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August 01, 2022 5 min read


How do you love enjoying oral sex with your partner? Is it when standing or laying on the bed? Whichever position you take does not matter. What matters is how good you are at it to give your partner the desired stimulation. Therefore, if you need the best position that leaves both partners relaxed, the face-off 69 position is the way to go.

The face-off 69 sex position is a sex position for oral sex only. It means that it favors partners who love oral sex. In this sex position, the man sits on a good surface where he is comfortable and spreads his legs. Then, the lady stands in front of him, facing the same direction as the man. She bends over such that her hands are on the floor, and her head is in between the legs of the man, focusing on his penis. Remember, the man had already spread his legs apart, so it was easy for her to keep her head between his legs. Her buttocks are on the man's head when the lady bends over. It means her vagina is exposed; therefore, the man can easily access it using his mouth or fingers. Both heads become off since everyone deeps their head in between the legs of the other. Also, they form numbers 6 and 9 in this sex position; hence, the origin of the name; faces off 69 sex position.

What The Lady Does in The Face-Off 69 Sex Position

Adler (2013) explained that when in the face-off 69 sex position, the lady has to focus on some things;

Staying comfortable

Staying comfortable is pretty easy. If the lady keeps her legs straight, they will get sore quickly. However, if she bends her knees, she can stay in the face-off 69 sex position for a long time. Additionally, if she needs to take a break, she can stand up straight while at the same time the man keeps pleasuring her. For some ladies, it takes some time to get used to having their heads upside down.

Maintaining Her Balance

Keeping the balance is also relatively easy. It only needs to put their hands on the floor and spread their legs quite wide outside those of the man. If the balance is maintained well, the lady finds it easy to withstand the face-off 69 sex position for a long time.

Giving The Man a Wonderful and Interesting Blowjob

Brummelman (2014) explained that for most guys, their bodies provide the best feedback for the ladies when giving their men blowjobs. The lady, therefore, must listen to the man's breathing rate. If it decreases or increases, the man enjoys it, but if it remains unchanged, the man is not enjoying her blowjob. It comes together with his voice. If the man moans, groans, or makes other sounds, the lady is giving a good blowjob to the man. She has also to look at the man's body reaction. If the man is writhing with pleasure, curls his toes, arches his back, tilts his head back, or lifts his chin, it means that the lady satisfies the man with her blowjob.

What The Guy Does in The Face-Off 69 Sex Position

The man has a much easier job in the face-off 69 sex position. He needs to focus mainly on;

Helping The Lady to Stay Balanced

The man has to support the lady to remain balanced in the face-off 69 sex position, allowing her to give him a long and perfect blowjob. To help the lady keep balanced, the man needs to gently put his hands around her legs or back to hold her in place. It means that the man should not only concentrate on licking or fingering the lady and forget to hold her.

Giving The Lady Good Cunnilingus

The man has to make sure he pleases his lady. Klimt & Masturbating (2016) explained that he could use his tongue and finger to masturbate the lady. He can also use the tongue or the finger each time. In this position, the lady can also encourage the man by telling him what she likes as he is doing it. She can say things like, 'don't stop,' or 'that feeling is amazing,' among others. This positive reinforcement will let the man keep doing things the lady likes.

Different Positions in The Face-Off 69 Sex Technique

The Power Face-Off 69 Sex Position

It is one of the positions in the face-off sex position where the man lies on the bed with his back and slightly spreads his legs. The lady comes on top of him while on her knees, supporting her body with her hands but in the opposite direction from the man such that both are facing head-to-groin. The man can use a pillow to give and be given great oral sex.

The Supercharged Face-Off 69 Sex Position

It is similar to the power face-off 69 sex position, but the difference is that, in the supercharged position, both partners are in contact. In contrast, in the power position, the man only concentrates on the vagina while the lady concentrates on the penis.

The Lazy Face-Off 69 Sex Position

Gbagbo & Gbagbo (2020) explained that partners in the lazy face-off sex position look as if they are lazy while in action. It means it is performed while the partners are relaxed. They lie on the bed or a flat surface with one side of their bodies. The upper legs are raised and opened to allow each other access to either the penis or the vagina. It means they should be lying on the bed with one side opposite. This sex position is addictive if practiced several times.

The Teasing Face-Off 69 Sex Position

The teasing position is similar to the lazy position since the partners lie in the opposite direction with one of their sides. The only difference is that, in the teasing position, both the partners bend their backs towards each other such that the length of their head-to-groin is shorter than that in the lazy sex position. It means they don't look lazy in action but look like they are teasing.


The face-off 69 position is a good sex position as it needs individuals who are into oral sex. It also needs physically fit partners as it is not simple to perform. Individuals can reach their orgasms and pleasure through this sex position as it is one of the best sex positions.


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