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December 12, 2017 3 min read

5 Foolproof Tactics for Wedding Stockings: White or Ivory Bridal Stockings

By Ekaterina Mironova

The female form is a work of art. Every single part of the body can be accessorized and turned into the center of attention. While people talk about the ass and boobs, the legs have been the ultimate sex symbol. As you watch a car advert, the first thing you always see is a long sleek leg and immediately you can always tell a beautiful woman is about to step out. For the average woman, the leg is never really much thought about but subconsciously you can always tell some time has been spent making them flawless and beautiful.

Guide to Wedding Stockings White or Ivory Bridal Stockings

When it comes to accentuating the beauty of the legs, the stocking is the first thing that comes to mind. From the workplace to a night out, there is a stocking for every occasion. It has been around for ages and there is nothing to suggest that it will ever go out of fashion.

Weddings are one of the timeless events in the history of the human population. With almost every bride walking down the aisle with either a white or ivory gown, there is definitely a whole selection of stockings dedicated to ensuring that the special day has something very sexy for the bride to don. The reception always involves the gown being lifted up by the groom for the removal of the wedding garter. For this reason, the bride has to invest in a sexy number to ensure that there is no embarrassment on this special occasion that will have videos and photos that will be around for years to come.

Wedding Stockings Color

Bridal stockings come predominantly in two colors; white and ivory. These timeless colors match up with the bridal gown, ensuring that there is consistency from the inside to the outside. While there are some women who have gone outside the norm and had their weddings in black, white and ivory still remain the classic and traditional colors when it comes to the bride’s garments and undergarments.

Guide to Wedding Stockings White or Ivory Bridal Stockings

Bridal Stockings Design

There are so many different designs when it comes to bridal stockings. The obvious one is usually the sheer stocking. This stocking is light and pairs well with a bulky wedding gown. With the layers of the wedding gown, the legs and thighs are bound to get too warm and opaque tights would make the situation even more unbearable especially if it is a summer wedding. The sheer stocking may be a hold up stocking, in which case there may be no need for the bridal garter belt ensemble. However, the bridal garter can be worn on the leg just to keep the tradition alive.

Guide to Wedding Stockings White or Ivory Bridal Stockings

If you are more of the traditional bride, thigh high bridal stockings will do. This requires a garter belt to keep the tights in place so that you may prevent them from rolling down the leg. The garter belt may have adjustable straps or fixed straps, whichever your preference may be. Fishnet stockings are also a great choice but the holes should be limited to the tiny size to ensure that the innocence look is preserved since that is the predominant theme especially for a white wedding or an ivory traditional wedding.

Wedding Stockings Patterns

Guide to Wedding Stockings White or Ivory Bridal Stockings

The bridal stockings may also feature various patterns just to increase the diversity of the options available. Depending on your preference, you may decide to skip the patterned stockings altogether. However, the patterns on the white and ivory bridal stockings have a running theme therefore there is no way that there would be any inappropriate patterns available in the bridal store. The patterns are classy, unique and have quite the appeal especially if you are looking for something that will personalize your whole experience. The patterns you choose may be as close to the gown patterns if you are lucky and this will have an astoundingly beautiful effect.

Guide to Wedding Stockings White or Ivory Bridal Stockings

Some bridal stocking have pearls and other beautiful accessories to ensure that the stockings make quite the visual impact when the groom gets to take off the gown at the end of the night. Whether you are looking for a naughty twist or an innocent look on your wedding night, the bridal stocking will help you convey the message with uncanny clarity.

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