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January 18, 2018 3 min read

Guide To Women's Fancy Dress Outfits

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Fancy dresses trace their way back to the early times when themed parties required a dress up. Fancy dresses encompass everything from funny costumes to sexy and sassy outfits. When it comes to choosing a fancy dress outfit for your party, there are so many options to choose from that some people find it intimidating. However, the process is not as complicated as some people make it out to be and it all starts with choosing the most basic features;

Fancy Dress Outfits Material

Different fancy dresses are made from a variety of materials. From lace to latex to a combination of materials, there are a variety of options. The French maid costume may be made from cotton and lace and another option may feature a synthetic material. The choice of material depends on how active you plan to be and for how long you will be in the costume.

Materials like PVC and latex prevent the free circulation of air and are very poor absorbent materials. For this reason, they make the worst fancy dresses for a night that will be filled with constant movement or even dancing as the body will be soaked in sweat and the heat levels may be too much to bear. Cotton and lace are breathable materials and they make for the best fancy dresses if you plan to be constantly on the move and in the costume for a long period of time.

Fancy Dress Outfits Size

While some may consider the one size fits most option, these tend to fit different people in very different ways. While it may look perfect on someone else, it may be absolutely unflattering to you. For this reason, it is important that you take the time to choose an outfit that perfectly fits you to avoid any embarrassment, nip slips and the whole awkward look.

The bust, waist and hip measurements are the ones that are to be taken accurately to avoid the clothes looking bunched up or too big for your frame. Fancy dresses may be worn once in a while and this should serve as motivation to ensure that you look the best and make the entire party a memorable affair for the right reasons.

Fancy Dress Outfits Color

Some dedicated costumes come in a particular color. The sexy elf is always in green while sexy Mrs. Santa will be in red and white. However, some costumes can accommodate a few color changes. While some women look absolutely stunning in some colors, the same may not be applicable to you. For this reason, always ensure that you choose a costume color than flatters your skin tone. However, this is only applicable if you are going for a sexy and alluring final look. For those with more comical fancy dress plans, the crazier the color combination the better. This helps sell your humorous look to make the ensemble very authentic and on point.

Fancy Dress Outfits & Accessories

Accessorizing the party dress is a very important aspect of the dress up. Accessories tend to make the outfit more appealing and even authentic. Imagine meeting Rapunzel with short hair or red riding hood without the cape. The outfit becomes a disappointment and is considered a half assed job with no authenticity. Accessorizing starts from the head to the toe. Party wigs are great for ensuring that the hair color matches the original color. Face masks are used to give the air of mystery accorded to the character for example catwoman. Chokers, pendants, rings and earrings also add to the overall appeal as long as they fit seamlessly into the whole ensemble.

Shoes, bags and other attachments are also considered part of the outfit. The witch’s broomstick, Cinderella’s glass shoe, the French maid’s feather duster and the police woman’s nightstick are all accessories that are so embedded in the final look that it is difficult to imagine the outfit without these items.

As you take a moment to contemplate on the fancy dress you will be rocking at the next party, always ensure that you have a running theme to help along. Whether you want to be sexy, sassy or outright comical is up to you. Just remember to put in the effort to help you pull off the look.

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