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August 01, 2022 5 min read


Are you looking to heighten your bedroom antics with the flatiron sex position? This is considered one of the most intimate sex positions. Besides adding variety to your routine, it gets you as close as possible to your partner. It is far from a flatiron because you will be laying on the bed with your legs together and your body frame slightly bent forwards, although it is called the flatiron position.

It is a less acrobatic sex position; virtually all couples can have a go. This article demonstrates how to go about flirtation sex positions, including the roles and why every partner will enjoy it. Below is a guide to finding out more.

How To Have Sex in The Flatiron Position

The flatiron sex position is straightforward, and many couples can try it. That is because most girls are flexible enough to lie in bed, bend slightly forwards, and turn to face their men for a more intimate experience. A man has more support for the body frame because they will be on their knees from where they will penetrate a woman from behind. Your man will assume the same position he does with missionary style, except that a woman will be lying face down as a man enters from behind.

While any sex position demonstrates this, the whole point is usually to abandon boring bedroom antics and spice up your couple's sex life. The flatiron position is as handy as the missionary style because, according to experts, it offers more or less the same level of intimacy as the missionary one. In this section, we shall highlight the roles of every partner, why you will love it, and how you can maneuver with pleasure and make your partner become obsessed or addicted to this sex position.

Your Roles and Why You Will Both Love the Flatiron Sex Position

The flatiron sex position is about racy and intimacy as any other. That is because it provides opportunities to explore more intensified sensations for those involved. The following is how to get started:

  • In this position, the woman lies face down on the bed with her legs straight and her hips slightly raised.
  • The man, resting on his knees, penetrates the vagina from her hindquarters. This position creates a snug fit that helps you achieve deep penetration.
  • The woman can have more control over penetration depth by raising or lowering her hips to shift from shallow to deep thrusts.
  • While it is different for a woman to thrust against her man in this position, her free hands can wander around his neck and back to explore more erogenous sensations for double pleasure.
  • A flexible woman can turn back adequately enough to kiss the man in this position.
  • Girls who find deep penetrations unsettling can lift the legs closer to the stomach or straighten them to have more control over over-penetration. However, this shouldn't be a concern unless he is overly endowed.

In the flatiron sex position, as is the case with numerous other sex positions, the man does most of the legwork. He can rest on his knees over the session and get extra support by placing his hands against the headrest or the mattress. A woman can get into the right position and identify an excellent angle where a man's thrusts hit the most pleasurable spots, as Goldenberg et al.(2003) suggested. Besides, a woman can turn back, kiss a man and engage in more dirty talk for a more indulging experience, as Fahs (2009) stated. A man can lean over, grab a woman's shoulders or put his hands on their upper hips and pull a woman closer with each stroke if they want to intensify the thrusting speed.

What Should You Consider When Performing the Flatiron Sex Position?

The flatiron sex position is considered one of the most intimate sex positions after the missionary style, for starters. That makes it a great option to switch to and maintain the same levels of intimacy. However, before getting down to it, herein are a few aspects to bear in mind:

  • The flatiron sex position may not be your first choice if a woman has issues with the spine or back problem because intense thrusting and stroking can jostle her spine.
  • The man may need to try out different angles and entry points before a man can start hitting the right spots.
  • Priest (2001) revealed that Missionary and flatiron sex position is excellent for anal penetration. You don't have to stick to penile penetration only because anal sex toys can be used for anal pleasures.
  • The less flexible women can try supporting themselves by laying on a man's shoulder to be more comfortable in this sex position.
  • According to Harris-Hayes (2016), a man could consider using cushions or pillows under her belly to adequately expose her vagina and ease penetration if the woman is well endowed from the hindquarters.
  • Pushing the hands against the headrest is an excellent idea if a man needs more support. However,
  • A man can place them on a woman's shoulders or push them against the upper hips for a firm grip.

The Bottom Line

Are you bored of the same-old missionary sex style? The flatiron sex position is the best choice for you. That is because it ensures you spice up things without losing intimacy levels achieved with missionary style. Besides, it offers the opportunity to lie on both sides if tiredness creeps in. you are in luck, too, because anal sex is a possibility with the flatiron sex position if you want to explore anal pleasures.

However, with most sex positions, you can incorporate sex toys into your play with the flatiron position. You can apply a little cream on your woman for extra stimulation during intercourse. Your woman can turn back occasionally to kiss you, and you can play with her breast and enjoy intense sensations if a woman is flexible. Some people forget to use lubes, but it is vital to use some when having sexual activities. Apply lube on a vagina, penis, hands, or a sex toy when having sex to ease and give a smooth penetration.


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