodes and the underlying knowledge that electric shocks are generally bad things, and you can see why they've been branded as tools of torture. In truth, sensation is more likely to feel prickly and uncomfortable than it is painful, even if you do accidentally push the power button up too high.

Recommended to Electrical Sex Toys

Fetish Fantasy Remote Control Electro Shock Wrist Restraints

Fetish Fantasy Remote Control Electro Shock Wrist Restraints

Give your sex life a charge with these incredible Fetish Fantasy Series Remote Control Electro Shock Wrist Restraints. Perfect for beginners and those new to e stimulation, these electro sex cuffs send pleasurable tingles to anything you put your hands on.Wear both cuffs for seductive solo play, or send a jolt into your next love session and have each partner wear one cuff. Using your free hand, you'll send powerful electronic pulses to you lover and place you touch.Choose a setting on the control units dial to control the intensity and go from a sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap in an instant. Switch between SLOW or FAST to control the frequency of the shock, and adjust the dial to control the strength of the shock.The compact control unit can also be used alone as a hand massager. To use the control as a hand massager, switch to IN mode. The oval centerpiece delivers the shock once your palm touches any other part of the metal. To use the power unit with the cuffs, switch it to OUT mode and connect the cuffs plug-in jack.

Specifications of the Fetish Fantasy Remote Control Electro Shock Wrist Restraints

Washing : Wipe down
Colour : Black
Flexibility : Slight
Controller : Wired
For Who : Both
Features : Shock Therapy
Brand : PipeDream
Power : (Included)

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