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August 03, 2022 5 min read

Homemade Sex Toys – Easy DIY Kink Found Around The House

Is your journey to the adult shop too long, and want something to quench your sexual desires at home? You will be surprised by how you are surrounded by hundreds of household items that can act as sex toys. Luckily, here is a list of homemade sex toys easily found around every house.

If you are just getting started with solo masturbation, you might be afraid to visit the nearest sex shop to buy your first toy to spice up your bedroom actions. Luckily, you don’t need to spend any dollars looking for the best sex toy since you already have plenty of them around you. Yes, the term homemade sex toymight sound like a huge and expensive item in your wardrobe. But the truth is that even little items you see in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom can help you reach your orgasm. As such, here are homemade sex toys- easy DIY kinks found around the house- that can double as erotic devices.

Best Dildo Substitutes

People who find penetrative sex more appealing need something that resembles a dildo for quick orgasms. However, they do not need to make their dildos or buy ready-made sex toys from the shop. They only need the following simple tools around their homes, as long as they have enough lubricant for smooth penetration.

Fresh Produce in The Kitchen

Fresh vegetables and fruits in the kitchen can give the best and most delicious relief in the bedroom. For example, instead of buying a few products that you can eat all at once, why not stock your refrigerator with plenty of carrots with tapered heads, corns, bananas, and zucchini? These foods have varied sizes, making it easy to choose what gives the right fullness. However, ensure you use protection and play safely to avoid the fruit from snapping inside you.

Turn Your Hair and Toothbrushes into Dildos

When you turn the tooth or hairbrush and use the handle like a dildo, you already have a safer flare-based device that you can utilize according to your desires. Hair and toothbrushes have different handle sizes, which becomes a good option for both beginners and experts. They are also suitable for vaginal and anal penetration since they cannot get stuck in the butthole.

Use Plastic Bottles, Baseball Bats, Or Larger Vegetables as Bigger Dildos

If you want something bigger and mightier penetrating you, turn that baseball bat, plastic bottle, or bigger cucumber into your dildo. These items are only ideal for people who need to challenge their vaginal or anal stretching limits. However, more lubricant is needed for smooth insertion and gliding.

Best Vibrator Alternatives

Vibrating sex toys are probably the most preferred due to their additional vibes that stimulate all the erogenous zones at once. However, they are mostly costly; hence, people with tight budgets might not afford one. Luckily, if you cannot buy one for yourself but still need to feel the breathtaking vibrations, here are simple DIY sex toy options for you.

An Electric Toothbrush

As mentioned above, your toothbrush is a great penetrative sex toy if used well. But having an electric toothbrush is a blessing since it can give the best clitoral, nipple, or perineal stimulation. Once you turn the power on, flit the toothbrush and place it against whatever sweet spot you want to stimulate. You can also buy an extra head or brush for double sensations.

A Handheld Showerhead

Do you want to get kinky in the bathroom? You already have a company. Turn that handheld showerhead into a clitoral or nipple vibrator and play with different pressure levels. By placing the showerhead against your clit or nipple, turn on the water and use different spraying pressure to stimulate yourself. Experiment until you find which spray setting works for you. This allows you to get dirty and clean simultaneously, whether you are alone or with your partner.

Face Cleansing Brush

If you have an electric face cleansing brush, you may know how sensational the vibrations are against your skin. Imagine feeling the vibrations on your clit or nipple? To use this brush as your DIY vibrator, place the back-end bristles facing out on your clit or nipple and feel the magic.

 A Vibrating Cellphone

Almost everyone has a cellphone, but only a few know they already have vibrating sex toys in their pockets. You can use your cellphone differently as a sex toy, but only two ways are popular. First, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb feature or let your partner call you to initiate the vibration.

Secondly, if you are using an iPhone, go to the iTunes Store section and download an app that lets your phone vibrate. Wrap your phone in a clear silicone case, and you are ready to use it as a sex toy. The vibrations may not be powerful but are ideal for those not into intense sensations.

Best Bondage Toys Alternatives

Do you want to introduce BDSM practices in your sex life? Why spend money on expensive bondage tools if you already have your restraints at hand? Here are a few items you can use in bondage sex.

Turning Your Wardrobe into Restraints

Your closet is full of kinky restraints, only if you are ready to try them. For example, your stocking, belts, ribbons, yoga straps, and scarfs can act as ankle and wrist cuffs. Stockings and scarfs are good blindfold alternatives, yoga straps are good suspender belts, and belts can offer the best mouth gags.

Use Wooden Spoon and Spatula as Spankers

If you want to discipline your submissive with a little spanking, take them to the kitchen and use a wooden spoon and spatula as erotic spankers. However, remember to consult them before spanking since the pain is a bit unbearable.

Use Paperclips as Nipple and Clit Clamps

A combination of pain and pleasure is also a great turn-on to ladies; hence, paperclips can offer the best nipple and clit pinching. Luckily, no one will ever question why you have a lot of clothespins or paperclips in your house.


Anything around the house can turn into a great sex toy if used safely. Starting from the kitchen to the bathroom, bedroom, and backyard, our homes are full of items that can save a lot of money when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Everything will not work for everyone, but at least everyone can get what works for them. Therefore, the question is, what do you think gives the best orgasm?

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