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August 04, 2022 4 min read


Halloween is the best chance to put on a sparkly unicorn and sexy pineapple. However, costumes sup are not the only thing that makes this spooky festival fun. Halloween goes hand in hand with love and sex. In a few occurrences of supernaturals, goons and ghouls may find love in a haunted place. There are Halloween hookup stories that are insane and can't be shared. Below are the best Halloween sex stories told by people that are funny but frightening. 

Cinderella Story

We met in the college at the Halloween party house. My heels were off a little bit earlier that night, and I was looking for them since I was preparing to leave. They were nowhere to be seen when he walked towards me with my heels in his hands. He asked if I was looking for them and said he had spotted them earlier. Therefore, he brought them to me when I was on a frantic search. This was like the '’bear fueled Cinderella story.'' Since then, we have been together, and our 9th anniversary will be this Halloween. 

Most Lovable but Least Scary Vampire

We met 32 years ago while working at the university's haunted house. She was the creepy vampire, and I was dressed like a hunchback. Though she was a creepy vampire,  she could not help her laughter whenever she tried spooking anyone who walked to the haunted house. This way, she made herself the less scary vampire. It was amusing and endearing. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to know the giggling vampire. 

Pumpkin Patch Proposal

We met as mutual friends. During the annual adventure of pumpkin picking, Dave suggested an additional painting. This made me more thrilled. It took us some hours to pick the best pumpkin from the farm and go to the park for the picnic and pumpkin painting. While creating pumpkin masterpieces, we sat on the picnic blanket across from each other. When it was time to reveal our creations, I was surprised to see a picture with beautiful painting writing ''Marry me''. I said yes, and the pumpkin painting picnic in the park came to an end with a beautiful proposal. 

ScareHouse Becomes a Home 

I met Rob 5 years back. Our first year started in 2013 September at the ScareHouse. Both of us were hired to act on Pittsburgh zombies during that time. During a specific session at the haunt, he was among the three Attractions. Our first encounter was at the ScareHouse, and in a short time, our bond grew, and we shared our interest in working with the ''haunted attraction industry.'' We dated for a few years, and I decided to propose to him on an NYC trip. During the proposal, I talked of the first day at ScareHouse, where I saw him for the first time with the zombie t-shirt. I knew he had something special that I found intriguing. On planning our wedding, we incorporated the theme of spooky and Halloween. We appreciated the reinforcement that we shared for Halloween when we decided to have a facet of spooky and dark in our theme. Our memorable wedding repeatedly played in our heads from planning to the reality when we had our first dance. We were surrounded by our family and friends in masquerade masks that were custom with our friends' help. 

Halloween Love on Aisle 3

We met in college when both of us were working at Target. I was new, but Matt had worked there for a couple of months. In October, we acted as the backup to clean the Halloween deco or seasonal costume store. Usually, we were alone chatting as we worked in aisles. Sometimes Matt would slip on masks disappear to skulk in the aisles as he tried creeping me out. One day after the shift, I was alone since he had left earlier than me. In the driver's door handle was tucked a paper folded neatly. When I opened it, there was a contact with the writing that I should call for a good time. That was weird, cute, or silly because it came from Matt. I wanted to call him on reaching home, but I decided to wait. He knew when I was to get off and when to call. It is now three years since we are still together but in different cities.  

The Penguins Spirit

After meeting him, we decided to make things official. My best girlfriend introduced me to the guy she studied with in high school, and he had recently moved to San Diego. Our timing wasn't right, so we remained close friends until the 2016 Halloween season. On Halloween, I arrived home late from a friend's wedding. Kelvin was in a bar that was 10 blocks away from my house. He reached out, so I gave him 10 minutes to make it to my place, or I locked my door and slept. That was a great motivation for him since I knew he wouldn't make it because of the traffic. When he reached my place, he opened up about his feelings. We planned on attending a costume party the following day together. We dressed as Squints and Wendy Puffcorn, and its on that day that we made our relationship official.     

The Bottom Line

 Halloween season is the best time for expressing love in a fun and sweet way. Halloween costumes make everything memorable. There are Halloween hookup stories that are insane that can't be shared. The above Halloween stories are frightening but funny and sweet at the same time.

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