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October 19, 2017 3 min read

How to Buy a Sex Machine

The thought of machine sex is a bit disconcerting to most, but the orgasms that come with it are enough reasons to get over the reservations and hop on. The downside of sex machines is that they are damn expensive and the types that are present make the whole selection process even more complicated.

Factors to Consider Before Purchase

Sex Machine


Your purchasing factor is a great place to start. With price tags that may make you gasp and have a mini heart attack if you were not expecting, you have to decide how much you are willing to cough up for an assured orgasm.


Different machines are designed differently with the intention of hitting the spots from various angles. If you are considering straddling, doggy style or good old missionary, make sure to check the dildo position to determine if it will make your dreams attainable.


If you have no intention of letting friends or family trip over your sex toy and ask some inexplicable questions, always consider if the machine will fit in your special storage space. Some machines are inflatable, others can be dismantled with ease while others are big and bulky requiring a large space set aside. Always make sure to determine the storage options before purchase.


One size fits all may be fine for you, but sometimes you prefer changing the height and tweaking the dildo position to get to that spot that’s craving some attention. Whether you would like a rigid dildo position or the adjustable type should come into consideration as you choose the machine to purchase.


The ability to change out the original dildo for one of your own may be important to you. If this is the case, always check the attachment options for the machine. Some machines are compatible with a wide array of attachments while others only accept custom made attachments that are only available from the manufacturer while for others the dildos are permanent and switching them out is impossible. Whichever your needs may be, always check for this as some original dildos may be too small or too big and therefore unable to meet your needs.


If you are in a position to, always make sure that you physically view the machine before purchase. Inspecting it up close may reveal some features that were not visible on the picture and this will be helpful in helping you make a final decision regarding the machine. If you cannot make it to physically view the toy, find videos that show the machine in action and this will help you determine if the machine will be fit enough to meet your needs.


Some machines are not discreet at all. In use, the machine has a powerful motor rotation noise that is bound to let anyone within reasonable distance that you are getting some action. However, some silent machines require you to do all the work as they have very limited moving parts. If you are fine with the manual work associated with a silent machine or if a quiet session is what you are aiming for, then make sure to check the noise level of the machine before purchase. If noise is not something that you are bothered by, then all machines are up for grabs for you.


If you have a partner, it just makes sense to have an open discussion with them about the choice of machine that will be ideal for both of you. If you belong to different sexes, it is paramount that you discuss whether you will require two toys or a single machine that will cater to both your needs. Purchasing a machine is a big deal especially with the price tag and although an orgasm may be important, it is definitely not worth getting into an argument with and causing strife in your relationship.

Getting a sex machine is a big step in your sex life and whether you are single or in a partnership, making an informed decision is of absolute importance. Taking your time to consider all the options greatly lowers the risk of you making a purchase that you will regret later.

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