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August 03, 2022 4 min read

How Practicing Mindfulness Can Ease Erectile Unpredictability

Generally, it can be overwhelming for individuals suffering from erectile unpredictability. However, there are quick-fix methods, including mindfulness, which may ease the condition.

Erectile unpredictability, popularly known as erectile dysfunction, has recently become famous. This problem can be frustrating, more so when the doctor advises that it's all in the mind. Most individuals with this condition mostly ask questions from which you can tell their wish to know whether it's fixable. In most instances, they'll be seen happily relying on support pills, such as Viagra. The issue seems to be gone, yes, but taking such pills could only be postponing the problem. Temporary disappearance doesn't imply you solved the underlying trouble. Let's get more details on how mindfulness can help with erectile dysfunction.

Can mindfulness manage erectile unpredictability?

Nowadays, the unending 'busyness' culture, seems absent in people's bodies. You'll mostly find them on the phone, some for fun, and others have the addiction of wanting to be productive. Any opportunity to sit or stay calm, someone gets compelled to browse or check emails or Facebook and Twitter accounts. Others will make calls or get a book to read. In short, people try to find a distractor from the present surrounding. Looks like there’s some pressure in the body causing discomfort because minds are over the place. But, there’s a secret unknown to many. Do you know it?

Suppose we take some time to make ourselves present. That implies calmly sitting and learn how to breathe and be keen on what’s going on in our bodies, be certain a lot will change. It helps us detach from the beliefs and thoughts running in our minds. Doing this is called mindfulness. It’s the main recommendation for easing a lot of problems as advised by sex therapists. Mastering mindfulness can probably help get power and focus in the bedroom. In case it happens, your focus can mainly go to sensations and pleasure and not performance. What’s the reason for this?

Mainly, individuals with erectile dysfunction are worried by a fixed mind on their bedroom performance. It's wrong because such worry can hinder you from flowing- a word psychologists use that means your mental state when submerged in a certain activity. For example, when completely immersed in a sexual activity, it's best to avoid fearing of what might happen or not. You should instead have a wonderful time with an enjoyable encounter from the different stimulations. Have trust in your body by letting it do as it wishes.

Flow in the bedroom and mindfulness come by paying attention to the things that heat up your body. In return, you should let it feel the stimulations. Doing this doesn't mean you're egocentric or selfish, as thought by a lot of victims with erectile dysfunction. Notably, some sexual disabilities may lower someone's self-esteem because they feel indebted, thus finding other satisfactory alternatives to their partner. They forget that the most effective factor is focusing on your pleasure to help the body experience every related sensation.

Getting started with mindfulness

In most therapy sessions, you'll realize that men suffering from erectile unpredictability have lost trust in themselves. Therefore, it'd be good for a therapist to begin by instilling confidence in them through other ways that aren't sex-related. A good example is allowing them to think of something that gives the best feeling. One that loses them to the extent of not questioning how they perform. That particular event that made them shine, and how it felt then. Because it's the same thing mirrored in how we feel in the bedroom during intimacy with our partners. Suppose they bring that state of being and apply it to other life aspects, without forgetting to build self-awareness, a lot of stuff will begin changing even in the bedroom.

Another foundation of body awareness is conducting a full body scan meditation and mindfulness. This can be done by closing the eyes, breathing, and starting by focusing precisely on the legs and toes. What's the feeling? Are they tensed? This goes on to all other body parts. After some time, when one can comfortably do the meditation without guidance, it's advisable to try it on the eve of an intimate encounter. This helps get rid of any anxiety traces in your body. Eventually, one gains the capability to objectively have emotions and sensations, hence remaining focused on their pleasure and not being nervous.

Benefits of mindfulness in erectile dysfunction

Mindfulness can be handy in easing sexual incapability, such as erectile unpredictability. The benefits include:

Better stimulation levels and sexual function

A study in 2018, suggested that men with erection problems found significant relief after attending a month intervention program, which taught about erectile dysfunction, instruction in meditation and mindfulness, and psychological counseling. They also meditated daily as individuals.

Another study in 2012, discovered that regular meditation and mindfulness programs increased attendants’ sexual desire, more sexual satisfaction, easier orgasm, and sexual stimulation. The sampled individuals attended a 90 minutes class thrice in six months that educated on low libido causes and mindfulness meditation for sex instruction. They also performed mindfulness every day between classes.

Improved sexual satisfaction

In 2019, a study concluded that nurturing mindfulness during sexual encounters positively impacted on self-esteem, sexual satisfaction, and general wellbeing.

Brings satisfaction to a relationship

A research in 2007 suggested that practicing mindfulness predicted better relationship satisfaction. Furthermore, it helpedthe involved individuals to constructively respond to stressful relationship matters.

The bottom line

The main secret that helps mitigate erectile unpredictability in men is having your best self during an intimate moment. Avoid any destructions or anxiety and pay attention to the things making you confident and relaxed. In other words, stay in your optimal state. Learn how to notice that state. After recognizing how to deal with it, carry your self-awareness to sex. The main requirements, include practice, a sense of equanimity, and visualization. However, spending more time inside the body than outside, the better the perfection in the coming. If you don’t know how to get started, go on Playstore and download a meditation app for guidance.

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