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April 18, 2020 2 min read

Ever Wondered Why Women Have Affairs

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Nowadays, relationships and marriages are not like they used to be few decades ago. Today's woman isn't surrounded by society which is telling her, or even forcing her to be in unhappy marriage. On the contrary, woman of today is learning from various TV sitcoms and Hollywood movies that if she is not happy in her marriage, she should get a divorce or even have an affair. Even though it all comes to the same thing, every affair has been started under different circumstances, and every woman has a different reason for being unfaithful. Women tend to involve into extramarital activities once they start feeling lonely and unhappy. A working husband who is also ‘married' to his job can push his woman unconsciously into another man's hands. Women need attention and once they feel a lack of it, they tend to seek it somewhere else.

Some women are just not satisfied with the performance of their husbands in their bedroom. Unsatisfied woman turns into sexually frustrated woman which desperately needs someone who will be able to give her something that her husband never could. Most of the time, married women seek for one night stands or casual encounters on some naughty dating sites for married people, where they will be able to keep their privacy safe. Once a woman starts feeling like her husband can't please her, she decides to try out another guy and see if she can find in him what's missing out in her marriage. Not only that her reason to cheat is desperate, but it's also daring at the same time. Just the simple fact that she will be sneaking out and hiding from her husband in order to meet that sexy man who can worship her all night and day long is exciting. Women know that what they are doing is wrong, but just because it's forbidden, it tastes even better.

Women also cheat once they lose their self-confidence. Once they step into an affair, they start feeling empowering, fulfilled, and more confident into whom they are. Sex isn't the only reason why women decided to cheat on their husbands. The reasons could be numerous: awful fights, silent simmering hostility, end of love, fear of aging, and deeper understanding of sex. There are women in a need for someone with whom they will be able to talk to and cuddle in bed. Those women cheat on their partners not just physically, but mentally as well. Not being able to open up in front of their men and just tell them everything that there is on their mind is like checkmate situation. There are no more moves to make in that game, so that's why wives decide to start a new game, only this time changing their king. Women need to feel an emotional connection and if there is a lack of it, she will most definitely create a desire to have an affair. It could be their neighbor, coworker, someone they've met on a dating site for an illicit affair, or it could be their mailman, either way women are trying to fulfill their urges in any possible way, hoping that it will make them feel more alive.

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