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by Jekaterina Gussarova July 27, 2022 5 min read



Do you think guys are a bit mysterious? Herein is about his unconscious turn-ons, including; touches, stretch marks, and see-through clothes.

Understanding what gets males on may be enlightening but can also be perplexing. It doesn't help that each man is unique and has his preferences. However, there are several typical male turn-ons you may learn about to understand your man better; you may ask why you should care about any of this. Isn't it true that males may be turned on by almost anything? Some do, but it's a fallacy that all it takes for a guy to become hot and bothered is seeing a little flash of flesh. It doesn't take much for some males, but it's usually a bit more complicated.

What Turns Men On

It's great for a passionate and sensual relationship to talk dirty and learn the art of seduction. Nothing is more enticing to a man than a woman who knows how to move in bed. Do you wonder whether a few things attract males by looking at them, even if you don't do anything sexual? Physical looks are important When getting a guy aroused. However, looks and assets do not stimulate a man on their own. How you use what your mama gave you;  your body curves define your beauty. Some simple things turn guys on without you realizing it. These are the ones that drive a man insane and make him want to crotch first against a wall because he can't control himself. Some of them are;

Touches that Linger For a  While

Guys adore it when a pretty female gently brushes against them. It doesn't have to be sexual, but he'll probably get hard or get lost for a while if the contact tingles his sensitivity.

Face With No Makeup

Women spend a lot of money buying makeup in their lifetime. It's good news for those who want to save; Guéguen (2015) discovered that some men are more attracted to ladies with no makeup. It will be a huge turn-off if a guy kisses a lady only to find that the lips are full of lipstick. It feels good to wear makeup, but also take care not to overdo it.

Rounded Stomachs

Many ladies have insecurity issues involving their tummies. This should not be the case as guys find those potbellies hot. Guys like to rub soft and curvy bellies gently. This is because they give ladies a natural look, and there is nothing that turns on men more than natural ladies. Loosen up; guys love you the way you are.

Stretch Marks

Although most women despise those silvery lines, some guys enjoy them. A genuine lady is what gets a man's attention. Jha (2021) stated that stretch marks remind a guy of the kid they shared and her devotion to him. It's also a private aspect of a woman's physique only he knows about.

Calling Or Texting Him When You Are Drunk

A phone call to admit you miss your man after a night out with the girls is a smart idea. However, expressing your feelings to others is both soothing and appealing. People like receiving compliments. Be cautious with the messages you send. Calling them when drunk means a lot to most guys because it shows how genuinely you love them.

Two Ladies Together Maybe In The Act

This is weird, but it is a major one to most girls. Almost nothing makes a guy more excited than seeing two chicks together. A male may have feelings for a woman, but give him two touchy-feely gals, and his head can burst. It may be trite, but it's one of the most powerful turns on for men.

Accidental Touches Down There

You can run into a guy and unintentionally touch him on the bottom. You can also sit next to him and scribble something on his iPad or notebook when it is on his lap. A man will arouse, his penis erecting when you touch him slightly and for a short time.

Small Breasts

Not all men admire female beauty models: small breasts are often part, an indicator of youth and physical fitness. Men are predisposed to look for signals of freshness and vigor, which might indicate that a woman is pregnant. Bea et al. (2022) revealed that Small boobs are also easier to grab and feel good on the palm than big ones.

Ladies Good with Kids

Believe again if you think your guy is rolling his eyes while you play with his nieces and nephews. It shows a man that you are patient and compassionate, making him recall his mother's unconditional love. All men want a woman who is good with kids as a wife.

Stiff Nipples

Hard nipples are a sight no male forgets, whether on a street lady or the girl next door. It's every guy's fantasy to be able to pinpoint the precise placement of a girl's breast. If you can help him with that, his small member may rise to offer you applause. 

Wearing A Baggy T-Shirt To Bed

Going to bed in sassy nightwear is replaced by a need for comfort when reaching a particular stage in a relationship. Hollet et al. (2022) suggested that casual clothing suggests that the lady is calm and confident, which a male might find quite appealing.

See-Through Clothes

Every guy's fantasy is to see females wearing black bras and sheer white shirts, especially when wet. Guys adore it when a female wears sheer, fragile clothing that allows them to view every curve on her body via the light from the opposite side. 

An Aroused Girl

Guys strive hard to turn a female on with fleeting looks, charming words, and delicate touches. When a man meets an aroused female, whether on a date, on the dance floor, or in bed, he thinks about making love.

The Whispered Kiss

Pretend you're going to tell your man a secret and cup your hands in front of his ears. Ensure your lips brush his earlobes a couple of times while whispering something to him quietly. A man feels helplessly aroused if you murmur without tickling him. This is a lesser-known male attraction.


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Jekaterina Gussarova
Jekaterina Gussarova

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