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August 04, 2022 5 min read

Everything You Need To Know About Sex On Your Period

Can you have sex on your period? Sexual during menstruation can be fun and pleasurable, but you must know its benefits, risks, and period sex tips for beginners.

Ask any woman who is on her period if she can have sex, and the answer you should expect is NO. This is because most people still believe that sex on period is taboo that is not going to be broken any time soon. However, after serious research on the safety of sex during menstruation, sex wellness experts now recommend that having sex on your period can be fun and safer. Therefore, if you are about to try new things with your partner and enjoy your intimate moments during your period, here is everything you need to know.

Is Period Sex Safe?

Is having sex on your period healthy? First things first, sex during menstruation has now become popular than ever before. Couples are now finding new creative ways to show love during the period, including enjoying steamy sex. Therefore, it is evident that period sex is safer as opposed to how it was viewed some decades back. Although it is 100% safe, it may not be a cup for everybody since it depends on what you and your partner are comfortable with.

Having sex on your period goes beyond standard penetration. You need to design different mechanisms that will not hurt you and leave both of you satisfied. Remember, period sex can be messy at the end. Therefore, talking to your partner becomes the most vital step.

Benefits of Having Sex on Your Period

Now that you know the sex on your period is safer than you thought, the next question is, are there any benefits? Yes, there are various reasons why you will enjoy sex during your time of the month. Therefore, if you are not afraid of the mess that will occur on your sheets in the end, here are the reasons you should consider having sex on your period:

Menstruation Means Extra Lubrication

Lubrication makes penetration easier and sensual. During menstruation, the woman becomes more lubricated due to increased menstrual fluid in the vagina. Therefore, instead of depending on chemical lubricants that will put you at extra costs, you can take the advantage of menstrual blood to enjoy slippery sex. Remember, menstrual blood contains an organic fluid that offers perfect consistency when getting down with your partner.

It Helps to Relieve Cramps

Menstrual cramps, which are among the common PMS symptoms, occur when the uterus contract to release its lining. These symptoms can be relieved when a woman has regular orgasms during menstruation. During orgasm, the vaginal muscles contract and relax, which should bring some relief from cramps. Besides, sexual excitement helps to release a chemical called endorphin which makes you feel good and help to take your mind off menstruation discomfort.

It Shortens Your Period

It is believed that engaging in sexual activities during your period helps to shorten your menstruation. This is because, during an orgasm, the contraction of the uterine wall helps to push out the contents faster. This results in shorter periods.

Period Sex Can Be Fun

The main reason why we engage in sexual activities is to feel good and get the most out of our fun time with our partners. However, what if you learn that sex during your period can be more fun? During your menstruation days, there is a significant hormonal fluctuation that may lead to increased sexual drive. While some women experience increased sexual arousal two weeks before their periods (ovulation period), others report heightened sex drive during the period. This sexual thirst can, therefore, be quenched through sex.

Possible Risks of Having Sex on Your Period

The most common risk of having sex during your period is messing with your bedsheets and yourself. If you have a heavy flow, blood will get on your bedsheets and your partner, making it difficult for after-sex cleaning. Therefore, being conscious about bleeding during sex is the only worry among couples who want to try new things in the bedroom. However, if you are not worried about the mess, you can have a lot of fun during your periods.

Besides the mess, two main risks are associated with sex during menstruation. Some have shown real concern on whether one bleeds more when they have have during periods. Heavy or increased flow may be caused by many things, none of which is sex. If you are having sex with a stranger, you might be worried about:

Getting Pregnant

Biologically, you are most likely to get pregnant during the ovulation phase, which is 14 days before the period starts. However, every woman's menstruation cycle differs and is prone to change every month. Therefore, if you have a shorter menstrual cycle, you have a higher risk of getting pregnant during your period. Remember, the sperm can also stay alive in your body for up to 7 days, which means there are higher chances of you releasing an egg while sperms are still in your reproductive tract.

Getting Infected with STIs

STI viruses like HIV live in sexual fluids and menstruation blood, hence having sex on your period increases the risk of getting infected or infecting your partner with sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, if you are not sure about your partner’s status, it is advisable to use protection during sex. Encourage your partner to wear a condom to minimize the risks and prevent getting pregnant. You should also consider discussing the other alternative ways to protect yourselves and enjoy your intimacy.

How to Have Sex on Your Period

You now know it is OK to have sex on your period, but you still dot know where to start. Here are a few tips to consider to get started with period sex:

Start by Talking to Your Partner

As mentioned earlier, talking to your partner whenever you want to try something new helps to make them comfortable and enjoy the moments. Make sure you all agree on the same thing before getting down to it.

Remove All Feminine Products

If you are wearing any menstrual cup or a tampon, remove it and visit the shower before starting on anything. You can, however, wear a menstrual disk (if you have one) but remember to clean it before intercourse.

Get A Towel

If you are worried about after-sex mess cleaning, get a dark color towel and spread it on the bed. This prevents blood from reaching your tidy bedsheets and lets you have a good time. Once you are done, throw the towel into the washing machine or hamper.

Use Protection

Let your partner a condom if you are worried about their status and if you are not ready for pregnancy. You can also use birth control unless you are trying to get pregnant.

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