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August 03, 2022 3 min read

Getting Started With Sex Chairs

Are you thinking of venturing into the world of erotic sex chair positions? Well, here is how to make every moment pleasurable and sensational when you have the best pieces of sex furniture.

Sex in bed might sometimes be tiring and boring. Trying new experiences makes your sex life pleasurable and enjoyable. If you are exploring new sensations and stimulations, consider introducing kinky sex furniture and sex toys. These two will ensure you have an amazing sexual experience with your partner. With sex chairs, you can explore different sexual positions for a satisfying sexual experience. However, it is important to consult your partner before introducing sex chairs in your relationship.

Why Are Sex Chairs So Special?

What are sex chairs? Sex chairs are one of the most amazing inventions in erotic sex furniture. Generally, unlike other fetishes' sexual furniture, sex chairs are comfortable and easy to use. Furthermore, with sex chairs, you don't need to worry about comfort and space.

These chairs are also special since they can blend perfectly well in any space or room, provided it is flexible to support you. There is a wide range of sex chairs you can choose from to have the best sex chair experience. The quality and features depend on your budget, preferences, and tastes. Moreover, numerous categories are made to ensure you have a magical experience.

The Best Sex Chair Positions

Numerous sex chair positions will satisfy your sexual desires and fantasies. However, choosing depends on what suits your desires and preferences. Here are some of the best sex chair positions to try.


This is one of the most common sex chair positions among couples who love oral sex. It is also called seated oral sex. The chair is designed with a lower arm with cushions to give you a comfortable and pleasurable experience. All you need to do is open your legs wide enough to give your partner easy access to your vagina and clitoris. You can go for a queening stool or chair since they are mainly designed for offering oral sex.

Lap Dance

The lap dance sex chair position needs an armless and steady chair to support you and your partner's weight. You may also need a plain wall to offer support to the chair. In this position, the giver sits on the chair with legs placed together while leaning on the wall. The receiver then sits on the giver's lap. This is an amazing sex position for those who love riding. You can introduce sex toys like egg vibrators and wand vibrators to increase sensitivity. Also, the giver's hands are free to offer clitoral and nipple stimulation.

Iron Throne

The iron throne offers the best and most pleasurable penetration for sexual satisfaction. It gives the giver easy access to the vagina to erotically pound to deliver a satisfying orgasmic experience. In this position, the receiver leans comfortably over the back of the chair since it comes with an appropriate height for your lover to kneel or stand while thrusting. The sex chair can also offer a relaxing position that allows you to enjoy oral sex with your partner.

Three-Legged Stand

This amazing position will give you anything you want to feel. Moreover, it allows both partners to maintain balance during the erotic shallow penetration.

Here, your partner doesn't have to endure the pain of supporting your entire weight. The sex chair allows your partner to lift the leg for easy access to the pussy for erotic thrusting. Furthermore, it is the right sex chair position for couples who love anal and vaginal intercourse.

Chair Doggy-Style

In this position, the receiver bends while holding the chair, and the giver stands at the back. This position offers a great view to the giver. Moreover, the position allows you to receive the penetrations while maintaining and controlling the general movement. You can also include sex toys for erotic foreplay and extra stimulation in the session.

The Seated Wheelbarrow

The giver sits on the chair while the receiver reverses the cowgirl position. The penetrated partner wraps the legs around the giver's waist. However, this might not be the best position for beginners. It needs proper training to give enough strength to your hands.

Final Thoughts

Sex chairs have proven to be the main center of pleasure and extreme sexual satisfaction. With these amazing erotic sex chairs, you can enjoy any recommendable sex position without challenges. Also, these chairs allow you to explore different sexual sensations for a satisfying sexual and orgasmic experience. How to buy sex furniture? They come with different features that ensure you are subjected to what you desire to experience. Get your sex chair today and have the best sexual experience with your partner.

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