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April 13, 2020 12 min read

Free adult short stories - Internet Passion Play

By Ksenia Sobchak

They had been talking on the internet; just some sexy, flirtatious chatter that made them both happy. It had been months of foreplay. Tess liked Jimmy's style. She was attracted to his intense sensitivity and their hot lustful exchanges. This lead to phone sex. Hot, wild, intoxicating, phone sex. Tess would lay in her bed allowing her beautiful sexy body to be stimulated over and over again to a pivoting peak by the sexy stranger on the phone and now trusted friend she had communicated with via emails, phone and video chat. The sounds of his intense orgasms and the look of his big cock spurting out gobs of cum after watching her masturbate for him laid out like an inspiring dream in her mind.

Now it was time for them to meet.

The thrill of actually touching his sexy body and feeling his hard cock all over her gorgeous body excited her making her cheeks flush. They scheduled their cabin getaway at a beach in a very private and expensive resort in Florida. Now it was only two days away. Tess stepped into her fuschia pink and black panties and matching lace bra. She looked in the mirror observing with the smile that the extra aerobic and weight training classes had paid off. She looked in the mirror and saw the warm glow of excitement in her face. It gave her a healthy, excited looking sexy look. Between her legs she was hot and wet with excitement thinking of her rendevous with Jimmy.

Jetting her ass out, Tess gyrated back and forth in the mirror to the tunes on her mp3, wondering if he would like her ass. She admitted to herself that she really didn't know him, but he turned her on with his charm and wild sexual appetite. Only two days away, she realized once again. Her heart thumped. She turned around and started gyrating her ass faster and faster to the tunes of the music on her Cd player. She was getting hornier the more she watched herself.

"I'm gonna make you wanna fuck me so bad Jimmy," she said to the mirror. Tess's finger slid down her trim waist inside the lace of her panties to rest on her clit. She watched herself in the mirror while she continued her sexy, booty dance rubbing her finger over her clit, back and forth, repeatedly. Her orgasm was swift and riveting. Tess noticed her orgasms had been getting stronger and stronger lately ever since they had agreed to meet in June. She just had her hair done in muti coloured blonde shades, her mani -pedi was flawless. Her skin was toned and tanned. Looking in the mirror Tess was confident and pleased with what she saw.

Tess looked through her lingerie holding it up to her sexy body knowing she wanted to look her very best. Her Victoria's Secret collection lay before her. She choose the lace and mesh black teddy with matching fishnet stockings. Her eye caught the black and white print lace baby doll apron that was so good at accenting and pushing up her breasts so her beautiful breasts spilled out. It was definitely worth including. She held the hot red strappy back babydoll to her sexy body adding it to the ever growing pile of lingerie. All those straps could use some snipping off. Finally she just dumped every delicious piece of exquisite and exotic underwear into her suitcase with a bright smile.

The day finally arrived. He arrived at the resort first. Rose pedals, soft sensual music and fragrant smells filled the room. Jimmy looked at his strong body and handsome face in the mirror. How he loved these adventures. He took another sip of scotch and toasted his image in the mirror thinking how happy he was that the internet was invented. It enabled him to meet some very gorgeous, lonely women.

He looked around. Everything was perfect. He heard a knock on the door. Both hearts were pounding fiercely on both sides of the door. She stepped inside wearing a trench coat and a big smile. He stood there in awe, in tan trousers, mystified at her beauty. Their eyes feasted on each other, like wild animals would, when ready to enjoy their prey.

He loved what he saw. She loved what she saw.

The foreplay was excruciating. Months of being intimate without actual physical contact.

Their lips greeted each other immediately; their bodies gyrating to the sexy tunes drifting through the room. He quickly removed his shorts and she sank to her knees; her licks soft and coaxing, teasing, rapturing and driving him wild.

She started sucking his big beautiful cock, softly, slowly, then deep and hard and fast, just like she'd promised she would, over and over again. She was amazed at how big and thick his cock was as she placed it on her lips and teased him with her sweet tongue.

He looked down at the beauty before him and tried to resist to the urge to shove his hardness deep in her mouth and grab her hair. She teased him, taking his hardness in very deep and holding him there. He couldn't help himself and grabbed her hair and pounded her mouth mercilessly. She could feel her lips go numb he was fucking her mouth so fast and wild. He came with a loud roar. His passion filled lust began releasing between her pretty lips into her mouth, strong and hard. She gulped down every sweet and salty drop looking up at him and smiling. He pulled her up and into his strong body and kissed her deeply.

Jimmy still hadn't opened her trench coat. Tess felt the hunger of not eating knowing that for good anal sex, a liquid diet and an enema were a necessity. Tess was ready for this adventure in every way possible. She helped herself to some scotch and looked at the sexy man in front of her. They had talked about it many times. She loved to feel a big hard cock stretching her to the limits, pulsing and throbbing deep inside her. She often double fucked herself on the phone with him, her little black dildo and her bunny eared rabbit vibrator making her rocket to wild orgasms, while Jimmy's sexy voice was in her ear guiding her from one orgasm to another, to another. Oh, she wanted her ass fucked and bad. For real. With a real cock.

He motioned her over as he sat on the edge of the bed. She took out a CD from her purse urging him to watch. He would soon see her black lace and mesh teddy with fishnet stockings. With their eyes fixed on one another slowly Tess removed her trench coat revealing her beautiful curves and full sensual cleavage. His cock began to grow hard. The song started slow and sensual. She had obviously practiced this dance in the mirror to show off her best assets just like they had talked about in phone play. He looked at how incredibly sexy she was. Sometimes on the internet she had performed for him, but it was nothing like she was doing right now. This girl aimed to please and knew what she wanted. Jimmy was very glad she wanted him right now.

Jimmy glanced at the corners in the room making sure the red lights of his live streaming cameras were on. He smiled realizing how every single one of them would catch every sexy move. She caught his smile and smiled back empathizing every alluring thrust and sexy twist of her incredibly sexy body to the tunes of the music. She wanted to turn him on beyond belief, just like she promised she would. While watching her, he thought of all the money and that made him even harder.

Right now her sexy ass was moving up and down. He enjoyed the way she danced and thought of what an advantage her limber body would be in bed. He quietly wished there was a stripper pole right there. He watched her dance while patiently smiling at her brightly, knowing every moment of live streaming was costing the horny patrons cash and lots of it. He planned on keeping the action going and he knew how to deliver. His body was insatiable when it came to beautiful women. Besides he was really fucking horny Jimmy thought. He started stroking his big cock watching her.

Tess moved closer, still dancing, shoving her pussy close to Jimmy's mouth, then backing off, again and again. She did the same with her sexy ass. Right now she was leaning over pressing her beautiful cleavage into his face. He licked her soft, smooth cleavage with a long flat tongue. Leaning over so her luscious breasts just about fell out of her top she slowly slid down her straps and eased out of her teddy. Next, she slowly lowered her fish net stocking while he stroked his big cock close to her beautiful tits. On her way up from removing each stocking she made a detour and deep throated him, unexpectantly with fast, smooth, long strokes. Then she stood proud showing off her beautiful body.

Jimmy knew that this was his cue. He guided her onto the bed kissing her lips softly. Bending his head down he started licking her thighs up and down. Tess began to squirm and beg him to touch her hot fragrant aching pussy. " Please," she said thrusting her pussy close to his mouth.

He refused, teasing her more. Jimmy put a pillow under Tess's sexy ass lifting it higher, yet not missing a beat, still licking her thighs. Finally unable to stand the torment any longer, she grabbed his head, and shoved his face deep into her warm flagrant pussy. His licks were expert and he surprised her in the way he found her hot spots so quickly. He knew exactly how to make her cum by licking up on her clit from bottom to top, over and over again. Tess was on the brink of coming when Jimmy's tongue started flickering back and forth over her clit, his fingers fucking her dripping wet pussy in tune to the sexy Cd tunes that were still playing.

Right now hundreds of guys in their homes watching the live streaming action would feel their hard cocks erupt with pleasure watching Tess orgasm wildly with her loud, sweet oooo's and ahhh's. Tess's body bucked and thrashed in the throws of passion. He licked up every dropped and followed her orgasm until she subsided and totally relaxed. They found each other's lips and kissed intensely; both tasting her orgasm.

Standing now facing each other Jimmy started kissing Tess's shoulders making his way down to her cleavage, gently kissing his way around her luscious body. When he reached her stomach he kissed it softly while standing there playing with her nipples. He twisted and turned them as quivers rippled through her. More men on the other side of the camera came as she stared straight ahead at camera #1, licking her lips and moaning softly as Jimmy turned her on. Completely naked now he stood and ran his hands up and down her hot, sexy, body over and over again, making sure all the men got her best angles. Jimmy knew his clients would imagine their own hands caressing her. He knew he really had two audiences to please.

Tess, so she would perform and the men that paid him so well for using his charms. He mentally tried to remember all the positions his clients had asked for, knowing he would be paid handsomely, hoping he remember them all. If he didn't remember, the texts would come in and he'd catch their requests on the second or third or even fourth round. He couldn't help but smile at how rich he was going to be very soon. He mentally planned a 5 star trip to Hawaii for a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation.

Ohh, she is beautiful he thought. Tess laid on the bed looking up at Jimmy expectantly. He could tell she was ready to be fucked. " You'll get fucked when I'm good and ready," said Jimmy, changing the pace. " Cmere and suck my cock again you bitch," he said.

They had roleplayed every sex maneuver and position over and over again on the phone and on live video chat. He could still remember her panting in his ear and here she was right before him. Too bad he had a job to do as well.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed and tipped her head back. " Take this bitch," he said aggressively shoving his cock deep down her throat. " Relax your throat babe," he said, " Take my big fat cock and swallow it, uh uh that's it, now deeper". Tess did as she was told and was surprised to realize how deep he tried to glide in and out of her throat. She gagged a little as he pushed her limits. Jimmy pulled out abruptly and told her to lay with her head over the side of the bed. She tilted her head back and started deep throating Jimmy's cock. He watched in the mirror while she made him come filling her mouth once again. This position making it easy for his cock to slide so very, very deep down her pretty throat to coat her tonsils with hot cum.

On top of her now he kissed her lips softly, feeling her hands caressing his back. He hoisted her legs up high over his shoulders and started sliding his big, hard, thick, cock slowly into her very, wet, pussy. "Tighten" he commanded. So turned on, Tess did exactly as she was told, tightening her pussy muscles around his big hard dick. They fucked like this for a long time.

" Ride me," "I wanna see your tits bounce," Jimmy coaxed. Tess moved her sexy body on top of him gliding her pussy down on his throbbing hardness and started riding his thick, hard, cock. He watched her tits bounce glancing at the cameras that seemed to be still working. Their red lights barely visible. He needed to keep his customers and the connection, turned on at all times.

"Now turn around," he instructed. Soon he was watching Tess's sexy ass bounce up and down on his cock in reverse cowboy position. Her tits bouncing for another camera now. Not an actress but a passionate participant in the sex romp they were having. Tess's face showed ecstasy as she bounced on Jimmy's cock in a smooth sexy rhythm to the slow sexy beats. " Now I'm gonna fuck that hot sexy ass Tess," he growled.

In his approach he prolonged the excitement for her and his viewers. He told her to sit up on the bed, and slide down. Looking into her eyes he grabbed her cheeks, squeezing them hard. " His finger slid into her ass slowly full of lube. She moaned. He went deeper. He pulled his finger out and put more lube on, fucking her ass now with his finger. She orgasmed while he finger fucked her. His cock was incredibly throbbing, hard and needed to fill her sweet, tight, little ass.

Jimmy leaned over and kissed Tess passionately. " Feel me inside you beautiful," he said. Jimmy stretched her tight cheeks, admiring how clean and waxed her ass and pussy were. " "Sweet," he said exuberantly. The more clients that liked her, the more the chance that they would pay to watch her perform in round 2, and that meant money in his pocket.

He stroked his cock a couple of times and put just the tip of his hardness inside her. She eagerly excepted it. Jimmy could tell Tess was really turned on. He knew behind the cameras all those men who had received the sexy photos she sent Jimmy that he had forwarded, and the delicious sex filled pages of emails would be masturbating once again to the sex scene being played out before them for their viewing pleasure.

He rubbed her smooth skin, then gave her a nice big slap; ooo she moaned closing her eyes. Tess was sitting on the sofa, her knees up, her ass being penetrated by his hardness. Jimmy was standing while sliding his cock in slowly and gently telling Tess to relax and trust him. He gave her more of his cock, watching her wince at the enormity of his girth, "More," she whispered through slitted eyes, ' Go deeper". He pushed in further watching her face, knowing the men would be watching her face, observing how she took his cock, seeing her struggle with his thickness and length, "More," she said in a meek voice as he pushed in even deeper making her take his enormous cock. He looked at the beauty in front of him and couldn't hold back anymore he started fucking her ass hard and fast, filling her ass deep with his cock. She screamed and accepted, pushing back into his hardness, with wild lust now. Their bodies smacked together as he popped through her core, slamming and ramming her hot little ass, deeply. " Yes, yes, yes," she screamed over and over again; his thick cock pounding so deep inside her. He resisted the urge to come deep inside her, remembering his dual role.

Jimmy turned her around swiftly putting Tess on all fours with his cock inches away from her hot sexy ass. He tried to think of things to help him not come, but she was making it hard.

" Fuck me, keep fucking me," she begged. " That's it bitch," he said loudly, " You know this is what you need". " Please," she begged. Slowly he rubbed his hand up and down her sweet buns, So round and sexy. Perfect spheres of pleasure. All of sudden he smacked her hard and watching her ass turn red. She moaned. He did it again, and again, then Whammm he plunged his cock in extremely deep; filling her ass to the hilt. She took one hand reaching back and played with his balls while he fucked her. He fucked her hard and long, looking at his watch happily realizing he only had 5 minutes of live streaming left. He fucked her and fucked her knowing he was now allowed his sweet release with 2 minutes to go. With a sigh of relief, Jimmy fucked Tess's ass fast and furious filling the room with the sounds of his intense orgasm. Thirty seconds left. He pulled out and squeezed Tess's ass showing his viewers his cum pouring out between her cheeks. He saw the red lights on the cameras go off and breathed a sigh of relief. He could relax now, he was no longer part of the show.

Tess lay unknowingly on the bed underneath him. He scooped her up cradling her in his arms. " You're so beautiful, so sexy, so sweet," he said with affection. She smiled at him feeling such intense love and passion. " "Thank you Jimmy" she said smiling brightly. " No, thank you Tess," he said nuzzling her neck. He knew how to be romantic.