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July 27, 2022 5 min read


Are you curious if your sex life dictates your career or others? This article will help you understand how sex dictates your career and related stuff.

The sex hormones in our bodies influence and affect our lives. One of the ways the sex hormones affect your life is by dictating your career. Your sexual growth will directly affect your job type when faced with multiple options. This conclusion was reached after several psychologists had lengthy discussions about the subject. A certain psychology department at Penn State concluded that sex hormones influence your interest in working in a certain environment instead of others.

How Does Sex Affect Your Choice of Career

A team of experts investigated several people interested in knowing if the sexual difference influenced their careers. After being affected by sex, people's common careers include science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. These are commonly known as STEM careers. Employers focus on young people with congenital adrenal hyperplasia to ensure their employees are productive.

The STEM Careers

According to New et al. 2015), congenital adrenal hyperplasia arises when the male sex hormone androgen is lower during the development when the child is still in the womb. For instance, women with CAH are treated as female, but today most are involved in male-related activities and careers. The stark conclusion of the study was that ladies with a high level of CAH are interested in working with things, for instance, machines or other non-living things, compared to people. Those without the CAH can work anywhere and don't have any focus of interest, but they fit wherever they are allocated. Stewart-Williams & Halsey (2021) stated that most women with CAH like working in STEM careers, meaning their sex virtually determines their careers. Ladies with CAH are more likely to get attracted to careers involving mathematics, engineering, science, and technology than those without who will be attracted to other simple activities such as teaching or customer services. That implies that the differences occur early when one is still developing to maturity.

However, the pattern didn't appear in men, who generally lean towards occupations that deal with things rather than people. Researchers explain that these dispositions might be due to the biological differences that cause the underrepresentation of ladies in STEM careers compared to social jobs. There are also different political and cultural obstacles faced by ladies who face sexual that lest generate a liking towards a certain career.

Does Sexual Orientation Shape Career Plans?

Bisexuals, gays, and lesbians have all gained some prosperity from being decimated at some point for being fired due to their sexual orientation in the United States of America. Despite marriage equality laws, job protections, and some other deployed protection methods garnered by the LGBTQ community, these groups of sexually-oriented people believe that their identities will affect their careers. These expectations will at least influence their career choices without them knowing.

How Does Sex Affect Your Career?

Apart from sex dictating your career, it will also help you develop it to their levels. For instance, you may have seen the phrase, 'sex sells in sexy images and adverts. Thus, sex can improve your career and boost your business for more profits. Most people always take business and personal lives in a different light. However, you must know that what happens at home will affect your productivity the next day at work. For example, if you have a busy day at work, you will go home feeling cranky, have high blood pressure, and develop insomnia. Likewise, your productivity will increase when you are happy at home because you will be clear-headed, with nothing clouding your judgment. Although sex sells, it improves your career, whether for the employer or employees. The following are some of how sex affects your career:

People Who Have Sex Get Paid More

There are some crazy effects of having more sex outside pleasure in the bedroom. One of the advantages is receiving more cash, according to the research conducted by the institute for the study of labor. The study revealed that people who engage in sex at least four times weekly make more cash than their competitors. The relation is that having sex makes you happy, healthy, and energetic, meaning you will be more enthusiastic at work, make better decisions when needed, and have less discrimination. This will lead to higher productivity. Higher productivity calls for a high paycheck.

Sex Reduces Stress and Prolongs Health

Sex is one of the major sex-reducing activities. That means you will always stay stress-free if you have sex, leading to a healthy life. Additionally, frequent orgasms increase life expectancy by at least eight years. All these are for your production at work, meaning you will continue to serve your employee with healthy performance.

Sex Produces Immune System-Boosting Hormones

A strong immune system means you are less likely to call in sick for your job. According to Bentley et al. (2019), the dehydroepiandrosterone hormone produced when having sex feature several benefits, such as reducing the lupus symptoms in ladies and alleviating depression. That means you will always stay healthy for the product, thus making your career run smoothly.  

No More Office Migraines

According to Magon & Kalra (2011), having sex releases oxytocin, an important hormone for pain relief. Therefore, sudden headaches that can affect your productivity at work will never bother you. For that reason, you will always feel healthy and composed at work.

The Bottom Line

As discussed in this article, people's careers are influenced by the sexual difference in general. The common careers after being affected by sex include science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. To ensure employees are productive, employers should focus on young people with a high level of congenital adrenal hyperplasia. One of the ways sex hormones affect your life is by dictating your career. Your sexual growth will directly affect what type of job you choose when faced with multiple options.


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