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July 30, 2022 4 min read


People enjoy the occasional screaming orgasm. When it comes to partnered sex, especially intercourse, many would agree that sexual satisfaction isn't a guarantee via your partner. While sex toys are an excellent addition to the sex fray, orgasms toe-curling and mind-blowing orgasms are still elusive. This statistic is particularly interesting to women because, according to a 2018 Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, over 37% of American women required more than penetration to orgasm.

The same study explored how incorporating sex toys and utilizing erotic sex positions could crack the code to achieving intense orgasms. 18% of women who used what you could term "acrobatic sex positions" such as the frog leap said they could orgasm on vaginal penetration. Also, while orgasms aren't the main point of sex, it doesn't hurt to add a bit of creativity in sex positions and techniques that can help us have a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Experts have pointed out the frog leap sex position as a great way to ensure that the sweet right zones get stimulation over time. People explore the frog leap position, how to get started, and why it is worth trying.

How To Do the Frog Leap Sex Position.

Due to the similarity in names, it is common to find folks confusing the frog leap sex position with the leapfrog. While in both cases, the man penetrates you from the rear, there are apparent differences between the two. Here is how you can have sex in this position.

Start by getting into position by squatting down, bending your knees, and leaning forward to the point where your hands support your weight on the floor in your front. When you balance yourself in this position, you appear like a frog about to leap. That's probably where the frog leap name is derived from. Next, let your man get behind you by resting on his knees, from where a man will penetrate your vagina in a way reminiscent of the doggy style. In the frog leap sex position, a man can grab a woman's upper hips to support her and gain more control while thrusting in and out, as Gbagbo & Gbagbo (2020) suggested.

Her Role and Why She Will Love It

The vital thing is to squat at the right height and angle so your man can find his entry point and penetrate deep enough when having sex in a frog leap position. A woman can adjust how far apart or close together she can spread her legs for this position. According to Keppel et al.(2004), a woman can also place her hands on the front floor, sideways, or directly below her belly to establish a perfect and less awkward angle for adequate penetration.

Once everything is figured out, next is a case of leaning back towards the man for a snug fit. A woman can offer a man a rest by thrusting backward if she feels her man is getting tired. Charles (2012) noted that a woman could move her hips up and down or swirl over a man's penis to thrust perfectly. A woman can consider positing close to a sofa or bed so she can rest a forward-leaning weight on the bed instead of burdening their hands.

What Are the Benefit?

There are many benefits to the frog leap sex position for a lady despite its acrobatic nature. One of the advantages of this position is that the lady can use pillows underneath their hips to get comfy. Charlto (2020) noted that fro leap sex position allows for deeper penetration, and the elevated supine ensures G-Spot stimulation by his shaft. This position works a woman's body's core intensely and can be considered a sex position and an ab-workout.

His Role and Why He Will Love It

In this position, your man must do everything in the regular doggy style. While resting on his knees, a man has plenty of balance to thrust in and out using his hips. A man can grab onto a woman's waist or shoulders by slightly leaning forward if they want to thrust more intensely. Comfort (2003), grabbing a woman's hair can do the trick if she fancies some rough sex. The man can also get comfy by resting his knees on a couple of pillows. The frog leap position's beauty is that he can enjoy deep penetration, which can be considered an enhanced spanking position.

What To Consider When Performing the Frog Leap Sex Position

The frog leap is an acrobatic sex position based on the woman's requirements. Nonetheless, the benefits of having a go at it are still worth your time. Therefore, while at it, put the following into account:

  • The man may have a limited range of motion, and it may be difficult to alter the angle or point of entry into the vagina. However, your man may raise the knees slightly to penetrate you from above, which can be a nice tweak to this position.
  • A woman using a bed or couch will help rest her upper body weight as opposed to burdening a woman's hands, which may be tiresome.
  • The frog leap sex position is ideal for anal and vaginal sex.
  • Women will enjoy deep penetration and G-Spot stimulation because of the elevated supine.
  • The man has perfect access to her clit, so he can reach around and add clitoral stimulation to the mix. Besides, a man can consider engaging in anal sex or anal fingering if you are into that kind of thing.

The Bottom Line

The frog leap is a good starting point despite being considerably more acrobatic if you want a slight change from the regular doggy style. It is quite easy to transition to, although it requires the lady to have some degree of flexibility and endurance. These two aspects are necessary because a woman will rest her weight on her hands, which she will find tiring.


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